Are Cancers Dangerous When Angry? (How To Handle Them)

Are Cancers Dangerous When Angry?

Crab is the zodiac symbol of people belonging to this zodiac sign, and like other water signs, they have strong intuition. Cancerians are loyal and caring; however, on the other hand, they are secretive and need a lot of affection to keep them going, which makes them clingy.

Also, Cancers are prone to misunderstanding others because of their secretive natures, as they try to resolve and understand things by themselves rather than opening up and talking about it to someone else. These traits give Cancerians a temperamental and emotional personality.

Consequently, judging the behavior of Cancerians is difficult because of their mood swings. Hence the question, are Cancers dangerous when angry?

The answer is yes, even though they lie in the middle among the most dangerous zodiac signs when angry. The underlying reason is the secretive and spontaneous way these crabs show their anger, and they can be pretty vengeful if left alone for a long time, which makes them very dangerous.

Here, we will discuss some signs to help you understand the indications that your Cancerian is angry, what makes them angry, and how to deal with their anger. That’s why; let’s dive right in!

Signs a Cancer Is Angry

Signs A Cancer Is Angry

Due to crabs being the zodiac symbol of these zodiac signs and their secretive nature, people often mistake them as people who will take their secrets to their grave and won’t show many emotions. However, in reality, Cancerians are the complete opposite of that.

Cancers are among the zodiac signs who can’t hide their emotions, so you can tell readily when your Cancerian is angry. Their feelings are written all over their face; it also relates to the frequent mood swings in their behavior.

But this is not always the case since people with this zodiac sign retreat into their shells and mask their true feelings until their emotions burst out.

They can start by crying their hearts out, but that will be the start since they will plan revenge and won’t settle until they see others hurting the same.

What Makes Cancerians Angry?

What Makes Cancerians Angry?

Several reasons can make your Cancerian angry, and these are as follows:

Talking Bad About Them Behind Their Back

Cancerians usually have a small friend circle, which makes this zodiac sign trust their friends more than anything.

Also, everyone will get angry if someone talks smack about them behind their backs, which is especially true if they are your friends. Spreading bad rumours or letting out the secrets your Cancerian friend shares with you will make them go full-on war with you.

Being Insincere With Them

Cancerians are sincere with the people they make friends with or develop a relationship with, and they expect the same sincerity from them. Since Cancerians crave serious relationships, they want their relationships to be without any catch.

Cancerians are among the water signs, which are known for their ability to be highly intelligent emotionally. That’s why; they can tell whether someone is being insincere or trying to form a relationship for the sake of the benefits it provides.

They don’t like such people and keep their distance from them, but can get angry if pestered by such people.

Betraying Them

Anger isn’t the only thing you will have to deal with if you get on the bad side of Cancerians. The worst thing you can do is betray your Cancerian, and because of their intuition, they can pick on these subtle changes and cut you off from their life.

However, that’s not the end of the story since these zodiac signs are known to take revenge and will try whatever they can to make you miserable. For Cancerians, betrayal is more shocking because of how small their friend circle is and how well they cherish them.

Exploiting Their Goodwill

Another clear-cut reason that makes your Cancerian angry is if you take advantage of their goodwill. It can be to gain attention, to get close to someone in their friend circle, or maybe some other business.

But moving on after accomplishing your goal will not be as easy because Cancerians can derail all your accomplishments if you use their trust for your bidding.

Editor’s Note

Trying to be overly friendly and involving yourself in the private matters of a Cancerian can push the wrong buttons and make them angry with you.

How To Deal With the Anger of a Cancer

How To Deal With The Anger Of A Cancer

Dealing with the anger of Cancer is easy if you muster up your courage. Following are some points you can keep in mind, i.e., if you want to deal with an angry Cancerian.

Straight Up Apologize

Whether it be a Cancer or other zodiac sign, a straight-up apology always does the trick. However, some quirks are associated with each zodiac sign to get a complete apology.

In the case of Cancer, the apology won’t be one way, i.e., if your Cancerian has hurt you, they will also apologize promptly to let you know how much they care about you.

Listen to Them and Show Them They Are Significant to You

Giving a half-hearted apology is no good in this case; you should put more effort into it. The best thing is to lend these Cancerians a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to their complaints.

To avoid a tantrum, you must ensure that your Cancerian understands how significant they are in your life. It will make dealing with anger a lot easier.

Give Them Gifts

Nothing better than giving a gift to your Cancer to hamper their anger. The present can be a small and inexpensive or a large and expensive one; however, the point is to choose something that suits your Cancerian’s taste, and you put time and effort into selecting it.

Make Use of Nostalgia

The final method to deal with the anger of people with the Cancer sign is to remind them of the good memories you two spent and how happy you two were during that time. Putting your feelings behind words will do the trick of cooling down your Cancerian.


Before closing, Cancerians may not be as vengeful as other zodiac signs, but they aren’t as forgiving as Pisceans either. Therefore, you can expect revenge if you leave them to fend for themselves after getting on their bad side.

Also, people with this zodiac sign wear their hearts on their sleeves, which makes their reaction spontaneous and can lead to a disastrous situation if not dealt with in time. All these characteristics make Cancerians pretty dangerous when angry.