Why Are Taurus So Shy? (Surprising Answer)

Why Are Taurus So Shy?

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and it’s ruled by Venus, the goddess of pleasure, love, and beauty. Like the ruler of this sign, Taureans know how to throw and enjoy a good party. They love material things like money and food and try not to get emotionally attached to anything.

Taureans like to be fixed; they don’t embrace change, so they remain in their comfort zones. They like to be in control of their lives and everything around them. Hence they’re organized individuals who work very hard.

But why are Taurus so shy?

Besides the fact that they don’t like change, Taureans are self-critical people who demand a lot from others and themselves. They feel no one can give them the satisfaction they’re after, so they love the solitude.

Let’s take an in-depth look at why people born under this earth sign are shy.

1. They Hate Change

They Hate Change

Taureans value stability. If things are good, then they see no reason why anything should change. Even if things are bad, they prefer to learn to cope than step out of their comfort zone. They feel safe in their comfort zone and don’t bother trying to change anything.

Taureans are hard workers, though. They’re consistent, and they love routines. They can do the same thing every day and not get bored. They enjoy their routines. They don’t like to be told what to do and hardly change their minds.

If you get into an argument with a Taurean, you’re wasting your time because no matter how much evidence you provide, they’d prefer to stick to what they believe.

When a Taurean gets used to a relationship, job, or situation, they’ll find it difficult to change. So if you’re wondering why that Taurean doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you, it’s probably because they’ve been alone for so long that they now enjoy their own company.

2. They Want To Be in Control

They Want To Be In Control

To Taureans, stepping out of their comfort zone means relinquishing control of their time and emotions. They like to be in control of their lives, and they’re scared of other people getting a hold of their emotions.

For this reason, most people see Taureans as emotionless or stonehearted, but they’re not. They’re just really picky with who they open up to. They usually need time to get to know and trust you.

3. They’re Self Critical

They’re Self Critical

Taureans are hard to impress; it’s like nothing you do is ever enough because they always have an opinion. They can be pretty judgemental to themselves and others, so they prefer to keep to themselves.

Taureans acknowledge their critical nature, so they don’t talk more than necessary. Not because they don’t have things to say, they don’t talk because they’re scared of saying the wrong things or sounding judgy.

To get a Taurus to come out of their shell, assure them they can be brutally honest with you, and you won’t be offended.

4. They’re Mysterious

They’re Mysterious

Taureans thrive in solitude. They don’t ask for help unless they encounter a problem they can’t solve. They always go the extra mile to try to solve their own problems because they don’t want to be a burden to others.

If you’re friends with a Taurean or in a relationship with one, this is no surprise. They’re self-sufficient and mysterious. You can hardly guess what they’re thinking at any point because they bury their emotions where you can’t find them.

Your secret is safe in the hands of a Taurus because they won’t spill no matter what. You may think their secretive nature means they like to gossip, but they don’t.

They’re secretive because they don’t like people meddling in their affairs, and they don’t meddle in other people’s affairs too.

5. They’re Perfectionists

They’re Perfectionists

Many Taureans don’t go after the available option because they’re always looking for something perfect. Little do they know that they must come out of their comfort zone to discover the perfection they seek.

Taureans want everything delivered to them on a silver platter, the perfect man or woman, the perfect job, the perfect friend.

For example, a Taurus can want a perfect friend but won’t mingle at a party because apparently, the perfect person isn’t there. They make up their minds without doing the work or giving people chances.

6. They’re Hot-Headed

They’re Hot-Headed

The shy and reserved nature of a Taurus is probably for the best. This is because they can spiral out of control. They prefer to get passive-aggressive when you offend them than confront you.

They don’t know how to express their feelings, so they settle for the easier option–getting angry. When a Taurus is angry, there are usually some unresolved feelings that you need to hash out.

Final Thoughts

Taureans are shy with their feelings, but deep down, they mean well. They become cold and silent not because they want to but because that’s their only option.

To get a Taurus to open up to you, you need to earn their trust and take things slow. With time, they’ll come around.