February Pisces vs. March Pisces: Complete Comparison

February Pisces Versus March Pisces

People with Pisces as their zodiac sign are emotionally intuitive, kind, selfless for the people they cherish, empathic, imaginative, and creative. Also, the last few traits make Pisces drift into a fantasy world and turn away from reality, which also brings about their weakness.

All these characteristics describe a Pisces, but there is a sub-categorization of this zodiac sign based on the month they are born, which influences their personalities by a large margin.

The zodiac circle has 360 degrees in total, as in your plain old sphere, and the twelve zodiacs divide it into twelve equal parts of thirty degrees. These thirty degrees are again divided into three parts (ten degrees each) based on the position of the Sun.

For Pisceans, the first ten degrees fall in February, while the rest is twenty degrees in March. It brings about a split between February and March Pisces’ personalities.

Hence the question, February Pisces versus March Pisces.

February Pisces differ from the March Pisces based on what characteristics they share. For example, February Pisces are more easy-going and creative and follow the generic trait of the Pisces zodiac, while March Pisces are more driven, sensitive, and keep their feelings to themselves.

Here, we will give an in-depth view of the different characteristics of February Pisces and March Pisces. So, continue reading to get a deeper insight.

February Vs. March Pisces Traits

February Vs. March Pisces Traits

Attributing the same personality traits to someone who shares the same zodiac sign is nearly impossible because the personality is developed based on the circumstances.

People may share some similarities if they have the same zodiac, but a further sub-categorization based on the Month and Decan can help you get an insight into the variance of these traits. 

Also, this variance isn’t unique to Pisceans; every zodiac sign has this distinctive division to describe the characteristics of the individuals as close to reality as possible.

February Pisces

February Pisces

February is a fascinating month, and it carries Aquarius and Pisceans as its zodiac signs. However, this month is usually attributed to Pisces, which brings about the creative side of this zodiac sign; hence, the name “February Pisces.”

That’s not all; February assign several characteristics to Pisceans, and these are discussed as follows.

Generic Type

People born in February under this zodiac sign share the most generic personality traits of Pisceans. These characteristics may be emotionally intuitive, selfless for the people in their circle, and arguably the most common one is highly innovative.

The ruling planet of February Pisces is Neptune. Also, it is the only planet for February, but another one shares Pisces with Neptune for March. It further explains the deviation in the characteristics and why February Pisces have these stereotypical characteristics.

The Innovator

People born under the February Pisces have a way of bringing their imagination into reality, which is especially true if it relates to their emotions.

It attracts February Pisces to art, poetry, and music as a way to express themselves. These methods help Pisces bring their abstract thoughts to life. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to call them the most artistic zodiac sign.


The fish is the zodiac symbol of Pisces, which points towards their character of getting lost in their imagination. It makes these Pisceans forget about reality or often mix up reality with their fantasy. It also makes them a part of the zodiac signs that love old-school romance.

However, that’s not all; these zodiac signs’ carefree nature is based on their zodiac symbol and ruling planet. They like to move with the flow, and as February Pisces are mutable signs, they adapt quickly to change.

But on the other hand, it makes things hard for Pisceans to conform to one thing.

March Pisces

March Pisces

The March Pisces share this month with the zodiac sign Aries, a fire sign. The water and fire elements are opposite elements, but water hampers down the fiery character of the fire sign.

So, it explains the driven and ambitious side in the characteristics of March Pisces from that of February Pisces.

In Touch With Their Emotions

While February Pisces may express their emotions in an art form or retreat into their shells when they feel hurt, March Pisces are more in touch with their feelings and can speak their minds more openly.

Pisces may be the most forgiving zodiac sign, but March Pisces can get back at you if you hurt them. It may not be as extreme as other vengeful zodiac signs, but you can tell them apart from your forgiving Pisceans.

Editor’s Note

In the case of both February and March Pisces, they should steer clear of toxic environments and channel their positive energies to bring what they desire into reality.

Reserved and Optimist

Jupiter is the co-ruling planet for March Pisces. It attributes great luck and confidence to this zodiac sign. February Pisces may always need a confidante to have their life in balance, but that isn’t the case for March Pisceans. They are more reserved and hardly let people inside their private matters.

However, Jupiter also smiles fortune upon these zodiac signs. It not only brings luck to March Pisceans but also to the people around them. Pisces are naturally kind-hearted zodiac signs and love to make the people around them and the world a better place.

Ambitious and Driven

Both February and March Pisces may carry big ambitions, but in the case of March Pisces, they are more driven to achieve their goals and make them a reality. Also, their co-ruling planets help them in this regard.

Instead of escaping into the fantasy world, March Pisceans know how to differentiate between reality and fantasy. They accept that they can’t neglect their life and escape into their imagination. It results in more realistic and achievable goals for March Pisces compared to February Pisces.


Lastly, now you know what attributes differentiate February Pisces from March Pisces. These attributes shape the personalities of these zodiac signs, but it would be wrong to call one side better or the other worse.

February Pisceans have more imaginative and fantasy-centered thinking, and they make great artists. It also helps these zodiac signs to bring new and innovative styles to the world.

However, March Pisceans are more grounded and make realistic goals. They work hard towards achieving them and know how to differentiate between reality and imagination. Also, March Pisceans are more reserved.

To wrap up, February Pisces are natural-born innovators and dreamers; however, they fail to bring their imagination to life because of confusing fantasy with reality.

Contrarily, March Pisces may be more balanced, but they lack the versatility and foresight a February Pisces may have.