Best Crystals For Zodiac Sign Taurus (With Meanings)

What Is Taurus Crystal?

Taurus is the first earth sign in the zodiac and the second sign in general.

Their spiritual animal is the bull, and they’re ruled by the planet Venus, the charming planet that controls love, money, and beauty. These three things are basically what the Taurus lives for.

Taurus craves the beauties of life. They want to live in luxury and comfort; a life filled with pleasure is everything they seek.

But despite their love for life’s beauties, Taurus understands that nothing is free and is ever ready to work to attain the level of success they desire.

Like their spirit animal, the bull, Taurus are hardworking and focused. However, their resilience and dedication can be seen as stubbornness by others.

Once a Taurus’s mind is set on something, it’s almost impossible to change it. 

Being the first earth sign, Taurus shares deep connections with most of its elements, especially crystals.

Their connection with these beautiful stones can help them pursue life’s pleasures, emotional stability, and freedom. But that’s only possible if they use crystals that align with their sign.

So what crystals are good for Taurus?

The main crystals that are good for Taureans are Emeralds, Diamonds, Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, and Green Jade.

Here, you’ll understand why these crystals are good Taurus and how they can utilize and enjoy their powers.



Emerald is a lucky stone and also the May birthstone. It’s widely regarded as the main Taurus birthstone because of the deep relationship between its color and the earth.

Wearing Emerald earrings or a necklace as a Taurus can attract luck to you.

In addition to being a lucky stone, Emerald also has emotional and mental benefits. If you’re finding it difficult to free your mind or heart, Emerald can help you find clarity. It can help drive out emotional negativity from your life, acting as an emotional healer.

A Taurus should wear an Emerald while at home, at work, or when they have an important event and need luck on their side.



Like other zodiac signs, Taurus spans over two months; April and May. The birthstone for April is a Diamond, and the crystal is perfect for Taurus.

Diamond is one of the strongest crystals in existence. It has the ability to withstand a high amount of pressure and matches the resilient spirit of the Taurus sign.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Many have labeled Rose Quartz the anti-stress gemstone, and they’re not wrong. Rose Quartz is a peaceful, gentle, and exciting gemstone with powerful emotional healing powers.

Rose Quartz expels negative energy from your heart and fills it with self-love, inner peace, kindness, and joy. It’s also connected to the heart chakra and Venus, two prevalent sources of love.

Keeping a Rose Quartz in your purse or pocket will help you manifest and attract genuine love. This is perfect because Taureans value long-lasting relationships filled with peace, security, and love.

Rose Quartz is the Taurus emotional support gemstone. It’ll help them remember not to be too hard themselves and guide them towards a life free from stress.

Editor’s Tip

Emerald and Rose Quartz are powerful when combined together. An Emerald jewelry and Rose Quartz pocket stone will ensure you’re always surrounded by positive energy.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger Eye

Taureans are dreamers that enjoy the pleasures of life. They also know that to get the luxury they desire, they must work towards it.

The Tiger’s Eye gemstone represents resilience, bravery, power, and protection. Everything a Taurean needs to be successful.

Furthermore, Tiger’s Eye is a prosperity crystal. It can be used to attract financial abundance, and seeing as Taurus is a sign gifted with the powers of manifestation, the Tiger’s eye is an important crystal to them.

When you are going through tough times, keep a Tiger’s Eye around. It’ll help you fight through the storm and get back on track.

It’ll also give you a sense of hope, reminding you that everything will be alright.

Green Jade

Green Jade

Green Jade is a powerful and beautiful gemstone that has been in use for centuries. They are durable, strong and act as protection crystals.

Taureans who love to take risks, especially in finances, can use the Green Jade to avoid misfortune.

Taureans are generally stubborn and obsessed with doing things their way, even when they might be wrong.

Green Jade calms your thought and promotes reasoning. Green Jades can also help reduce excessive energies in Taurus, allowing them to calm down and see things clearer.

As a Taurus, you’re not supposed to let the Green Jade out of your sight. If possible, you should have one wherever you go!

They are also great healers and can help you recover from injuries faster.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to amplify the positive elements in your zodiac sign, crystals are one of the best ways to do it. As a Taurus, using the right stones can help you in your pursuit of financial abundance and luxurious life.

It can also help you attract the genuine kind of love you seek. However, you can’t just go around buying every stone you see because though they might have positive powers, these powers might not align with your sign.

Crystals that go well with the Taurus sign are Emeralds, Diamonds, Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, and Green Jade.

Go get yourself a Taurus crystal today and enjoy the immense powers of zodiac stones!