How To Apologize to a Libra Man

How To Apologize To A Libra Man

When you ask most women what they want in a man, some attributes they will certainly list are commonly found in Libra men. This explains why Libra men are every woman’s dream.

They are caring and emotional and would put your happiness above theirs. Imagine having this man as yours, and for whatsoever reason, you wronged him, and he is furious at you. In order not to lose him, it is understandable you would want to figure out how to apologize to a Libra man.

Libra men are usually calm and unproblematic. They don’t get angry over trivial things, but when they eventually get triggered, their reaction is always severe.

When a Libra is triggered, you should allow them to say everything on their mind. The moment a Libra man lets out all that he has bottled inside, the forgiveness stage will automatically kick in. With a little apology from you, he will gladly let go of all grievances.

Continue reading if you want to find out how to appeal to a Libra man when he is mad at you.

How To Get a Libra Man To Forgive You

People react to things differently, and if you try to use the same ploy to appeal to two or more people’s compassion, it might not work. Libras, especially, have a way they deal with issues that trigger their anger. This is why you must understand their peculiarities before you try to seek their forgiveness when you hurt them. When your Libra man is furious at you, you can try the following tips to get him to forgive you.

1. Understand His Grievances 


One major mistake you can make when a Libra man expresses his anger is to try to trivialize the issue or attempt to gaslight him in any way whatsoever. If you do these things, you will only make him even angrier. Libra men have a very long anger fuse, and they intentionally endure lots of provocation before letting it burn out.

When they finally react, they are mostly always justified and would not appreciate when someone tries to downplay their anger. The best thing to do when your Libra man is angry is to allow him to vent as much as he wants and let him know that you understand the reason for his outburst.

2. Apologise Wholeheartedly 

Apologize 1

Another attribute that Libra men are known for is the act of forgiveness. They are highly forgiving and always willing to give people another chance, especially after saying all they had to say about how you made them angry. A Libra man that is still all bottled up about his grievances with you might not be able to forgive and forget easily.

However, if he can see through your apology and notice the sincerity in it, he will ultimately have to let go of the grudge. Libra men are peace-loving people who always crave to be in harmony with everyone around them. If you hurt a Libra man and fail to appease him, or he cannot forgive you on his own, he would lock you out of his life and personal space.

3. Don’t Manipulate Him With Tears

Don’t Manipulate Him With Tears

Many women believe that crying helps solve these issues because men become emotional when they see a woman shedding tears. The truth is that Libra men can become emotional quickly, and yes, you can use that to manipulate yourself out of a tight corner when you offend him.

Nevertheless, you can only use that trick on a Libra man once or twice. When he realizes that crying has become a manipulative skill for you, your Libra man will be disappointed in you and will not be able to stand you anymore. This time around, he may find it hard to forgive you. Instead, he might walk out of your life and the relationship altogether.

4. Give Him Space

Give Him Space

Although Libra men have a high tolerance and can condone many issues from you, once you push them to their breaking point where they have to turn around and react because you hurt them, the best thing to do is give them space.

He needs this space not only because he is mad at you but probably because he has not had the opportunity to say all that is on his mind.

However, it will help if you don’t let this hiatus go on for too long because a Libra man can become detached quickly. You could let him be for a day or at most two days, and then you can reach out to him afterward to apologize again and make amendments.

5. Buy Him Gifts

Buy Him Gifts

This tip is as ancient as time itself and has been efficient on numerous occasions. As long as the anger has subsided, a thoughtful, beautiful gift will always do the trick of melting the remnants of all grudges in a Libra man’s heart.

To them, the gift will serve as a peace offering, which insinuates that you are genuinely sorry for what you did. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, but if you can afford such, it will be perfect. Nonetheless, it is the thought and act of sober reflection that counts.


Being in a relationship with a Libra man is every woman’s dream. They are unproblematic and highly forgiving. It takes a lot before a Libra can become angry, and even when they get to the point of being furious, it will not be much of a big deal if you understand how to manage their anger.

The first thing you need to do when a Libra man becomes visibly angry is to allow him to vent as much as he wants. Let him know that you understand his feelings and that his anger is justifiable. If you are indeed wrong, apologize sincerely and give him space for a while if it looks like he needs it. Finally, offer him a peace offering and make amendments with him.