How To Hurt a Cancer Man Emotionally

How To Hurt A Cancer Man Emotionally

When it comes to hurting a Cancer man emotionally, it might interest you to know that it is easier to hurt him than trying not to hurt him. For clarity, there are tonnes of preventive measures you have to take in order not to impair a Cancer man’s feelings.

As such, you must study his attributes perfectly, regardless of whether you are trying to hurt him or not. The most important thing you need to know is that Cancer men are highly vulnerable, and they can be emotionally bruised by your actions, albeit unintentionally.

How exactly can you hurt a Cancer man emotionally?

The easiest way to hurt a Cancer man is to distance yourself from him intentionally. Deprive him of all your support and attention, and you will see him become a wreck in no time.

This article is perfect for you if you are looking for ways how to hurt a Cancer man emotionally.

4 Ways To Hurt a Cancer Man Emotionally

4 Ways To Hurt A Cancer Man Emotionally

The most important thing to consider is how much you are willing to go. If your purpose for doing it is so that he could realize his mistakes and crawl back into your arms afterward, it is essential to tone it down a bit because if you hurt a Cancer man deeply, he might never be able to forgive you.

However, if you intend to see him wholly broken emotionally, you can go ahead with your plan without holding back.

Regardless of how hard you intend on him, you can hurt a Cancer man by using any of the following strategies.

1. Distance Yourself From Him

When a Cancer man falls in love, he becomes highly attached to his partner, and they will conduct most of their activities together. His world will revolve around you, and when you cut him off, it will be like his world has collapsed.

Hence, ensure that you have already built your presence in his life before attempting to use this strategy. Else, he will easily move on if you distance yourself from him without any reasonable explanation.

Also, if you are only doing this because of a trivial issue, it will help if you keep yourself in check so that you won’t go overboard. While Cancer men get easily attached to people, especially their lovers, they can also develop resistance when they realize there is no hope for reconciliation.

2. Get Him Jealous

This strategy should be reserved for when you are sure you don’t foresee yourself wanting him back because one of the biggest things a Cancer man can never forgive is infidelity. They believe loyalty is never meant to be broken for whatever reason.

However, if you can carefully pull this strategy without outrightly making it seem like you are cheating on him with another person, it might also effectively make him realize that he is on the verge of losing you. The thought of losing someone they are so attached to is enough to hurt Cancer men emotionally.

You can do this by becoming a little mysterious with your activities whenever he is around you.

Spending more time on your phone, pretending to text or call someone he doesn’t know while laughing continuously, is enough to rile the Cancer man up.

He would most likely feel you are cheating, when all you are doing is merely an act.

3. Stop Being His Peace

Due to their sensitivity, Cancer men usually avoid anyone or anything that might subject them to being hurt. As such, a Cancer man will only choose to be with someone that gives him peace in the first place.

If, at any point, you stop giving him this peace he so desires, it would hurt him significantly.

You can use this to your advantage whenever you want to disrupt his composure. Constantly picking up fights with him will eventually frustrate him, and if he is so attached to you, he will find it hard to just up and leave the relationship.

To avoid having more fights with you, a Cancer man will genuinely compromise many things.

If all his efforts prove abortive, he will be even more frustrated. Hence, the more he tries to satisfy you and be on good terms with you, the more you should find faults in all his actions.

4. Be Rude to Him

While many people will reciprocate harshly when someone they love is rude to them, Cancer men, on the contrary, will start wondering what they must have done wrong to warrant getting such treatment from their partner.

When this happens, he might want to talk to you to figure out why you are being saucy to him. If you refuse to have this conversation with him and continue to be rude to him, the Cancer man will be left perplexed, and consequently, he will start hurting emotionally.

At first, he would keep trying to figure out why you are being unnecessarily rude to him and will strive so hard to patch the relationship by any means possible. If you intend to punish him critically, make him feel even more frustrated by responding to his efforts with more insults.


If you have never found yourself in this position, you might be wondering what reasons people might have to want to hurt someone emotionally. However, everyone’s reality is different, and some people are not so lucky regarding love and relationships.

Perhaps they have been treated wrongly by their partners, and the only way they can attain closure is by getting back at them. If you are in this situation and the partner you want to hurt emotionally is a Cancer man, you might not have to do as much to accomplish your mission.

Cancer men are highly susceptible to being hurt by people they have allowed into their personal space. As such, all you might have to do is just cut him off, stop supporting him, make him jealous, or be rude to him sometimes, and you will watch the Cancer man’s emotions hurt tremendously.