How Does a Gemini Man Act When Hurt? (Surprising Ways)

How Does A Gemini Man Act When Hurt

Twins represent Gemini as their zodiac symbol. So you can guess from this that they are pretty quick to transition from one emotion to another, akin to a person with two personalities inside them.

Gemini men have intelligent and outgoing personalities but are also notorious for their quick temper and erratic behavior with a touch of indecisiveness.

So, several reasons may cause an argument or a fight, and if you notice some strangeness afterward in your Gemini man, you have hurt his feelings. However, a keen sense to detect those subtle changes in your Gemini is needed.

That’s why; it is pretty strenuous to know when they are hurt. So, it brings us to the question at hand, i.e., how does a Gemini Man act when he is hurt?

Arguably the most noticeable thing will be the silence. Yes, your Gemini brimming with energy, will go quiet. Also, he will ask you for some space, try to gloss it over and change the topic as much as possible, shut you out, and in the worst case, ghost you.

To get an in-depth view of things and reasons behind how a Gemini man acts when hurt, continue reading.

6 Ways a Gemini Man Acts When He’s Hurt

How Does A Gemini Man Act When Hurt

A Gemini man can be a complex and difficult-to-read individual. He may come across as confident and independent on the outside, but underneath that exterior, he can be incredibly sensitive and emotional.

It can be hard for those around him to know when he is hurting or how best to help him through difficult times.

Now we will explore some of the signs to look out for when a Gemini man is hurt, as well as offer some tips to help you provide him with the right kind of support.

With a better understanding of how a Gemini man acts when hurt, it will be easier to relate to and offer them comfort during tough times.

1. He Will Go Silent

As subtle and tricky to notice changes may be, the most obvious thing you can catch is the transition in how he acts. Your Gemini, known for his cheerful personality, will suddenly go quiet after a fight or argument.

So, if you notice this happening, the one thing you should avoid at all costs is pressuring him. That is, telling your Gemini man to revert to his talkative personality or say whether he is still hung up on the fight or argument you two had.

By going silent, your Gemini man ponders the problem at hand and how to handle it.

Also, he thinks about whether the argument was dire enough to jeopardize the relationship or sweep everything under the rug, which brings us to our second point.

2. He Will Want Some Space

Another obvious thing to note is your Gemini man will ask you to give him some time alone.

To sort the barrage of thoughts, he will try to get some space, and if you do not respect giving him space, your Gemini man will feel suffocated. He will think you are trying to restrict his freedom and tying him down.

So, things can backfire if you don’t give him the time he needs, whether you try to politely talk or react to his arguments.

That is why; trying to make up can only happen when your Gemini man is ready to talk and has settled his inner conflicts.

3. He Will Act Like Nothing Transpired

Among the least obvious things is that things will go the usual way. There won’t be any significant changes in your typical Gemini.

When you consider this habit of a Gemini, the idiom “the elephant in the room” fits them to a T.

So, it is pretty hard to grasp unless you are sensitive to minor changes in your Gemini. If you become aware of this change, try asking him about the problem. If he opens up to you, it is well and good, but if not, try to let him be.

You need to be patient and let him open up to you. Even if he doesn’t, when he is stressed, he will go either of the two routes, shut down or say it to your face.

So, if you let time do your bidding, it will help you know and understand what hurt your Gemini man.

Editor’s Note

Your Gemini man may fall into depression if hurt and keep bottling things up where you play a crucial role. Get him back on his feet by reminding him of his essence and by helping him deal with the issue.

4. He Will Avoid the Topic

If you are unsure whether your Gemini man is hurt and the signs are not obvious, you can try this trick, especially if he is acting like nothing is wrong. Try talking about the events that caused the problem, which may have hurt him.

If he is hurt, you will notice that your Gemini man will try to shift the discussion to something else, or in some cases, he will ignore it like you never asked something like that.

So, get them to feel comfortable around you by catering to their interests instead of being inquisitive.

By doing this, you are indirectly appealing to the personality traits of your Gemini man. So, in no time, he will start to talk as your Gemini man belongs to an emotionally expressive zodiac sign.

5. He Will Shun You

This one falls into the category of the obvious ones, but you may not find it easy to guess because of how your Gemini man will carry himself around later on.

After a heated argument, he will start acting coldly toward you. It is the first warning sign that your Gemini man is hurt, but if things persist and you don’t notice these changes, he will ignore you and shut you out.

It happens mostly if your Gemini man has opened himself to you emotionally because they belong to the over-analytical category of zodiac signs.

So, to get around this problem, you again have to take a patient approach. If your Gemini man doesn’t open up and talk, you can use gentle physical touch or chat about how he feels.

The crucial aspect here is to ensure your Gemini man that you stand a neutral ground, meaning you won’t judge him for whatever he feels and will be there for him if he needs a shoulder to lean on.

6. Worst Case, He Will Ghost You

If your Gemini man is hurt and the problem is grave, you will rarely get the chance to reconcile or make up for the problem. He will ghost you and won’t contact you.

It is not your Gemini man’s way of getting back at you, but in a way, he is trying to avoid being hurt and be hurtful to you. So, he will ignore all your texts and calls or even avoid meeting you.

What you need to do here is keep on trying. You should be vulnerable first and give your Gemini man a heartfelt apology. Also, start to build up your trust from scratch and show him this relationship means a lot to you, more so than any fight or argument.


Lastly, to sum it all up, a Gemini man in a relationship goes all the way if he is committed. So, you won’t find a more loving and loyal partner than him.

However, when hurt, he will try to maintain some space from you to avoid losing his temper and saying hurtful things to you. Or he will ignore the problem completely, become quiet, behave as if nothing happened, act coldly, and if push comes to shove, he will ghost you.