Surefire Ways To Hurt a Scorpio (Get Your Revenge)

How To Hurt A Scorpio

Are you the one who always finds yourself in conflict with a Scorpio? Do you want to teach this person a lesson?

Hurting a Scorpio isn’t a tough row to hoe! He is one of those signs which is the most sensitive. Scorpios are the most susceptible and hypersensitive people. The emotionally tuned side of Scorpios keeps them receptive to nasty triggers.

Although they appear hard from the shell, they can easily be hurt. When dating a Scorpio, you must know what triggers their heartache. You may sometime rip them apart emotionally without realizing it in actuality.

The caution is to recognize the things that can hurt him because it’s something that can peel off the layers of skin of your healthy relationship.

So how to hurt a Scorpio?

You can trigger his pain more by playing mind games with him, undermining his ego, and crossing his set boundaries. Betraying trust and repetitive lying are the pain points of a Scorpio. This way, you’ll hurt him acutely, but your relationship will go fragile and shattered!

Here are the 8 extreme pathways that are enough to hurt a Scorpio. Let’s get started.

How To Hurt a Scorpio

How To Hurt A Scorpio

Scorpios are one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac. Scorpios are often seen as dark, brooding, and dangerous. But the truth is, Scorpios are simply passionate people who feel deeply and strongly about everything in their lives.

If you’re interested in hurting a Scorpio, you can do a few things to ensure that your actions have a lasting impact.

1. Betray His Trust

Trust is something dear to a Scorpio. If you betray his trust in any way, he will be deeply hurt. The hurt will be so deep that no chances of forgiveness remain. Many methods can drag you down here.

You may still be in contact with your exes, or you may snatch his achievements. Such backstabbing will rip off his heart, and he’ll never be able to trust you again. The outcome of this scenario is a ruined relationship and an eternal breakup.

You’re mistaken if you betray his trust intending to seek his attention. It’ll end up in nothing but a wrecked relationship!

2. Repetitive Lying

Scorpios are the truth freak people. They are severely resistant to “lies.” They may bear mal-behavior to some extent, but repetitive lying is something intolerable to them. If you lie to them occasionally, you have already eroded their trust!

Deceitful and delusional lies are not acceptable to a Scorpio at any cost. For instance, if you lie about spending time with another person or pretend to be someone you aren’t in actuality, your relationship will likely fall into grave instability.

Such a scenario hurts him to the deepest level, and he won’t be able to forgive you for this easily.

3. Dish the Dirt on Him

To dish the dirt on a Scorpio is like a sword stab to him! He hates when you throw cheap talks at his back with other people. Gossiping and scandal-mongering are detrimental traits to him. So, if he comes to know that you gossip and backbite about him, he will dump you away.

It isn’t because of his anger but that awful bruise resulting from your stabbing. The worst thing you can do to trigger his rage is gossip, whether at your workplace, with your friends, or even with his friends.

Scorpios are highly ambitious, so you are triggering their pain point when you dish the dirt over them. This way, you have provoked their agony and left them hurt. But, remember, you have left zero chances of winning them back.

4. Play With and Expose His Fears

A Scorpio rarely opens up to anyone. He keeps his fears and weaknesses close to him. But, if he shares them with anyone, that’s a person he trusts to the utmost. He can’t even imagine getting betrayed by someone he trusts.

If you seek revenge on a Scorpio by playing with his fears or exposing them, he’ll be hurt. Moreover, judgmental remarks behind his back can strip off trust. He’ll sense a deep betrayal once you have exposed his vulnerable side in public.

The point of heartache will be severe enough not to let him trust anyone ever again.

5. Stain His Reputation

Scorpios are too much cautious of their reputation. They are super passionate and challenging to earn their reputation. The fear of losing importance is enough to upset them. Stain his reputation if you want to hurt him brutally.

If you spread rumors about him, shame him, and dust away his precious earned pride, he’ll be more than just being hurt. You’ll have triggered such pain that agonizes him to the depth. Defaming him and staining his reputation will be enough to hurt him.

6. Undermine His Ego

It is said that Scorpios have the most significant ego issues. Their ego stacks to the sky. They belong to the category of people who always consider themselves right. Such people aren’t accustomed to hearing “No” from anyone.

So, if you give them a straight big ‘NO,’ it will undermine their ego. When the ego is hurt, the Scorpio is eventually broken. A lack of compromise will tremble your relationship, and things may go unstable.

7. Cross His Set Boundaries

Scorpios are well known for keeping and respecting boundaries. They expect the same from their partner, too. So if you don’t respect their boundaries and cross them deliberately, it will hurt them badly. It’s a sign of leaving no room for a healthy relationship.

You do something they prohibit or touch their possessions without their permission. This situation may not seem like a hunch, but crossing boundaries will hurt his heart. He may show himself calm and composed outwardly.

But, deep inside, he can hold grudges for many years. It’s because he’s hurt and offended. Your relationship is likely to get stained!

8. Play Mind Games

We have already dealt with heartache, but now it’s time to mess with his mind. It’s a risk because Scorpios are themselves great players of mind games. They can scan in a spur of the moment about your intentions. So, you have to play safe.

It’s just like manipulating the manipulator! If you find his weakness and exploit him, start keeping things secret from him, and beat him in his own game, this way will deeply hurt the Scorpio. Provoke his jealousy and flirt around him. He’ll be gone insane.

Playing mind games with him will let down his ego, and he’ll be left with nothing but heartache!

In a Nutshell

Now, you have the idea of enough things to hurt a Scorpio. But remember, revenge is no healthy solution than healing. If you are mad at a Scorpio and want to hurt him badly, remember it will trigger nothing more than negativity.

You might get short-term pleasure, but you’ll lose a relationship eternally in the long run. You can focus on your healing rather than seeking revenge.