What Sign Is Aquarius’ Twin Flame?

What Sign Is Aquarius' Twin Flame?

Ah, sweet, valiant Aquarius. They seem to always know how to carry themselves in social situations, when to tell the punchline, and simply embody the avant-garde archetype. They’re everyone’s best friends.

It’s no surprise that so many of us have been struck by Cupid (not a coincidence that Valentine’s is during the Aquarius season if you ask me!) for these water bearers. But these enigmas are like the will of wisps – so beautiful yet elusive! And not everyone can be considered as their twin flame.

Aquarius’s twin flames are no other than their fellow air signs Gemini and Libra. They both share the same passion for ingenuity and verbal sparring. Aquarius, on the other hand, finds kinship with Libra through a shared sense of adventure and desire for social harmony. Aries comes in second place, a fire ready to be fanned by Aquarius’s crazy antics!

Keep reading to discover what signs make the perfect twin flame for the Aquarius!

What Is a Twin Flame?

What Is A Twin Flame?

Not to be confused with soulmates, twin flames are two souls that are said to be made of the same essence. It is a type of karmic relationship that attracts like-minded energy together.

Ever met a person whose interests and dislikes perfectly match yours? That they completely understand your moods and know how to lift you up? Maybe you were best friends in high school and even shared the same wardrobe and shoe sizes. Chances are, you’re twin flames!

A twin flame is someone you can come home to after a long day and not talk about it. Instead, they’ll listen to you talk about something that’s bothering you or resolve your confusion or frustration. And they won’t judge you for being emotional and sharing your feelings.

So as you can tell, twin flame relationships can be platonic or romantic. There’s definitely an unspoken sense of kinship between the two of you, and because you’re so alike, you either love or hate one another instantly!

What Sign is Aquarius’s Twin Flame?

Aquarius is innovative, analytical, and sometimes unconventional

An Aquarius is an individual with a strong sense of self who will never be afraid to speak their mind. Aquarius is a down-to-earth sign that has an optimistic outlook on life.

They can see what others can’t and may sometimes seem crazy because of it.

It makes sense that their twin flame is someone of the same original standard.



If you ever catch a Gemini and Aquarius in a conversation, you’re in for a treat! Aquarius and Gemini share an unavoidable companionship. Both air signs, their affinity for knowledge, freedom of thought, and eccentric wit make them like-minded on many levels.

They both are often lost in thought and prefer to take logic into account when dealing with people or situations, which can sometimes be a drawback as it creates a distance between them, but also allow them to give constructive advice to others better than any other sign.

They have their own unique way of communicating, from their witty remarks to their love of words and books.

Gemini loves that Aquarius is so smart and always has something new to bring to the table in terms of conversation. Aquarius is fascinated by Gemini’s eloquence and intellect and will never tire of hearing them talk about new things they want to learn about or experience.

Quipping back and forth with witty remarks: this is the heart of the Aquarius and Gemini relationship.



Aquarius and Libra twin flames come together to form a magical friendship. They both have the same desire: to make friends, explore new places, and enjoy the company of those around them. Their relationship is about mutual respect, fun, creativity, and willingness to help each other.

Libra and Aquarius make great friends because they share a lot in common. They both love people and want to be surrounded by a crowd at any given moment. They want to get things done fast so they can move on with their lives.

These two air signs always seem to be on their way somewhere. The only challenge with this pairing is that Aquarius’ love of freedom can rub Libra the wrong way, who, as a sign ruled by Venus, likes to take their time and enjoy the finer things in life.

Astrologically speaking, Libra and Aquarius are compatible because their personalities are sparked by their passion for justice, art, and beauty. These two signs could make a great team with an amazing partnership.

They’re the best friends that discover (and create) the coolest hangout spots.

Runner Up ‒ Aries

Runner Up ‒ Aries

How do you make a fire stronger? Well, you fan the flame, of course!

And that’s exactly what you get when you combine the fiery Aries with the imaginative air sign of Aquarius. They simultaneously understand one another’s need for freedom and thirst for adventure.

Aries likes that Aquarius is a unique thinker. Being a cardinal sign, Aries is prone to leading this relationship. As long as they work around their independent differences, this is another twin flame connection that’s written in the stars.

Final Words

Aquarius is creative, clever, and inventive. They like to branch out from the norm, find new ways of doing things, and be seen as creative, unique individuals.

Your twin flame is someone whom you can be unapologetically you with… precisely because their brains are wired the same way. Seeing your twin flame is like looking at the mirror through rose-colored glasses. Somehow, your quirks aren’t so bad after all, especially when you experience them from another perspective.

Generally speaking, Aquarians’ twin flames are those that share the same element as them. Gemini and Libra are of the same caliber as Aquarius because of their love for social affairs and intelligence.

Aries is another great match; with their leadership qualities and the Aquarian’s novel ideas, it’s a great pair that shares a love for excitement and independence.

As an Aquarius, your sign has the power to create a strong and lasting connection with any lover. People are drawn to your unorthodox ways. You can definitely become a romantic sign because you’re always looking for something new and exciting in your life. A partner who challenges you intellectually and creatively is the best-case scenario.