How To Get an Aries Man To Open Up

How To Get An Aries Man To Open Up

As a fire sign, Aries is courageous and energetic. They have a great sense of adventure and love trying new things and meeting new people. Aries are also highly creative and imaginative. They value freedom, so they tend to do what they love and devote their lives to pursuing their dreams.

However, this fire sign has some weaknesses. They tend to be hot-headed and impulsive, so they fail to think logically sometimes and act on their emotions. Aries is also secretive. They usually want to prove their strength and hide their emotional side.

If you’re in a relationship with an Aries man, you may wonder why he never tells you what he’s going through or how his day went. It’s how he is. If you’re trying to get your Aries man to open up to you and tell you things more, you’ve come to the right place.

So how do you get an Aries man to open up?

Open up to him first so he’ll trust you more and want to share things with you. Give him time to open up to you, and don’t judge him when he eventually does. Additionally, ask deep questions and give good advice.

Continue reading to get more details on how to get an Aries man to open up.

1. Open Up to Him

Open Up To Him

If your Aries man isn’t opening up, it can be a sign that he’s not that comfortable talking to you yet. If you try to punish him by not opening up to him, you’ll only be making things worse and pushing him further away from you.

Open up to him first. Had a bad day at work? Tell him all about it. Mean boss? He’ll love to hear. If your Aries man did something you don’t like, let him know. Opening up with your Aries man will show him that you trust him; with time, he’ll make the feeling mutual.

So become vulnerable around your Aries man. He’s a good listener who loves being there for others.

2. Give Him Time

Give Him Time

After you’ve started opening up to your Aries man, don’t expect him to open up to you immediately. In fact, don’t have any expectations just yet because you may be disappointed. An Aries man is a hard nut to crack.

This is because, like other fire signs, he has quite the ego. He’s a problem solver who likes to solve all his problems independently and not burden others with them. You just have to break down his walls piece by piece.

Don’t be in a hurry to find out his deepest secrets, if he has any. Continue opening up to him and building that trust. When he’s ready, he’ll start opening up to you.

3. Don’t Judge

Don’t Judge

If your Aries man starts coming out of his shell and you start judging, you’re sending him right back. As I said, Aries men have a big ego. They can’t stand criticism or judgment, so when he starts opening up to you, the best you can do is listen attentively.

Try to understand where he’s coming from and encourage him accordingly. Try not to blame him for anything, even if he’s to blame. Aries men love being supported and encouraged, so encouraging him will help him trust you and continue opening up to you.

4. Ask Good Questions

Ask Good Questions

You can’t ask an Aries man “what’s up” and expect him to tell you what went down at his office. You need to learn to ask the right questions to get him talking. Be specific in the questions you ask; your tone also plays a significant role in how he’ll respond.

Don’t raise your voice when trying to get him talking. Speak encouragingly so he’ll feel calm enough to talk to you. He’s not dishonest, so you don’t have to worry about him lying to you. He’ll either tell you, or he won’t.

Chill out with the number of questions you throw at your Aries man. Ask too many, and he’ll feel cornered and defensive. Let him answer one before you ask another, and don’t overwhelm him.

5. Give Good Advice

Give Good Advice

The last thing an Aries man wants is to open up to someone who can’t help solve his problem. Don’t make the conversation one-sided; as you listen, be sure to chip in great advice as well.

Aries men need partners that can think logically and consider the pros and cons of every decision. Your Aries man thinks with his heart so be the brains of his decisions.

As he’s opening up to you, tell him the next best step to take or the best decision he could have made to avoid something. He’ll appreciate you for it and feel encouraged to continue opening up to you.

6. Don’t Post About Your Relationship Online

Don’t Post About Your Relationship Online

It’s fine to post selfies with your Aries man on Instagram, but taking all your relationship problems online to receive advice from some self-proclaimed counselor will irritate your Aries man.

He’s highly private, and he loves it that way. The moment you take conflicts online to resolve or violate his privacy, he’ll start trusting you less and close off completely. If you have issues with your Aries man, confront him directly.

7. Be There When He Needs You

Be There

You should be able to read your Aries man’s feelings. From how he usually acts, you can notice when he’s at his lowest and act accordingly. If you notice him feeling down, find a private place to talk about it.

Be available to comfort him anytime he needs you. When he sees that you’re a solid shoulder to cry on, he’ll open up to you more.

8. Be Persistent


His ego may not let him budge the first few times you try to get him to open up. Don’t give up on him. Be persistent and try to crack him constantly. With time, he’ll succumb to your persistency and like you more for caring so much about him.

Final Thoughts

Your Aries man has feelings; he just hides them deep inside so people can only see his strengths. Getting him to open up is like pulling teeth, but it’s possible. Remember to open up to him, be patient, don’t judge, and give good advice.