Why Does a Leo Man Keep Coming Back? (7 Reasons)

Why Does A Leo Man Keep Coming Back?

It’s common for many people to keep swinging like a boomerang, and Leo man is at the top. He is accustomed to staying under the spotlight, and it’s hard for him to handle the breakup.

A Leo man is overwhelmed by the sense of validation. Hence, to catch your eyes again, he’ll keep diving back into the pool.

But you must keenly realize whether your man offers toxicity or a healthy relationship. Don’t get into the trap!

So our question is, why does a Leo man keep coming back?

He might miss that dominance and control he once had over you. Or maybe he cannot confront reality and doesn’t want to move on. Another reason might be your error – you’re not letting him go. He might also return because he has realized what he lost and wants to try again.

Today, you will know about those 7 probable reasons that make Leo man come back to you even after a nasty breakup. We will also look into the signs if he is making a genuine effort to get back or is just trying to show his power.

7 Reasons Why a Leo Man Keeps Coming Back

7 Reasons Why A Leo Man Keeps Coming Back

Leo is a confident man and radiantly joyful. He displays irrational behavior and is always up for drama. Nothing can ever put him down, not even you! So it’s likely for him to come back to you.

1. He’s Addicted to the Drama

The Leo man is a natural leader and loves being in the limelight. He’s also quite dramatic and often enjoys creating conflict just for the sake of it. This can be exhausting for those around him, but it does make for an exciting life.

You can expect plenty of drama if you find yourself in a relationship with a Leo man.

2. Your Connection Feeds His Ego

A Leo is unjust. He wants to make sure that he has control over you. But once you break up, he’ll miss that command. He might show genuine interest, but he wants to control you back.

Your connection feeds his ego, and he feels ignored when that connection gets tempered. Be careful because he might dump you again after winning your trust.

This scenario is pretty alarming for you. So, decide wisely after noticing your ex’s toxic and dominating nature! 

3. Balance of the Power

Your ex will return to you if he realizes he lacks enough power over you. It’s crazy how the unconscious human mind works backstage, tempting a person repeatedly. It’s a fact that he isn’t much rational.

He won’t care about you; rather, he’ll only worry about his power loss. When he sees you can move on in life, he’ll try to dive back to hold that control again.

It sounds crazy, but you need to understand this balance of power because this system is something that makes him take you for granted.

4. You Are His Convenient Placeholder

Accept it or not, a Leo man after the breakup may consider you as a backup and a convenient placeholder. Since he has recently stepped out of a romantic relationship, he’ll not give up the sensation of feeling special.

He’ll not only try to cling to you but also roam around to find someone else. Remember, when he keeps coming back, you become an emotional sponge! Most of the time, he’ll focus on the benefits from you, not the real true love.

In this situation, you must realize it’s a big red flag. Consider your worth, and keep your head up! You don’t owe him anything, so it’s better to pluck yourself out of such a dark pit hole.

Hear out Brad’s advice below to learn how to avoid becoming “Plan B” for your ex.

How To Avoid Being Your Ex's Backup Plan

5. He Realizes What He Lost

Sometimes a happy, jolly relationship turns into a wrecked ship. The reason is many such as lack of trust, a misunderstanding, or jealousy.

A Leo man may have dumped you because he couldn’t find excitement in the relationship or took you for granted.

But if he holds even the most minor dignity for you, he’ll realize what he lost. The regret will be honest! At this point, you have to be a little humble because your man might still love you. Maybe he has accepted his mistake.

So, you know he can’t afford to lose you. It can be the reason for his coming back repeatedly. Offer immense heart energy and forgive him. But again, a reminder: choose the decision wisely!  

6. You’re Unsure About Letting Go

Another critical reason a Leo man keeps coming back is your lack of confidence. You may still not be assured in your decision. You don’t have a confirmation from your heart whether to keep up with this man or let him go.

The current situation can’t blame anyone else but yourself. When he sees the space you hold for him in the heart, he’ll eventually keep bouncing back like a boomerang.

You cannot leave this situation to automation, either!

To claw your way out of this situation, drift apart on a single side. Make a firm decision whether you want to give him a chance or relinquish him.

7. He Can’t Confront the Reality

Another reason your ex can be responsible for returning is his inability to face reality. He might try hard to move on, but getting over the loss of a lady like you would be a wrecking task.

Maybe, he doesn’t possess such energy to struggle!

When he cannot confront the reality of your breakup, he tries to dive back into that warm sphere of the relationship. Be careful! If he has been toxic to you in the past, you don’t have to let him come back to dominate again!

How To Know if a Leo Man Genuinely Wants You Back

A Leo man ‌loves to become the center of all attention. He’s confident; hence, such nature keeps him returning even after a breakup.

But it’s pretty hard for him to bend his ego. So, how to know if he wants you back?

Look at the following signs to know if your boyfriend genuinely wants you back!

  • Take a hint at his body language. If he gives an “I want to vibe with you,” he wants you with all his heart.
  • He looks hurt even after a long time after the breakup.
  • He asks about you from mutual friends. It affirms that he is concerned about you.
  • He attempts to protect you.
  • He follows your social media presence.
  • He hasn’t returned your gifts yet.


Now that you know about Leo man’s coming back frequently, it’s time to understand what profile this guy holds. Decide whether you must protect yourself and move on or get back to him and build something much more substantial than in the past.

As a woman, you might dissect and dismantle yourself to figure out your mistake. But don’t try too hard to apologize or chase him! You must know your value and worth.

P.S! Power comes from the ability to choose not to deal with the mess. You have that power. Don’t give it up!