How To Get a Leo Man To Chase You (10 Best Tips)

How To Get A Leo Man To Chase You

A Leo is often the life of the party; they’re usually popular, so it’s not easy to get one to chase you. On top of that, they’re natural leaders who diligently pursue their ambitions.

Leos love to be admired and praised. They’re big-hearted and confident, and you can say they have a magnetic personality. If you’re crushing on a Leo, or you want to get the Leo you’re dating to crave you more, you’re in the right place.

So, how do you get a Leo man to chase you?

Easy, don’t be like other people. Leos constantly meet people that act the same way, so to get him interested in you, you have to pique his interest.

Continue reading for a detailed guide on how to get a Leo man crazy about you.

10 Tips To Get a Leo Man To Chase You

If you want to get a Leo man to chase you, then you need to understand how this zodiac sign works.

They like to be in control and they enjoy the challenge of the chase. So, if you want to make a Leo man chase you, then you need to give him something to chase after.

Here are 10 tips on how to get a Leo man to chase you.

1. Be Unique

Be Unique

To get a Leo interested, you need to be appealing in your own way; don’t follow the crowd. That is, dress and act in a way that suits your personality.

Don’t try too hard to get his attention. You’ll only be wasting your time because a Leo is used to that. Be confident in your style, and he’ll fall hard.

Leos love women that exude an unconventional aura, so he won’t be interested if you’re too ordinary.

2. Be Independent

Be Independent

Concentrate on yourself and your interests in the early stages of getting to know a Leo. Let him know you can live without him.

Instead of staring at him, wandering around him, or depending on him, focus on your work, and he will look for you.

He’ll find ways to get your attention if he’s truly attracted to you. Trust me, a Leo is not afraid to stand atop a restaurant table and profess his love for you.

3. Show Off Your Humor

Show Off Your Humor

Leos have an excellent sense of humor. That’s why they’re so magnetic and fun to be around. It’s only natural that he’ll seek a partner that can match his energy.

Don’t take things too seriously around a Leo, but don’t go overboard too; otherwise, you might come off as disrespectful.

If he flirts with you, use your humor to prevent yourself from acting too eager. You have to play hard-to-get for him to chase you.

4. Flaunt Your Intellect

Flaunt Your Intellect

When it comes to picking a woman, Leo men are pretty picky. So if he chases you, it means you’re worth his energy and time. Leos love intelligent women because they are intelligent people themselves.

Leos can have deep thoughts about a variety of topics, so you need to be able to understand and share those thoughts with him.

You may jump to the conclusion that he is a shallow and superficial person because of the number of people you see him with. In reality, he isn’t.

Don’t agree with him on everything; then he’ll only think you’re trying to suck up to him. You risk losing his interest and respect.

Express your thoughts freely and engage in a healthy discussion. He’ll be intrigued by how much you have to say and like you for it.

5. Be Dependable

Be Dependable

If a Leo man loves you, he’ll drown out the noise of other women calling to him and be loyal to you. They fully commit to their relationships because Leo is one of the most loyal zodiac signs.

Since he’s giving his all to the relationship, he’ll expect you to do the same. While you can disagree with him in private, a Leo doesn’t want you disagreeing with him in public because of his ego and pride.

Be devoted to the relationship and let him know you adore him for who he is. If he finds out that you’re with him for money or any other reason but love, he’ll be hurt.

So if you want to get into a romantic relationship with him, you need to be dependable. Leos don’t tolerate cheaters, betrayers, or liars.

6. Strive To Be the Best Version of Yourself

Strive To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

To make a Leo chase you, you need to carry yourself with pride. Love yourself, know your worth, and again, be confident.

Recognize that you are unique and act accordingly. Don’t hold back on dressing elegantly at all times, and he’ll never be able to get enough of you.

7. Make Him Feel Like He’s Being Tested

Make Him Feel Like He'S Being Tested

Don’t give in easily when he flirts with you. Leos are used to getting women easily in their lifetime, so be different and make him wait.

A Leo man loves a woman that pushes him to be better, so let him learn from you. However, don’t tell him what to do. Leos hate being controlled because they’re used to leading people.

Instead, show him what to do. He’s a dominant sign, so let him take the initiative. If he’s wrong, he’ll admit it, but don’t tell him. Use your actions to communicate, and he’ll follow suit.

8. Be Strong

Be Strong

Leos find strong women sexy. Now, being strong doesn’t necessarily mean physically; you can be emotionally and mentally strong.

A strong woman knows how to speak her mind and control her emotions. Leos are stubborn, so if you can stand up to him while remaining confident, you’ll gain his respect.

9. Be Unpredictable

Be Unpredictable

Keep a Leo guessing, and he won’t let you go. If you’re predictable around a Leo, he’ll get bored. Now, how do you act unpredictably?

At the first meeting, don’t give out all your personal information. Reveal bit by bit. Know how to play the enigmatic game to keep him attracted to you.

10. Enjoy His Jokes

Enjoy His Jokes

Not only Leo, but when you laugh at people’s jokes, you make them feel like they’re making you happy. So to get a Leo to be interested in you, make him feel appreciated.

Even if you don’t think the joke is funny, give him an A for effort and even crack a joke of your own. Give him almost the same attention he gives you, and he’ll crave you.


Getting a Leo to chase you isn’t easy, but it’s simple. You’ll have formidable competitors, but it’s all worth it if you get him to chase you. Remember to be unique, mysterious, dependable, and strong.