How To Know if a Capricorn Man Likes You (Sure Signs)

How To Know If A Capricorn Man Likes You

Capricorn men and expressive feelings don’t ever go well together. It’s not like they don’t want to show their feelings; they just don’t know how to do it. They are too busy trying to make money or attain career success that they forget to grow their emotional side.

But don’t get us wrong, Capricorn men are actually great lovers; they’re just so slow and confusing, making it difficult to read them.

Nevertheless, Capricorn men still find a way to show feelings –you just have to be careful and sharp enough to see.

So how can you know if a Capricorn man likes you?

A Capricorn man that likes you will take time out of his busy schedule to be with you. He’ll want to have deep conversations with you, get physically close to you, share his secrets, and get uncomfortable when you pay more attention to others.

If you’re here, you must know that there’s more to a Capricorn man’s emotions than the brief above. Read through as we explain all the ways you can know if a Capricorn man likes you.

5 Clear Signs That A Capricorn Man Likes You

5 Clear Signs That A Capricorn Man Likes You

At first, Capricorn men in love can be very stubborn and proud. They’re the last ones you’d expect to ever write you a love poem or show up at your workplace with a gift –probably because they’re working themselves to death in their own workplace.

But it doesn’t change the fact that they are sweet, loyal, compassionate, and mature lovers. Having one as your partner is honestly one of the best feelings ever.

We’ve compiled five sure signs to tell you if your feelings for a Capricorn man are mutual.

He Will Create Time For You

He Will Create Time For You

If you ask a random person what they think of the Capricorn sign, the first thing they’ll tell you is the Capricorn’s love for work and success.

They’re not wrong, though, to a Capricorn man; his career and ambitions come before everything else in his life.

However, all these start to change when he finds something or someone else he’s passionate about. That doesn’t mean he will abandon his career and entirely focus on you, but he’ll adjust his busy work schedule so that he can spend more time with you.

This is pretty significant for a sign that puts work over most of their friends and is a massive sign that he really likes you.

He Wants To Have Deep Conversations

He Wants To Have Deep Conversations

Capricorn men are generally reserved, shy, and quiet. They only speak when necessary and can go through an entire day without talking to anybody if they don’t have to.

However, a Capricorn man that likes you will want to have deep conversations with you. He wants to know more about you and is ready to go out of his way to achieve that.

The more conversations you both have, the more he’ll start to show you his humourous side. These guys hardly make jokes, but when he’s with you, he’ll tease and try to make you laugh.

You can also throw your own jokes at him. If he laughs and responds with a joke too, he might be into you.

They’re not into the traditional brazen flirtation styles common with men from the other signs, but light, fun, and sometimes edgy conversations are some of the ways a Capricorn man flirts.

He Wants You To Be More Involved in His Life

He Wants You To Be More Involved In His Life

Capricorn men are the most loyal and trustworthy people you’ll ever meet. However, they don’t show those qualities to just anyone. There must be some sort of connection first.

If a Capricorn man wants you to be more involved in his life, it might be a sign that he likes you. If he’s ready to tell you his secrets or share his personal problems, it’s a sign that he wants you to be something more than a friend.

Another way to know this is through your phone conversations with him.

How often do you text each other? Is he always excited to text or call you and tell you about things going on in his life? Or are your texts or phone calls usually short and shallow?

Your answers to those questions should tell you if he’s into you or not.

Editor’s Comments

Capricorns choose partners with their heads and not their hearts. They’ll let you into their personal life only when they’ve carefully analyzed and seen that you’re worth it.

He Wants To Be Physically Close to You

He Wants To Be Physically Close To You

Capricorn men are private beings and love to maintain their personal space.

They generally like to keep a distance from everyone, but the more feelings they develop, the narrower the distance gets. They’ll want to be physically closer to you and will find reasons to.

For example, he might want to stand closer to you when you’re talking or sit next to you at a group dinner. Don’t expect him to hold your hands or hug you when you meet; such amount of physicality is not their strong suit.

Another major sign of him wanting to be physically close to you is inviting you to his place. Capricorn men see their home as a sanctuary, their Batcave, a place no other person but them should be.

If he invites you over, allows you to use his belongings, or gives you a ride in his car, they might indicate that he wants something serious with you.

He Gets Jealous

He Gets Jealous

Capricorn men are possessive and tend to get jealous easily. A Capricorn man with feelings for you wouldn’t be comfortable seeing other guys flirting with you.

If he likes you, he’ll pay more attention to you than to any of his friends; he expects you to do the same.

Capricorn men are excellent at masking their emotions, so it’ll be almost impossible to see him jealous. But try watching him when you’re talking or having fun with others, especially guys.

If he looks uncomfortable or regularly interrupts you, it might be a sign that he likes you.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing more stressful than having feelings for someone and wondering if it’s mutual. This is especially true if it’s a Capricorn man because they hardly show their emotions.

However, there are ways they signal interest, including wanting to spend more time with you, involving you more in their personal life, initiating deep and light conversations with you, physically getting closer to you, and being jealous when you give others more attention.