How Does a Taurus Act When Hurt? (Surprising Ways to Tell)

How Does A Taurus Act When Hurt? (Surprising Ways To Tell)

As much as Tauruses have so many positive attributes, their stubbornness is one huge flaw that makes it challenging to be with them. Relationships thrive on communication and understanding, which are the characteristics that their stubbornness deprives them of most times.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and when this mistake consequently hurts or provokes your partner, it is only fair that this partner calls your attention to it and makes you apologize for it.

If this partner you unknowingly offend is a Taurus, they will likely not tell you that you have hurt them. You will have to figure it out on your own by observing some of their actions.

So, how does Taurus act when hurt?

The most significant sign a Taurus will give away when hurt is to act cold toward you. When you have wronged a Taurus, and they don’t want to talk about it, they will always try to avoid you or sometimes talk to you rudely.

In this article, you can find more information to help you understand how Taurus acts when hurt.

How You Can Tell When a Taurus Is Hurt

How You Can Tell When A Taurus Is Hurt

People react to things differently, and it is essential to understand how your friends or partner react when you hurt them, albeit unknowingly. Doing this will help foster your relationship with them and help you know how to prevent such a situation from happening again.

While some people will vocally express themselves when you wrong them, a Taurus will altogether avoid talking about such. Their stubbornness will not permit them to accept that they are hurting.

However, you can get to pick up some clues from their reaction that will let you know that they are not happy with you.

When Taurus exhibits any or all of the following actions, they most likely feel hurt.

They Distance Themselves

This reaction is the default response for most Tauruses when you have hurt them. Rather than express themselves and look for ways to fix things with you, they will create a massive vacuum between you and them. When this happens, you will notice that the usually cheerful Taurus will start keeping to themselves.

They usually don’t do this to spite you for hurting them but only as a default reaction, thanks to their stubbornness that will not allow them to come to terms with the reality that they are vulnerable to being hurt.

Taurus like to shut themselves away from the world because they are sensitive. They only allow a few people they love and respect to gain entrance into their personal space.

If these few people end up hurting them, they would rather live in denial than accept what has happened.

They Give You Cold Shoulders

This reaction will be more understandable for people who have been in a situation where someone hurts them but fails to let the person know about how they feel. When you are mad at someone for what they did to you, and you don’t express yourself, your grievances will keep growing.

The more you keep quiet about it, the bigger the resentment will get, and it is almost impossible to have grievances toward someone and still act all cool with them.

Consciously or subconsciously, you will find that you cannot respond to them calmly without showing that you are not happy with them.

This is why people who belong to the Taurus sign act extremely cold when they feel hurt because they mainly don’t express themselves when they are offended.

As such, whenever you think your Taurus friend or partner is giving you cold shoulders, you should consider going over your recent interactions with them to determine if you have offended them in any way.

They Become Rude

Although it is a very immature way of handling situations, becoming rude and aggressive is some people’s way of responding when they feel you have wronged them. Of such people are men and women who belong to the Taurus sign.

Regardless of how cheerful they are naturally, a Taurus person might turn out to be extremely rude when angry. Instead of telling you precisely what you did to make them mad at you, they will try to get a pound of flesh back by trying to hurt you as much as possible with words or actions.

If you are not patient or observant enough, you might also meet their arrogance with yours, and this will only cause unfixable friction between the both of you.

Hence, whenever you see that a Taurus is acting unusually and trying to provoke you, take your time to assess the situation and be mature enough to handle their immaturity.


Understanding people’s behavior is one of the essential factors that make relationships last long. It is important to know that people can not always react to something in a similar way.

While some people will always call your attention to your actions that they don’t like, others, like Taurus, would rather keep mute and react to it in some unpleasant manner.

Whenever you notice that your Taurus friend or partner is intentionally ignoring you or acting cold towards you, then they most likely have been hurt by your actions, and they are merely reacting the best way they can.

Sometimes, a hurting Taurus might become unnecessarily rude to you because they want to get back at you for hurting them.