What Do Leo Men Like in Leo Women? (Top 5 Attributes)

What Do Leo Men Like In Leo Women?

As their name implies, Leos are ferocious people. As much as this attribute is commendable and desirable, it can also be dangerous, especially when a Leo is in a relationship.

Leos are generally brave, protective, and caring. They are always the center of attraction, even when they do not try to be. Considering that both male and female Leos possess these similar attributes, one would wonder if they would make a great pair in a relationship and what a Leo man will like in a Leo woman.

A Leo man loves it when his woman is energetic, cheerful, and bold. These are traits they possess, hence why they want them to be present in their women.

This motive explains why Leo men mostly prefer Leo women because they have most of the characteristics that a Leo man has and yearns for in his lover. Leo men want a partner that will double as their lovers and best buddies.

Follow us further in this article as we discuss more on what a Leo man likes in a Leo woman and what they might not like.

5 Attributes That Leo Men Like in Leo Women

Attributes That Leo Men Like In Leo Women

If you are a Leo woman looking to go into a relationship with a Leo man, it is essential to know what exactly he likes in you, and as such, you will find a way to make him keep enjoying those attributes for a long time. Else, you will be leaving the fate of your relationship to pure chance. The characteristics of a Leo woman that might entice a Leo man include:


Due to their nature, Leo men tend to be highly flirtatious, and they might not be able to put a lid on the habit, even when they are in a relationship. As a result, a Leo man mostly prefers a woman who is sufficiently confident in herself, who would not allow his flirtatious attitude to make her feel insecure or let it destroy their relationship.

Naturally, Leo men are always generous with compliments and would never hesitate to shower their partners with them at every given opportunity. However, a Leo man might not like a woman who only gets her self-esteem boosted by compliments from him or anyone. They love women who are of high self-confidence, who would not be bothered by the opinion of others, good or bad.  


Of all Zodiac signs, Leos are arguably the most dramatic ones. They love when their reality plays out like a movie. When all is beginning to seem boring, they sometimes create a theatrical event to spice up their life. This is why Leo men always fancy Leo women because if there is anything that will undoubtedly occur in the relationship, it would be drama. 

A Leo man loathes boredom and would not love to be with a woman who would not help spice up his life with a little bit of drama from time to time. These theatrics are essential in most aspects of their lives, including their romantic relationships.


When it comes to being ambitious, Leos are mainly at the top of the ladder. They are highly ambitious and would stop at nothing to get what they want when they want it. A Leo man will want to see this same attribute in his partner because it would serve as a form of motivation for him, and it is also a turn-on.

Leos loves women that are always ready to take on the world and conquer it. They think of themselves as Kings and would always endeavor to find a worthy woman to be their Queen. This makes Leo women perfect for Leo men because this characteristic is present in them, as it is in their male counterparts.


Although Leo men are highly flirtatious in nature, they become very loyal when they get into a relationship and remain that way until they are given a reason to do otherwise. As a result, they expect their partners also to accord them as much loyalty. If a Leo man finds out that his partner is not faithful to him at any point, he would gladly end the relationship.

They also crave loyalty in other aspects, such as having a partner that will always be ready to back them up whenever they are in a brawl with other people. For Leos, loyalty in all ramifications is essential and would not be compromised.


As much as Leo men love when their partners are affectionate and fun to be with, they sometimes wish to have a bit of lone time and would appreciate a partner that would easily allow them to do this without causing any fight.

Leo women are always a good choice for Leo men because they are generally independent and self-sufficient. A Leo man would gladly chip in a helping hand when required by his partner, but it might affect the relationship when it becomes a regular reoccurrence. They do not like it when a woman is too clingy all of the time.


There are several characteristics that a Leo man like in a Leo woman, but the most important ones concern his state of mind and growth. A Leo man would not choose to settle for a woman who doesn’t add excitement to his dramatic life or motivate him to become more ambitious.

Leo men are big on space and prefer when a woman understands what it means to want to be alone sometimes. Also, a Leo man would never compromise loyalty in a relationship. They are incredibly loyal when they commit to someone, and they always expect the same devotion from their partners.