How To Make a Leo Man Miss You Like Crazy

How To Make A Leo Man Miss You Like Crazy

Leo men are outgoing, cheerful, and sometimes ferocious when they need to be. However, they make lovely partners in a relationship as long as you understand their attributes and behavior.

If you want to make a Leo man miss you, that is probably because your affair with him has taken a downturn, and you are seeking a way to light up the spark again.

The good news is that beneath their brutal veil, Leo men are highly susceptible to emotional gimmicks. All you have to do is find the right strategies you can use to make a Leo man miss you.  

For Leos, everything is about actions and motives. Just like Lions, their major spirit animal, they are always willing to dive straight into any activity that is required of them, and they believe that word without action is irrelevant.

Hence, to impress a Leo man, you have to put conscious effort into making an impact whenever he is around you. Let him see that you are the type that can cause things to happen and that you can confidently go through life all on your own.

To make a Leo man miss you, show him that you are confident and independent, mark your territory by leaving items of yours around his place, and give him compliments occasionally. These strategies will help to remind the Leo man of how much he loves and values you, making him long for more time with you.

Read on to discover all the different strategies you can use to make a Leo man miss you and bring back the spark between you two.

Strategies You Can Use To Make a Leo Man Miss You

Strategies You Can Use To Make A Leo Man Miss You

Many people might think because Leo men act all tough and always have a hero mentality, it would be impossible for them to love or miss someone genuinely.

In reality, they are hopeless romantics who enjoy doing relationships with people who understand them to a great magnitude. They don’t see a need to pretend or act all macho when they are deeply in love with someone they completely trust.

Naturally, when a Leo man truly loves you, he will always crave to be around you all the time. Therefore, you will have to do little or nothing to get him to miss you.

If it has gotten to the point where you have to get him to crave you consciously, then he most likely doesn’t love you as much as he used to.

When this happens, you can use the following strategies to make your Leo man miss you.

1. Be Confident

It is common knowledge that confidence is one of the essential attributes of Leos, and they also look out for it in their partners. Endeavor to look and act confident around your Leo partner or even when he is not there.

You will notice that his respect and admiration for you will increase beyond a reasonable doubt. Regardless of how much you love him, don’t get all soft and dependent on him, as this will make him see you as a liability like a lion would see its prey.

For an animal to earn respect from a lion, it must first display its predator abilities and show that it is not just helpless prey. This logic also applies between Leos and other zodiac signs.

Leos are natural-born leaders, and they don’t hesitate to lord their powers over others unless you hold your ground and repel them.

By being confident in all of your actions, your Leo man will be fascinated by you and will always look forward to seeing what new gimmicks you have up your sleeves.

2. Mark Your Territory

This strategy is a bit tricky because many people mistake marking territories as being jealous, and that might end up ruining the relationship because Leos don’t fancy jealous women.

To employ this tactic, you must first understand the concept of marking territories and how you can do it without raising suspicions.

You can achieve this by doing stuff as simple as forgetting some of your clothing items and accessories in his place from time to time. It could be your earrings, chain, shirt, or anything that could remind you of him.

By doing this, you will be achieving the dual purpose of making him miss you and keeping every other woman away from him because when they see your stuff at his place, they will get the memo that he is taken.

3. Pass Him Compliments Occasionally

Most Leo men act as if they care less about what people have to say about them, but a considerable part of them loves getting compliments from time to time.

A Leo man will always want you around if he is confident you would help fuel his spirit and morale by passing him good remarks.

It could be about his looks, accomplishments, or bravery. It could also be about some attributes that distinguish him from the rest of the bunch.

However, it will help if you don’t overdo it because when it becomes too regular, he will get too used to it, and the compliments might begin to lose taste.

Also, it might make you come across as doing too much to massage his ego, and this will do great harm to the respect and admiration that your Leo man has for you. Hence, you should find a way to create a balance between not starving him of compliments and not giving him too much of them.  


Leo men are considered to be the life of the party because they always strive so hard to be seen as the toughest in the pack. For this reason, many people tend not to know that beneath all their shenanigans lies a sensitive, love-craving person.

Leo men want to love and be loved just like every other person, but at the same time, they don’t want to expose their vulnerability for all to see. 

It takes a lot before a Leo man falls in love with you, but when he does, he will show you the side of him that only a few people know. Thus, it is natural for them to miss you when they genuinely love you.

However, if, for any reason whatsoever, you need help in getting your Leo man to miss you, you can choose to use any of the strategies listed in this article – such as being confident, marking your territory, and giving him compliments.