How To Make an Aries Man Jealous: 6 Simple Ways

How To Make An Aries Man Jealous

Dynamic, jealous, and dominated. These are the words women who are or have been in love with an Aries use to describe them.

As a fire sign, Aries men are passionate about everything. Especially when it comes to love. Sure, he will hide all his “negative” traits when he’s in love. Traits like being jealous and insecure.

Making an Aries man jealous – it’s a piece of cake. Without much effort on your path, do things your way. That’s it. Show him the fact that dating you is an adventurous journey and you’re not afraid to reject his dominance! 

And regardless of the reason that makes you look for this article, below will answer every step to make Aries men crazy jealous of you.  

Is It Toxic To Make Him Jealous?

Arousing his jealousy is how you defend yourself when an Aries man doesn’t respect and treat you gently enough.

So, don’t worry. That’s the only way to get even with an Aries. Put him through this test and observe where your place is in his mind.

Are Aries Men Jealous and Possessive?

It can be hard to tell if he is jealous since he always seems calm. But Aries men are the most jealous people. We also got an insecure man inside behind that confident “gear.” They quickly feel bad about themself when they make a terrible decision. Or worse still, if the people they love don’t respect them.

Are they possessive? A big yes. They’re very possessive, especially with the woman he loves. In fact, if anything goes wrong in their relationship, Aries will quickly assume that their partner is cheating on them.

6 Ways To Make an Aries Man Jealous

6 Ways To Make An Aries Man Jealous

Whether you are on the talking stage, in a relationship, or just breaking up with your Aries man. Making him jealous is the most efficient way (a little toxic) to chase, love, and honor you. Here’s how.

1. Show Interest in Other Men

Aries men have a lousy trust issue. He hates when other men talk to you. He’ll convince himself that they’re flirting with you, even if it’s just friendly conversation. Things might get worse when you are away from him. The lovesick will make him jealous of everyone, everything you’re doing without him.

They are also insecure and overthinking. If you can’t see that fact, might your man know how to hide it well? Admit it. Looking at your man jealous of little things is fun. But be careful with it. Go overboard with it, and he’ll feel like that relationship’s on the way to the end.

2. Reject His Dominance In The Relationship

An Aries man’s behavior in love is intense sometimes. Are Aries men controlling? Yes. They can become extraordinarily dominating and overprotective over their partner.

They’re obsessed with the fact that they have to be “the alpha man” in a relationship. Usually, women just go along with it. To get him on his nerves, do the opposite thing!

Object his authority. Let him know who controls the game and is the winner. And that’ll unlock the most aggressive, moody Aries figure you ever met in your life.

3. Ignore His Existence

What will happen when you ignore an Aries man for an extended period? Remember, I’ve mentioned his trust issue above. He might assume that you’re not interested in him anymore, that you’re having an affair, or that something else is going on. Ignoring an Aries man might make him act out in odd ways.

All Aries men are OG attention seekers. And if you don’t give him enough attention that he’s craving, he could become upset and doubtful. 

4. Cross Out His Name On Your Priority List

We all tend to spend too much time in a relationship trying to win our partner’s heart. And Aries men have to be on everyone’s priority list. Especially in a love relationship, he’d die to rank at number one on the list. 

Putting an Aries man at the end of the priority list is what will attract an Aries man and make him miss you.

Take a break from him. It’s time to focus on yourself and what you want in life.

Start planning your future and setting achievable goals. He’ll start wondering who took his place? Or what did he do wrong to deserve this treatment?

The only thing in his mind is how to be with you and win you back. Leave him confused, and he’ll be his own inspector. 

5. Make Plans Without Him

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

We encourage you to have some time with your girls, go out with other people, or even spend some “me” time alone. 

Stop spending all your time with your man and start planning some time away from him. 

This is the perfect “kill two birds with one stone” solution. It distracts you from thinking about your man, but it will also make him miss you.

6. Don’t Address That You Are His Partner

Even if you really want to be with your Aries partner, slow things down.

Making the first move will only push him away. Again, Aries man is one of the most possessive figures. If he is in deep love with you, he lets the world know. And Aries tells everyone about his relationship.

But don’t admit the relationship yourself. Yes, don’t say a word to address you as his partner.

That man will become crazy and wonder if they’re not good enough to be with you.

Signs That Your Aries Man Is Jealous

Signs That Your Aries Man Is Jealous

Here are the signs that your Aries male is jealous!

  • He’s constantly trying to fight,
  • he gets emotional,
  • he is easily irritable and gets aggressive,
  • he is clearly overthinking everything,
  • he stops sharing things with you,
  • he reflects everything you did to him,
  • he makes you feel like he lives the best life without you.

Did you find these signs on your Aries partner? 

If you do, you must be wondering how to deal with these traits?

Being tolerant is the key. Understand and accept your Aries man for being who he is. After all, you really tried to do that to him yourself right?

To Wrap It Up

It hurts when a loved one doesn’t care about us anymore. And as a baby of the fire sign, an Aries might react a little over. However, his jealous and possessive behavior is because he has genuinely fallen in love with you. His intentions are good, after all. 

Overall, jealousy is the spice of love but be careful, you don’t want to hurt Aries’ man’s ego.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Aries men quickly feel bored?

Aries are naturally active. Aries is the type who doesn’t stay in one place for long. But when it comes to true love, he’s never bored in love a day in his life.

Are they good people?

Though Aries might have a bad temper, they truly are good people with the best intentions. Aries is perfect for becoming the best friend for your whole life.

Is an Aries man good husband material?

The Aries may have difficulties adjusting to being a husband since they enjoy working independently. However, his daring, compassionate and progressive personality will make him a good husband. He will protect his wife and the family. You can count your life on an Aries male.