Does a Leo Man Cheat? (Signs & How To Deal With It)

Does A Leo Man Cheat?

Leo men are attention seekers, confident, loyal, protective, and generous. However, these traits don’t work one way. They are also responsible for the big ego and stubborn nature of people with this zodiac. Therefore, people often take advantage of their generous nature.

All these things aside, the best thing that defines anyone with Leo as their zodiac sign is their brave nature and the skill set of being an excellent leader.

It is easy to find yourself attracted to such a charming personality, but if you want to know whether your Leo man is a cheater, you have come to the right place.

It brings us to our question, do Leo men cheat?

If a Leo man loves you, you won’t find a more loyal partner. However, there can be several reasons why a Leo man might cheat. It is related to their attention-seeking nature and to inflate their ego or to show off their prowess.

Here we will tell you the underlying reasons behind why a Leo man cheats, what are the tell-tale signs he is cheating, and how to deal with an unfaithful Leo man.

Reasons a Leo Man Cheats

Reasons A Leo Man Cheats

There could be numerous reasons why a Leo man will cheat on you, but the most common ones are as follows:

To Inflate Their Ego

The primary reason why a Leo man cheats is to boost their egos, as they are among the most narcissistic zodiac signs. It may start as a way to get attention or fulfill his high-maintenance side since they care a lot about what others think.

It may begin with simple texting or chatting, but whatever the case, he will blame others by saying that it wasn’t his fault and even try to justify his action.

To Get Back at You

Leos are also one of the most loyal zodiac signs, and when they commit to a relationship, you can rest assured that your Leo will stay loyal to you. However, it doesn’t give you a way to cheat on him.

If you do, and your Leo man finds out, being unfaithful to you will be his way of getting back at you for hurting him first.

Because of His Attention Seeking Nature

Flattery is like bread and butter for people with this zodiac sign, and they also fall into the zodiac signs who thrive on compliments.

It doesn’t mean anyone can break into a Leo man’s heart. If he is happy in the relationship, his heart will be more of an iron castle for others to break into. Contrarily, if your Leo man feels neglected, chances are others can break through this iron-clad resolve.

However, it doesn’t mean you will have to worry at every step; your Leo man will give some signs that you are neglecting him. So, if you still don’t pay attention to the warning signs, he will look elsewhere to fulfill his attention-craving nature.

In the Heat of the Moment

Another common reason lies in the heat of the moment, which your Leo man may come to regret later on. It usually comes to pass if he is under alcohol’s influence and your Leo man is egged on by others.

It may also happen as people with this zodiac try to show off their brave nature since limits are something unknown to this zodiac sign. It brings about their stubborn nature and may also come to bite them back later on.

He Isn’t Getting Any Attention From You

The biggest reason why a Leo man may cheat is if he is neglected in the relationship. Leos are some of the high-maintenance zodiac signs and need continuous attention to stay rooted. That’s why; letting them chase you does the trick when trying to catch the attention of a Leo man.

Worst of all, if he finds you preoccupied with something, your Leo man will cheat and not even think of it as cheating. The most vulnerable a Leo man to cheating is if he fights with you; he may appreciate concerns from someone else and resort to infidelity.

5 Signs a Leo Man Is Cheating

5 Signs A Leo Man Is Cheating

Several signs can give you a red signal, i.e., your Leo man is cheating on you, and these are obvious if he is unfaithful. Following are some of the most common ones:

He Spends Too Much Time and Effort on His Looks

One of the most obvious signs is your Leo man obsessing over himself. Maintaining their looks is super significant for Leo men, as it is one of the ways they hunt for compliments, but you will notice the casual tone disappears from their clothing.

They will stay dressed up and ensure that they look the perfect version of themselves 24/7.

He Is Being Secretive and Stays on the Phone for Hours

Leos aren’t secretive, and men with this zodiac sign are transparent about their feelings. That’s why; if your Leo man isn’t open about his feelings or tries to be more private around you is another sign of increased risk of infidelity.

Another thing to note here is that you will notice him spending an extended amount of time on his phone; when questioned, not being clear about it. Leos are the impatient type and respond promptly to any text or message. So, if you notice your Leo man invested too much in the phone, that’s a warning sign.

He Isn’t Invested in His Time With You

The light and fun chatter won’t be there anymore, i.e., if your Leo man is seeing someone else, which is one of the warnings that he is looking somewhere else for attention. Leo men may not seem like it, but actually, they are also among the most adventurous and thrill-loving zodiac signs.

That’s why; if you try to control him or say no to his adventure-loving side, your Leo man will distance himself from you and try to find someone else who caters to his crazy ideas.

Someone Else Is the Topic of His Conversation

This sign tells you right away if your Leo man is looking for attention elsewhere, as his topic of conversation will shift to someone else, especially a member of the opposite sex in this case.

It is the moment where you can confront your Leo, and being one who wears his heart on his sleeve, he will let it all out. As Leos have it ingrained in their personality that they aren’t being unfaithful; consequently, they blurt out the truth when confronted.

He Isn’t Interested in Being Physical With You

Another sign to watch out for is dying out of passion if he finds someone else. He won’t be as passionate as before and won’t be interested in being physical with you.

Leo men are good at knowing what they want and how to achieve it, which is why they rank pretty high in the most ambitious zodiac signs. It makes them the best partner you can ask for; however, if your Leo man isn’t interested in your happiness and his embers of passions have died down, it highlights he is looking elsewhere.

How To Deal With an Unfaithful Leo

How To Deal With An Unfaithful Leo

Leos are mostly praised because of their loyal nature which makes it rare for them to cheat, but if they do, you can deal with them in the following way:

Check Before Confronting Your Leo Man

Before confronting your Leo man, ensure that you have it all figured out and your gut feeling isn’t the only thing behind your claims. A false accusation can damage the trust you two have built over time.

Confront Him Directly

After gathering your thoughts, confront your Leo man, and instead of beating around the bush, be straight. Also, if he avoids the topic or tries to chalk it up to nothing by covering it up, you can tell he is lying.

Hear His Side of the Story

Giving him the benefit of the doubt is the first step if you are still unsure of his infidelity. Try to hear his side of the story before reaching any conclusion, and try to maintain your composure while talking, don’t be impulsive or react to his every word.

Avoid Any Third Party Involvement

The last thing you should do is involve a third party in this argument. The problem lies between you and the Leo man. If you confront the other woman, it will only make matters worse. That’s why; go straight to your Leo man and discuss it.

Avoid Revenge and Go Your Separate Ways

The last step is no need to beat yourself over what transpired and avoid thinking of revenge. The best revenge you can get is going your separate way and being independent and happy in your circle.

No use crying over spilled milk, and no point in staying together if you have to sacrifice your happiness; therefore, bid him farewell and find your way in life.


Before wrapping up, Leo men have charming and loyal personalities, and if the relationship is based on love, you can rest assured you won’t find a more loyal partner than a Leo.

However, there could be several reasons why a Leo man may cheat, i.e., to boost his ego, as a form of revenge, in the spur of the moment, due to his attention-seeking nature, or if he considers that you aren’t invested in the relationship.

Also, to tell if your Leo man is cheating on you, you can check how his attention is divided, how much time he spends on his phone, whether he is being too private about his affairs, whether someone else is his center of attention, and whether he is the same passionate Leo.