How To Apologize to a Pisces Woman (Win Her Love Back)

How To Apologize To A Pisces Woman

This zodiac sign is famous for its forgiving nature, and yet, they are also among the water signs to draw boundaries if they can not find you trustworthy enough. They are highly conscious of the pain of others and try wholeheartedly to let others feel at ease.

So, if you have quarreled with a Pisces woman, you have a high chance of getting forgiveness if you know the right way to go about it. Hence, comes the question of how to apologize to a Pisces woman if you have hurt her.

Your main aim should be to reach out to her first, but that does not mean you should overwhelm her, give her time alone to reminisce about the good memories. Show her your willingness to accept her demands, lend an ear to her complaints, and connect with her emotionally to arouse empathy.

If you want to know the tricks to apologize to a Pisces woman with a hundred percent success, continue reading, and you won’t be disappointed.

1. Reach Out First

Reach Out First

Pisces is the most sensitive zodiac sign, and the solution they come to after a fight is retreating to their shells, from which they do not come out if you lose their trust. However, they are also the signs that keep their hopes up for the longest to get back together again.

So, they wait for their partners to reach out to them first and expend the effort to make up. That is why you should set aside your pride and reach out to them first, but that does not mean that reaching out will do the trick.

Why? Because after a heated argument trying to make up readily can cause more harm than good. Be the first to reach out, but make sure you give enough time for the matter to slip off her mind.

Editor’s Note

Everyone likes some alone time, and for Pisces, it holds more so than others, as they are known for their profound imaginative thinking. So, give them some personal time now and then.

2. Take a Third Person Approach

Take A Third Person Approach

If a Pisces woman is hurt deeply, chances are she may not let you near her anytime soon. So, take a third-person approach by letting her friends or other close family members talk to her on your behalf.

Show them you are apologetic and express your intent to rekindle your relationship. Pisces are known for their love of their loved ones and how their opinions influence them.

So, asking a close friend or family member of theirs can give you the headstart you need.

3. Use Old-Fashioned Romance

Use Old-Fashioned Romance

Another popular method of an apology is resorting to traditional romantic ways. Pisces love to fantasize and have no match for their creative nature and imagination.

Due to this trait, Pisces love the idea of being a princess and fantasize about the knight in shining armor. So, taking a page out of traditional romance books or movies is a surefire way to melt their heart and guarantee complete success in an apology.

How to go about it?

Send her a flower bouquet with an apology card or you can take her on a horse carriage ride and apologize, or you can use poetry as a second-hand means to make amends.

Sending a poem has the highest chance of success, as it appeals to their fantasizing nature.

4. Be Empathic and Show Her You Too Are Hurting

Be Empathic And Show Her You Too Are Hurting

Pisces women are known for their nature to put the feelings of their loved ones over their own, so showing her that you are hurting from this whole affair can increase the chances of acceptance of your apology.

However, a Pisces woman wants you to understand her emotionally, which means you need to empathize with her. Also, Pisces focuses a lot on the words (reading in between the lines), so subtly hint towards the good memories you made with her and avoid mentioning the argument you both had.

5. Be Attentive and Be Patient

Be Attentive And Be Patient

If she is willing to accept your apology, she will want to open up to you. So, let her get the load off her chest by listening to her, but be attentive if she finds that you are not interested in what she has to say, you won’t get a second chance at an apology.

Patience is a virtue that could not be more correct if you want to apologize to a Pisces woman. Due to the hurt she has received, she will let her heart and feelings take charge, so rather than dissing her arguments, be patient and let her know that you are listening to her.

6. Show Her by Your Actions

Show Her By Your Actions

Pisces have a sharp intuition and act on their gut feeling, so they are highly perceptive to anything without sincerity. So, they will test you on how sincere your apology is, so back it with your actions.

The first thing you can do is to change the thing that she wants you not to do. Show her that you have your words backed by your actions, and it is not empty talk, i.e., you are sincere in your efforts to get her to forgive you.

Be considerate and show her that you support her even if she blames you. Compromise first, and then be open about your feelings; tell her gently how she influences your behavior, showing her that you want to develop your relationship seriously and are thinking of a future with her.

Signs To Look Out for When a Pisces Woman Is Hurt

Signs To Look Out For When A Pisces Woman Is Hurt

Pisces is the zodiac that keeps to themselves and rarely opens up to anyone, so knowing whether you have hurt them or not can be an ordeal if you are not sensitive.

Here are some things you can watch out for to know if your Pisces woman is hurting or not.

She Will Shut You Out

If a Pisces woman is hurting, she will try to figure out the solution on her own and will keep you in the dark. You will notice her being unresponsive to you most of the time.

She Will Act Whimsically

Pisces are moody and will have frequent mood swings if they are feeling hurt,

She Will Overreact

Possibly, the most evident action, she will get angry at little things, which means that you need to apologize and get them out of their depressive phase.


Now you know what to do if you hurt a Pisces woman. These hyper-emotional signs are sharp when it comes to catching on to the feelings, so being sincere and honest is the first and foremost priority, and the rest is all secondary.

To finish off, try to be considerate, compassionate, kind, willing to listen, and open-hearted while apologizing to a Pisces woman, and you can expect a positive response.