How To Tell if a Cancer Man Likes You

How To Tell If A Cancer Man Likes You

Cancer men are top tiers on the list of the most sought-after zodiac signs. Loved and famous for their loyalty, romantic, and protective nature, Cancer men are mainly craved by women of other signs.

They can also be mysterious and sensitive sometimes, but overall, they are a decent bunch to pick from when you want to get into a relationship. However, before you proceed to that level, you might need to determine if the said Cancer man likes you.

Although Cancer men are very romantic, they find it hard to express themselves regarding likeness or love. This results from their high susceptibility to pain and regrets that might occur when they suffer rejection.

A Cancer man would rather bottle his feelings for you inside instead of taking the risk of telling you and finding out the emotion is not mutual. Nonetheless, you can figure out if a Cancer guy likes you by paying extra attention to how he treats you.

Learn more tips to help you figure out when a Cancer man likes you.

How To Tell if a Cancer Man Likes You

As much as a Cancer guy would like to hide his feelings from you because he is scared of the unknown, it is relatively easy to pick up cues based on how he reacts around you and treats you.

Cancers are naturally very readable signs, and they find it challenging to mask their feelings. If a Cancer guy should exhibit one or more of these characteristics, he most likely wants you.



This factor is always one of the most apparent characteristics a Cancer man would show when he is fond of you.

Generally, Cancer men are mostly reserved and love being in their own space most of the time. But as soon as they start liking you, they will begin to develop some form of attachment to you and eventually grow into a full-fledged clinginess in the long run.

When you start noticing the sudden urge of a Cancer man wanting to always be around you all the time, holding hands, and stealing occasional glances, these are clear indications that he has developed a likeness for you and that it might grow into something more profound when appropriately nurtured.



If being clingy doesn’t give you enough guarantee that a Cancer man likes you, possessiveness should easily be able to convince you that he doesn’t just like you, but he also wants you all to himself all of the time.

It is not odd to see people cross the thin line between likeness and possessiveness, as they mostly go hand in hand.

When a Cancer man becomes uneasy seeing you talk to another man or suggests you hang out with him instead of hanging out with your mutual friends, that is the conviction that you need to prove that you are right about the fact that a Cancer man likes you.

In some scenarios, a Cancer man might react badly when he sees you talking or flirting with another man, even when he is yet to tell you about his feelings for you.



As a result of being a sign ruled by the moon, Cancer men are prone to having mood swings regularly. Usually, when they have these mood swings, they withdraw entirely from everyone until they become better again.

Cancer men do this because they do not want people to see them in the vulnerable state that their mood swings put them in.

However, when Cancer men start having a crush on you, he would let you be part of everything about him, including opening up to you whenever he has mood swings. The potency of their likeness always supersedes their urge not to be seen as vulnerable.

When you notice that a Cancer guy is not afraid to show you all of himself without holding back, it’s an evident clue that he is totally into you.



The good thing about Cancer men is that they do it most appealingly when they want to flirt with you. They are very gentle while at it and would not make you feel uncomfortable or rushed.

Cancer men would shower you with lots of compliments in the bid to flirt with you. They are very observant, and as such, they would notice every time there is something extraordinary about your appearance or outfit.

Their primary aim when they flirt with you is to make you feel good about yourself. Cancer men are very conservative about spending money, but when they like you, they would gladly buy you gifts from time to time and take you out for lunch or dinners.

A Cancer man will always be willing to help make you feel better when he likes you.


It is very understandable to want to find out if a Cancer man likes you because they are masters at concealing their feelings, and you might mistake his typical attitude as him having a crush on you.

However, as much as they are perfect at disguising their intentions, some actions will always give them out and make you tell if they indeed like you or if they are being their usual self.

You can figure out if a Cancer guy likes you mostly by paying utmost attention to how he acts whenever he is around you.

Despite being the independent and calm type, Cancers become quickly attached when they develop feelings for someone. If you can pay attention to details, you will notice vivid changes in how he treats you. He would always want to be around you and make you feel better about yourself as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I attract a Cancer man?

Attracting a Cancer man does not require many procedures. Let him see you are not scared of showing your vulnerable side.

What is the love language of a Cancer man?

The love language of a Cancer man is deep bonding.