Why Is Capricorn Man So Insecure? (7 Hidden Reasons)

Why Is Capricorn Man So Insecure

Picture this. You’ve met your dream Capricorn guy, and all signs point to a perfect connection. He’s kind, practical, and goal-oriented.

You started dating him. There is an exchange of gifts, flirtatious conversations, and sweet moments. It feels like a fairytale full of bliss, right?

But then his attitude suddenly changes. He becomes distant and aloof. He is no longer that confident and optimistic Cap man you fell in love with.

When his mood swings are at their peak, you hear something like, “Why were you talking so candidly to your colleague?” or “I always mess things up.”

He even doubts his abilities and talents, questioning whether he is worthy of your love.

So why does a Capricorn man act so doubtful and moody? Is he really that fragile?

A Capricorn man is insecure due to the fear of losing you. His self-confidence goes downhill fast when he fails to satisfy you in bed. If you’re a social media personality, your Cap boyfriend is jealous of the attention you get from other guys. His insecurities also arise due to hurtful experiences in the past.

If you want to figure out why your Capricorn partner or friend is acting anxious, this article is for you. You’ll explore some signs, the main reasons behind his weird behavior, and how to help him overcome insecurity. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Signs of an Insecure Capricorn Man

Signs Of An Insecure Capricorn Man

Before we examine the reasons for a Capricorn’s insecurity, let’s look at some warning signs that your man is not feeling great about himself and his relationship with you.

  • He Flatters You All the Time: Capricorn men are naturally caring and sensitive. But when they cross the line, it could be a sign of anxiousness. He showers you with compliments and flatters you all the time, hoping it will compensate for his lack of faith in himself.
  • His Mood Swings Like a Pendulum: So you thought your Cap guy was a rock? He’s not. His insecure behavior can be seen in his sudden mood swings. He is overly possessive one moment and then silent the next. You will find yourself walking on eggshells to make him feel better.
  • He Is Too Clingy of Your Attention: A Capricorn male wants your undivided attention. He should feel like the center of your universe. If he doesn’t, his uncertainties take control. He needs your reassurance to give him the peace he seeks.
  • Trust Issues Become a Major Roadblock: Whatever you do, he has reservations. His lack of self-confidence takes away his belief in you. He keeps a close eye on your interactions with other people. He is always cautious of any potential danger that might come his way.
  • He Gets Angry When You Talk About His Flaws: Also, don’t talk about his flaws. Your Capricorn man won’t take it lightly, especially when feeling doubtful. He will respond with anger or silence, which are equally damaging to your relationship.

7 Things That Make a Capricorn Man Feel Insecure

Things That Make A Capricorn Man Feel Insecure

A Capricorn is an earth sign of astrology. This trait comes with a set of unique qualities. One of them is not able to process and cope with rejection.

So, what makes a Capricorn guy feel vulnerable? Here are seven things you need to know before judging him for his behavior.

1. His Woman’s Lack of Financial Stability

Let’s admit it; money matters in a relationship. A Capricorn man feels uneasy if his partner is not financially independent or stable enough to share the financial burden.

It’s a kind of fear that makes him doubt his capacity to provide for the relationship. And when that happens, he goes into defensive mode.

Pro Tip

Let him know that you are capable of taking care of yourself. If he likes you, the money thing will eventually be sorted out. His apprehensions are calmed down by your confidence.

2. He Has Been Hurt in the Past

He Has Been Hurt In The Past

Tell me one thing. If you get hurt in the past and don’t want to go through it again, would you trust someone enough to open up your heart?

Definitely not. It’s possible that a girl has cheated on him or humiliated him in any way. He has probably been betrayed. This compels him to question his value.

A Capricorn boyfriend takes more time to heal and trust you if he has faced such experiences in the past. Because of these unfortunate events, his self-esteem drops, and he is left with a feeling of inadequacy.

Pro Tip

Turn his life of doubt into certainty. Spend some quiet evenings with him, away from the hustle and bustle of life. Offer your shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and an ear to listen. The magic begins from here.

3. Your Ex-Partner Is Still in the Picture

Your Ex-Partner Is Still In The Picture

Are you still in contact with your ex-boyfriend? That’s a red flag for your current partner. No matter if your ex is just your friend, a Capricorn guy sees it as an opportunity to doubt your trustworthiness.

He will hyper-analyze every situation. His mind is filled with many questions like “Does she still has feelings for him?” or “Am I not enough for her?”

It is because of this fear that he becomes overly possessive and insecure.

Pro Tip

You should consider his feelings and ensure he knows that your ex is not part of the equation. Cut off any ties you have with him, at least while your current relationship is in its infancy. It acts like a balm to his wounds.

4. He Is Not Giving You the Pleasure in Bed

He Is Not Giving You The Pleasure In Bed

Be honest. Are you satisfied with his performance in bed? Do you feel your desires have been met?

Every love relationship has an intimate part. If that is not catered to, a Capricorn man gets insecure. He doubts his own abilities to provide pleasure to you. He feels like he is not doing a good enough job.

Pro Tip

The best thing you can do at such a time is talk it out. Tell him what you need and what drives you crazy. Don’t be scared to get into the details. Once he knows what you want, he puts in the extra effort to turn you on.

5. You’re Acting Too Secretive

Okay, this one is tricky. A Capricorn male isn’t bitter. He is just highly protective and doesn’t trust you if he feels like a fact is hidden from him. He becomes frustrated and even angry.

He wants you to be transparent and honest with him. If he senses you are lying or omitting something, insecurity kicks in.

For example, you decided not to tell him about your promotion at work. Or about the last night when you went out with your friends. He feels something is off. This feeling is enough to make him suspicious of you.

Pro Tip

Share your life with him and keep no secrets. The more open you both are, the less insecurity in his mind. Keeping him in the loop transforms your bond into a genuine partnership.

6. You’re a Social Media Star

You’re A Social Media Star

Capricorns are naturally jealous creatures. If you are someone who loves to be in the spotlight, your guy feels threatened.

He might feel threatened when:

  • You upload stunning selfies daily.
  • Someone of the opposite gender is openly appreciating you.
  • You post stories about your extravagant lifestyle.
  • Your followers are increasing day by day.
  • You interact with strangers on the internet.

It is easy for him to assume that you also have eyes for other people, and his confidence gets shattered this way. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should stop doing the things you like, but maybe it’s time to sit down and have a talk with him to reassure him about your feelings.

Pro Tip

This time you must win his heart with actions, not words. Show him he is the only one who matters to you. Include your Capricorn crush in your posts, upload photos of you two together, and capture those special moments to fortify your relationship. Congrats, now you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

7. He Wants a Loyal Girlfriend

He Wants A Loyal Girlfriend

You might argue that not all Capricorns are loyal, and Capricorn guys can cheat too. That is true, and we accept that.

But if your boyfriend is acting weird for the reasons mentioned above, it is because he expects the same level of loyalty from you as he offers.

Everyone desires a trustworthy partner, at least on an emotional level. A Capricorn man wants his girlfriend to stay faithful. He needs to feel secure about her commitment and be sure she is with him for the right reasons.

Pro Tip

Before you commit to him, ensure you are on the same page. Don’t be like his previous girlfriends, who did not value him. Instead, promise like a real woman ready to go to any lengths for her man. Establish a deep connection that he never hesitates to invest in the long run.

The Bottom Line

So a Capricorn man feels insecure out of the blue? No worries. Just look out for the signs and find out what is making him feel so vulnerable. It doesn’t matter whether you are dating a Capricorn man or any other guy; you must know how to deal with his insecurity in an intelligent way.

Once he knows you’re here to stay, there is no looking back! Good luck on your journey together!