What Zodiac Sign Does Capricorn Hate?

What Sign Does Capricorn Hate?

The odds of you getting along with everyone you meet are low. However, it might be more difficult to get closer to some than others. And while many might attribute this to several other factors, astrology plays a massive role too.

From the start, Capricorns were never fans of relationships. These hardworking and focused people will rather spend time working towards their goals than involve themselves in a petty relationship or friendship drama. 

But that doesn’t mean Capricorns are cold-hearted individuals void of love and emotions. They are capable of love and hate too. There are some signs in the zodiac that Capricorns detest bitterly; if you’re any of these signs, you should try to avoid a Capricorn because you don’t want to get on the wrong side of one.

So what sign does Capricorn hate?

The three zodiac signs that Capricorns hate are Aries, Aquarius, and Libras.

However, knowing these signs isn’t enough. You’ll have to understand why Capricorns dislike them so much; that’ll be the focus of this article.

3 Zodiac Signs That Capricorns Hate

Capricorns are ambitious perfectionists that constantly plan every detail of their life. They don’t like to mingle with people, especially when the relationship is not going to be beneficial to them.

That’s to say, Capricorns are very selective about who they let into their lives and who they don’t.

There’s no doubt that a person’s behavior has a big role in this, but people of the same zodiac sign mostly share the same personality traits.

Capricorns don’t like most of these traits and are likely to hate people from the below signs.



Aries are the most energetic of all the zodiac signs. They’re hot-headed, spontaneous, and always ready to take on the world at any time.

This is opposite to the Capricorn, who loves to take life a step at a time. They are both like water and flames and will have difficulty getting along.

Aside from the variation in energy, Capricorns hate that Aries can be overly dramatic sometimes. Once an Aries is in love with you, they don’t hide a single thing. This open display of love can make a Capricorn uncomfortable. 

Even worse, Aries tend to have big egos. Aries believe they’re always right. Even when they’re obviously wrong, they’ll stand their ground till the end.

Capricorns are also adamant about their beliefs and opinions, so the two can never settle an argument.

Furthermore, Capricorns find it difficult to match the Aries’s energy, while Aries will find the Capricorns too dull.

Due to their difference in personality, a Capricorn hardly wants to be around an Aries, so it’s usually difficult for them to form any strong emotional connection.

Editor’s Comments

A relationship between Aries and a Capricorn would be filled with many unresolved conflicts as they both have egos that don’t allow them to be easily comprised.



Aquarius are the type of people to wake in the morning and randomly decide to take a trip to the other side of the world. They are spontaneous, mysterious, and free-spirited individuals that don’t like to look deep into life. That alone is enough reason for Capricorns to hate them.

A Capricorn that wants to take a trip will definitely plan a week or month ahead; they hate unnecessary surprises and like everything done according to detail.

The two will also not make good friends because they both have difficulties expressing their emotions. Capricorns bottle up their feelings while Aquarius run away from theirs; they are both incompatible.

But in the end, the major reason Capricorns dislike Aquarius is their free-spiritedness. Aquarius are dreamers, and Capricorns are planners.



Capricorns are shy and mostly like to keep to themselves. They’re not too interested in going out and interacting with people they don’t know; they’ll rather stay home to watch a movie or read a book. The whole socializing life is not their thing.

Libra, on the other hand, are master of socializing. A Libra’s life mostly revolves around other people; they don’t mind having a thousand friends and going to parties every day.

Libras, being people pleasers, will generally try to make things work with a Capricorn. But Capricorns hate that Libra likes to spend too much and are too free-spirited.

The Bottom Line

Generally, Capricorns are not fans of socializing. They are too focused on their goals and are steadily looking for ways to make money.

Due to their serious nature, it’s only fair that people want to know which signs they hate. Zodiac is not the sole determining factor, but some signs are associated with certain personality traits that don’t agree with Capricorns.

For example, Capricorns dislike the free-spirited nature of the Aquarius and Libra signs, so they are most likely to hate people from that signs. They also find it difficult to match the Aries energy and don’t fancy them.