12 Ways a Virgo Man Tests You (& How To Pass His Tests)

How Does A Virgo Man Test You?

Virgos are perfectionists who have high standards for themselves and others. They are also analytical and logical, which makes them excellent problem-solvers.

So, when a Virgo man is interested in someone, he will put her through a series of tests to determine if she is worthy of his time and attention. If you can pass his tests, you’ll have won the heart of a very special man!

Virgo man likes to double-check everything, which also applies to the fact that if he is in a good partnership.

He might ask you many tricky questions to see your response. A Virgo man will observe how you treat others and react to criticism. He can also play a game where he retracts compliments he makes for you to see if that will make you feel insecure. He might also test your jealousy by flirting with other women.

Some Virgo men will test you subtly, while others will be more obvious. Regardless of his test, you will likely pass it if you know it is a test!

How you respond is all that matters, and the calmer and more collected you are, regardless of the situation, the more likely you are to win his heart!

Read on to learn about 12 ways Virgo men test people and tips on how to pass these tests.

12 Ways a Virgo Man Can Test You

12 Ways Virgo Man Can Test You

How you pass the test of a Virgo man depends on your attitude in any given situation. If you are confident you have what it takes to pass any test, you will most likely.

Your self-trust determines if you are a good match for your Virgo man. Keeping your head cool in any situation and staying calm will show him that you can stay level-headed throughout any challenges and show him that you are the perfect partner that is rare to find!

1. He’ll Ask You Many Questions

Virgos are naturally curious, so a Virgo man will want to know everything about you.

He’ll ask questions about your family, job, hobbies, and anything else he’s interested in. It helps him to get to know you better and see if you’re a good match for him.

He will be looking for non-verbal cues you give when talking to him, so it’s not only your words that matter when you respond to his questions.

2. He’ll Ask The Same Question Twice

A Virgo man will often ask the same question twice to see if you’re being honest with him. He wants to ensure you’re not just telling him what you think he wants to hear.

He might ask you a seemingly unimportant question and then sometime later ask it again to see if you were not lying. If you lied, you are likely to forget the answer.

Seeing if you are honest about small stuff helps him know that you are also trustworthy with more important things. Be prepared to be honest with him if you want to win his heart.

3. He’ll Test Your Knowledge

Virgos are known for their intelligence, so it’s no surprise that a Virgo man would want to test your knowledge.

He may quiz you on random topics or ask you difficult questions. It is his way of seeing how smart you are and if you are a good match for him.

He doesn’t do this in an ill-intentioned way or to put you down but to understand you better and see if your interests align.

4. He’ll Observe Your Reaction To Criticism

Virgos are known for their high standards, so a Virgo man will likely be critical of you at some point. It is not necessarily bad, as he’s just trying to help you become the best version of yourself.

However, he will be observing your reaction to his criticism. If you can take it in stride and show him that you’re willing to improve, you’ll impress him.

Make sure you respect yourself and your boundaries and feel loved and respected in your relationship. Learning to take criticism healthily doesn’t mean putting up with rude or disrespectful behavior.

If you feel he is constantly criticizing you and making you uncomfortable, ask yourself if you are happy in this relationship.

5. He’ll Observe How You Treat Other People

A Virgo man will want to see how you treat other people, especially those lower in status than you. He wants to know if you’re a kind and caring person or someone rude and dismissive.

It is his way of seeing what kind of person you are and if you would be a good match for him. Make sure you always treat others respectfully, regardless of their social status or position.

6. He’ll Give You Compliments And Then Take Them Back

It might seem cruel, but a Virgo man can sometimes give you compliments and then take them back. It is his way of testing your reaction and seeing your confidence.

If you react calmly to your Virgo man retracting his compliments, he will be impressed. If you notice he does this – he is testing you to see how confident you are in your skin.

7. He’ll Be Inconsistent With His Attention

A Virgo man may sometimes seem hot and cold as he’s testing your reaction to his attention. He wants to see if you’re someone who gets clingy and needy when he pulls away or if you can handle his disappearing act.

With this, he tests how independent you are and if you’re someone who can handle a relationship with him.

8. He’ll Make You Wait For His Texts And Calls

Virgos like to take their time and move at their own pace, so a Virgo man may make you wait for his texts and calls. It gives him a clue of how patient you are and if you’re someone who can handle his independent streak.

If you can be patient with him and respect his need for space, you’ll impress him and stand out in the crowd of girls who can’t live without attention.

9. He’ll Test Your Jealousy

Virgos are known for their flirtatious nature, so a Virgo man may test your jealousy by flirting with other women in front of you. It helps him see your confidence in yourself and your relationship with him.

Above passing someone’s tests and games, you should always prioritize your mental health and emotional well-being. Suppose you are not comfortable with the situation your partner puts you in.

If he crosses your boundaries or disrespects your agreements, you should honestly and openly communicate your dissatisfaction without worrying that you might come across as possessive.

Showing self-respect is crucial if you want your relationship to be successful.

10. He’ll Test Your Maturity

Virgos are known for their mature nature, so a Virgo man may test your maturity by discussing serious topics with you. With this test, he observes how well you handle difficult conversations and if you’re someone who can keep up with him mentally.

Alternatively, he can test your emotional maturity by putting you in some unexpected situation.

11. He’ll Be Direct With You

A Virgo man will always be direct with you, as he doesn’t believe in playing games. Being direct helps him see if you’re someone who can handle the truth and if you’re willing to listen to his opinion.

If his honesty and direct nature is too much for you, he might feel you are not a good match for him. If he sees you can handle his directness, he will be impressed and recognize that you are someone he can see his future with.

12. He’ll See How You Handle His Criticism

Virgos are known for their critical nature. Your Virgo man may test your reaction to his criticism. Although nobody likes to be criticized, this helps your Virgo man see how well you handle constructive feedback and if you can take it in stride.

If you can listen to his criticism without getting defensive or emotional, it will add bonus points to you in his book.


If a Virgo man likes you, he’ll want to protect you from anything and everything that could hurt you. He’ll always be ready to defend you and ensure you’re safe. It can be good and bad, as his over-protectiveness can sometimes cross the line into possessiveness.

However, if you feel loved and respected in your relationship, being aware of tests that the Virgo man might pull for you will prepare you for unexpected situations and help you pass them and affirm once again that you are his perfect partner!