Why Are Pisces So Secretive? (Surprising Answer)

Why Are Pisces So Secretive?

There are lots of misconceptions that surround Pisces. Many people consider them to be the best and sweetest zodiac sign. While this may be true in most cases, it is essential to note that Pisces have a dual nature.

You will be made to believe that Pisces make the best type of friends, colleagues, and even relationship partners, but the truth is that they are also capable of acting cunningly.

Their saving grace is that they are so secretive, and as such, they can keep all the details of their sinister activities to themselves.

Pisceans are mostly always secretive from the beginning of their lives. They are secretive because they don’t like sharing their burden with people. They would rather be the ones easing people off their weight and making them feel better.

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Main Reasons Why Pisces Are Always Secretive

Everyone has their preference in life, and what works for this person may not work for the next one. This reason is why people act in different ways and approach situations with unique strategies.

When some are faced with problems that bother them, their default setting would be to find someone to pour their heart out to. While some others may find it difficult to express themselves in such situations.  

Perhaps you have had a friend you always run to whenever you need to vent or seek advice, and that friend, on the other hand, would never come to you for stuff like that.

Now, you are beginning to wonder if it’s a one-way friendship and if that friend doesn’t trust you as you trust them. The reality is that this friend might not be the type that likes to bother people with whatever they are going through. This is common to zodiac signs, especially Pisces.

Pisces are always secretive for various reasons, such as:

1. It Is an Inborn Trait

It Is An Inborn Trait

If you have never met someone who finds it very difficult to express whatever they are feeling, regardless of how difficult their situation is, you might find it challenging to understand this particular reason because you might think that it is an easy thing that everyone should be able to do.

That is not essentially the case because some people can not find it in them to discuss their private matters with others. Most Pisceans fall under this category.

However, there are always exceptions in some cases. Sometimes, even to their surprise, they may find themselves talking to someone about these issues.

It probably has to do with how comfortable they are with the person and how emotionally intelligent the person is. If you give them the slightest clue that you are not capable of handling whatever they want to share, they will not tell you anything at all.

2. They Understand the Effect of Sharing Burdens With People

They Understand The Effect Of Sharing Burdens With People

Anyone who is a great and natural listener will understand how much energy it takes to be able to share people’s burdens with them. If you are not in the right frame of mind and you decide to help unburden other people, you might end up putting yourself in the wrong place mentally.

Pisceans are the type that is always willing to help people, regardless of the effect it would have on them. Hence, they understand perfectly the consequences these things have on people, which is why they always do whatever is within their power to prevent anyone from experiencing such.

3. They Don’t Want To Be Vulnerable

They Don’t Want To Be Vulnerable

This is mostly always the reason why Pisces choose to be secretive. They are always the ones that friends run to whenever they are in a critical condition, and for this reason, Pisceans believe that they need to maintain a certain level of composure at all times.

Sort of like a perfect picture of them being the people who have everything figured out.

They know full well that opening up to anyone around them will expose their vulnerability, and this might influence the way such people will begin to see them.

To prevent this from happening, Pisces would rather face their situation alone and do whatever it takes to see it through. Doing this with people around may be difficult, and that’s why most Pisces are said to be so secretive because they would have to do an excellent job of pretending everything is going well for them.

Also, Pisces hate being vulnerable because, more than everyone, they understand how it feels to have someone know some secrets about you and how they can get blackmailed for it.

A Piscean knows people can entrust them with their most profound troubles and not worry about a third ear hearing it. However, they can not trust anyone enough to be as loyal.


As much as being secretive is not a good trait because it goes hand in hand with many other toxic features that a lot of people wouldn’t want in their friends or partner, sometimes, it is not always for sinister motives.

For some people, it is simply in their nature to be secretive. If you are not aware that some people are naturally like that, you may find it hard to understand why some of your friends are being secretive.

This characteristic is common to Pisces, and although people sometimes crucify them for it, their reason for doing it is primarily out of concern for the people around them.

They believe that not everyone is mentally strong enough to share other people’s burdens with them. As such, they would rather keep everything to themselves.