Which Crystals Are Good for Aquarius?

Which Crystals Are Good For Aquarius?

As an Aquarius, you have big dreams and visions. You are in touch with your unique creativity and may seem eccentric to others. You may have trouble getting in touch with your emotions.

Crystals have unique properties that can help to bring you into balance. Which crystals would be best to harmonize your energy?

As an Aquarius who can get lost in thought, you may want to use crystals that are grounding. Or perhaps you want a crystal that will amplify your mental discernment. Such crystals are amethyst, aquamarine, pyrite, golden calcite, and hematite.

In this article, I will briefly touch on the traits of people in the sign of Aquarius. I will talk about why crystals are relevant to astrology. Then I will discuss five of the best crystals that an Aquarian could use. 

The Traits of Aquarius

The Traits Of Aquarius

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is known by the totem of the water carrier. This symbolizes the Gods bringing nourishment to the Earth. Aquarius is one of three air signs, along with Libra and Gemini. 

Aquarians are known for being clever, detached, self-reliant, eccentric, advanced, and optimistic. Like air, Aquarians seem to lack a distinct form. Aquarians need time alone to refresh themselves and ponder life. 

As an Aquarian, you embrace your creativity and individuality. This may make you stand out and seem strange to others. You have a lofty vision and are very forward-thinking. You value freedom. You are well educated and cerebral and can get lost in thought. 

Crystals and Astrology

Crystals amplify your energy. They can remind you of your intentions. Crystals can help to balance out your astrological sign. Once you have begun exploring your natal chart, it makes sense to find the crystals that will best serve you on your life path. 

Crystals can help you to attune to your soul and strengthen your intuition. Certain crystals resonate with certain astrological signs. You only need to pick two or three that resonate with you the most. 

You can place crystals on your altar or wear them as jewelry. You can also hold them or place them on your body during meditation. 

The Best Crystals for Aquarius

As an Aquarian, you need the best possible support to keep your feet on the ground and your vision to the lofty skies. Let’s look at the crystals that would support you the most. 



Amethyst is the primary birthstone for the sign of Aquarius. It can be called your power stone. Amethyst is a variety of quartz and is purple in color. Amethyst helps you to stay in touch with your intuition. It is associated with the third eye and the crown chakra.

Amethyst was held in high regard by many ancient civilizations. It was used by kings, travelers, and warriors as a protection stone. 

This crystal will help you to move toward your goals thoughtfully. As an Aquarian, Amethyst can help you be less distant and aloof. It will enable you to be receptive to others. 

Using amethyst will bring harmony to your personal and professional relationships. It has also been used to treat addiction. 

Use amethyst whenever you need to boost your intuitive powers or connect to your higher self. Keep it under your pillow or by your bed if you have trouble sleeping. 



This gemstone is a beautiful light blue color. It is supposed to calm the waves in a stormy sea. Aquamarine can help Aquarians to find some balance. As an Aquarius, you tend to be busy and on the go. Aquamarine will calm your waves. 

This crystal can help you to connect with your true feelings. As an Aquarius, you can be detached from your emotions, which could be a great support. Aquamarine will help you to seek out the truth and be honest. 

Aquarians are humanitarians who value community. Aquamarine can assist you in your endeavors to work for the benefit of the greater good. It is associated with justice, service, and social responsibility. 

Aquamarine is also associated with the throat chakra. It can help you to express yourself and speak out. Meditate with aquamarine if you have a cluttered mind or you feel indecisive. 



Pyrite is technically not a gemstone. It is a compound formed from iron sulfide. It is associated with the power of the sun. Pyrite can help you to manifest your loftiest dreams. If you use pyrite, you will have great mental clarity and make better decisions. 

Use pyrite to fuel your inner fire. It will increase your motivation and help you work towards your big goals. It will bring courage and the power to stand up for your truth. 

If you have negative emotions such as anger or resentment, this crystal can help to bring you back to balance. 

Golden Calcite

Golden Calcite

This crystal is commonly known as honey calcite. It helps to link emotions and the intellect. As an Aquarius, it will help you become a responsible and thoughtful leader. It will boost your self-worth. 

This is a crystal of abundance. It can help you to attract great prosperity into your life. This abundance will enable you to bring your wonderful visions to fruition. 



You may also see this spelled as haematite. This crystal can be metallic gray or reddish. It has powerful grounding energy. It can be very balancing if you are an Aquarius. This crystal will absorb and clear negative energies. 

Hematite is associated with the root chakra. It can bring protection and stability. As an Aquarius, this gemstone will help you to remove self-imposed limitations. It can help you to resolve past trauma. You can walk into your radiant future when you let go of the past. 

Use hematite when you feel a lot of negative energy in your life. You could place one crystal in your office and one at home. 

In Summary

In this article, I outlined five of the best crystals that could be used by someone in the sign of Aquarius. Amethyst is your primary birthstone and your power stone. Aquamarine can help you connect to your feelings. 

Pyrite can help with motivation and working towards achieving your goals. Golden calcite will link your feelings and intellect and bring abundance. Hematite can be used for protection and stability.