5 Scorpio Man Weaknesses in Love (& How To Handle Them)

Scorpio Man Weaknesses In Love

If you are in love with a Scorpion guy, get ready for his stingy bites! Losing heart to this man is no less than playing with fire.

Although he is wise, you must be aware of his dangerous punches in love. The Scorpio men are known to hold grudges for a long time.

They never forget any slight or hurt done by their partners. When you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio man, you must make sure you’re loyal and honest to him.

Being a water sign of the zodiac, he has a complex nature with envy and resentment. This man knows no middle way as he rests on the extreme poles.

However, knowing his most significant weaknesses can help you understand him well. After all, everyone has weaknesses, and Scorpios are no exception.

So, what are the weaknesses of a Scorpio man in love?

A Scorpio man is jealous and over-possessive about his partner. His humor lies in a cruel kind of sarcasm. He wants to control his girlfriend and does not like to be questioned about his activities. He holds grudges in his heart. His habit of comparison is his biggest weakness, as it can hurt you.

In this article, you’ll discover five flaws of a Scorpio man in a relationship. Knowing these traits will help you secure the connection by taking appropriate steps. Let’s jump right into it!

5 Weaknesses of a Scorpio Man in Love

5 Weaknesses Of A Scorpio Man In Love

Admit it or not, a Scorpio man is paranoid and suspicious of his beloved. He fears that someone else will take away his lady from him. He can get angry at the slightest doubts and may even accuse you without reasonable proof.

If you want to live with him like a breeze, you need to understand his dark side and make it light. To help you with this, here’s a list of 5 Scorpio man’s weaknesses in love.

1. He’s Incredibly Jealous and Over-Possessive

He's Incredibly Jealous And Over-Possessive

Scorpio man is a leech! If you are going to date him, prepare to get caged. His jealousy and over-possessiveness will suffocate you to hell.

Although he loves intensely, he always considers his partner a “possession.” You’ll feel as if you are constantly being watched. He will demand you refrain from giving extra attention to anyone.

Your Scorpio boyfriend will turn suspicious even if you talk to a male friend or colleague. Such a maniac attitude makes him a partial hypocrite.

He flirts openly but doesn’t allow his partner to do so. He can build up far-fetched scenarios if he doesn’t get his way. Ultimately, he becomes insecure about the relationship.         

Here are a few things you can do to handle him.

  • Have a frank talk with him about how you feel.
  • Help him overcome his insecurities by cleaning the air between you.
  • Apologize to him for any wrongdoing he thinks you might have done.
  • Give him more attention than other guys with a pinch of love.

2. Sarcastic As Hell

Sarcastic As Hell

It is often said that Scorpios know only one language: sarcasm! This guy is the master of irony and dry humor. However, his jokes are offensive and manipulate people often.

Sarcasm looks all good till the script turns upon you. In the journey of love with this man, get ready to bear his stingy mouth.

Pack a thick layer of skin around to laugh with his jokes. Otherwise, his sharp-edged tongue will leave you in tears!

So, how to bear his biting and cruel sense of humor? The best way is to ignore the sarcasm with a dose of compassion.

You can gently say something like this, “Hey! I know you don’t mean to hurt me, but sometimes your jokes and humor appear bitter. I think that’s not your intention at all.”

Editor’s Note

You can also get into the shell of a Scorpion to get the same level of humor. Start with, “It’s funny how you see the world.” If he seems to get the idea, you’re doing it right!

3. He’s Demanding and Controlling

Being a dominating partner in love is one of the worst weaknesses of a Scorpio man. He is obsessed with controlling his mates.

You might notice that he has a fixed state of beliefs and thoughts. But he forces his girlfriend to mold her attitude.

He’ll ask you to give up on your hobbies and interests. He pointlessly criticizes, spies, and makes you feel inferior to himself. In short, he tries his best to choke your freedom!

It’s almost impossible to deal with his harshness. But, it is not entirely a lost cause.

  • Try to set healthy boundaries in the relationship.
  • Romanticize the bond by telling him things he wants to hear.
  • Refuse to argue about his whims and fancies by saying, “Dear, can we talk about this later?” or, “I understand your point, but let’s not fight over it.”

4. He Holds Grudges to the End

He Holds Grudges To The End

Scorpions never forgive and forget! They find it hard to forgive those who hurt them deeply. If you ever betray this man, quit the game! He has no room for forgiveness in his life.

With the claws drawn, he always looks for a personal attack. He is resentful and bitter. Being a water sign, this guy is also super sensitive.

He can’t let go of that hate in his heart when hurt. It will take months or even years to brush off the stain in his mind. Sometimes, a Scorpio’s grievance cuts off the people from his life, even if it’s his soulmate.

He will go to the extreme to get rid of this grudge. He makes sure to take revenge and hurt you too. For this, he’ll turn rude to harm you emotionally.                   

Bonus Tip

If you ever come in the crossfire of his grudges, try to help him heal. Remind him of all the beautiful memories you both shared. Reassure him that your feelings are still the same, and so is your commitment to him.

5. He Likes Comparison

He Likes Comparison

He expresses love in many beautiful ways, but sometimes his weakness of comparison ruins it all.

Nothing can stop him from comparing you to his past girlfriends, whether it’s a romantic dinner or movie night. For his current darling, it might sound bitter as death!

If there is something he likes about his previous lady, he’ll add it to the list of requirements for the next one. So, you see? He expects you to portray idealistic standards of goodness.

If he didn’t like something in his previous girlfriend, he’d ask you to quit that too. What If the comparison exceeds your limit of composure?

You can do this to handle his attitude. Warn him politely and say:

  • “If you keep comparing me to your ex, I won’t be able to tolerate more. Unfortunately, you’ll be forced to move away.”
  • “See, no two human beings are the same, and I am not your past lover. So, don’t treat me like one.”
  • “Think for a moment, my love; what if I start to compare you to my ex? How will it feel then?”


To sum up the Scorpio man’s weaknesses in love, he’s humorous – though his jokes can sometimes appear bitter. Girls within his sphere must be ready to handle his domination and control. He’s unforgiving and vengeful and always likes to compare – which can make you feel inferior.

But wait, don’t ditch this guy in haste! He can be very loving and caring if you give him the love he deserves.

So, instead of seeing the dark side, explore the potential and turn his weaknesses into strengths! However, if he continues to mistreat you, don’t feel guilty about walking away.

Good luck! :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What a Scorpio man wants in a wife?

These men easily fall for the women who give respect to their ego and freedom. A perfect wife for a Scorpion should be loyal, romantic, and passionate.

How loyal is a Scorpio man?

Well, Scorpios as husbands are way more loyal than as boyfriends. He is highly committed to the woman he loves and a “one-woman man” once he is married.