How To Seduce a Libra Woman Through Text

How To Seduce A Libra Woman Through Text

Libra represents partnership, so Libra women want to be in a relationship. The glamorous, artful Libra is sure to sweep any man off his feet, but she can be a bit difficult to understand.

If there’s a Libra woman in your life you want to charm, or you’re looking for ways to keep your relationship alive with a Libra, you’ve come to the right place. They are pretty hard to get, so it can take a lot to please them.

So how do you seduce a Libra woman through text?

When chatting with a Libra woman, don’t come off too strong; keep your messages charming and sweet, be honest, and compliment her.

Continue reading to know more about the dos and don’ts when it comes to Libra women.

1. Take Things Slow

Take Things Slow

A Libra woman wants to get to know you more before labeling your relationship. Be casual at first, find something she’s genuinely interested in, and use it to start a conversation.

Libra women love talking if they like you and feel like you’re listening to them. Be interested in what she has to say but don’t seem too interested. The key is balance.

Let your relationship grow; this means you should not get ahead of yourself when texting a Libra. If she feels like you’re forcing yourself on her, the relationship will end before it even starts.

2. Be Polite

Use polite words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ when texting a Libra woman. They appreciate it. Don’t use vulgar or perverted language because it’s a major turn-off. At least wait until you both are comfortable with each other.

If you have a great sense of humor, use it. Keep her laughing, and she’ll love texting you. If you spent time together, a Libra woman is the type who appreciates “I had fun talking today” texts.

Let her text you back most of the time. If you’re sending five texts before she sends one, she’ll think you’re too clingy and lose interest. When she responds, wait a bit before responding, she would develop more interest if you play hard-to-get.

3. Be Luxurious

Be Luxurious

Libra women love a glass of champagne or candlelight dinner dates. When texting her, invite her to luxurious places. And when you do go there together, be elegantly dressed, and speak properly.

More importantly, smell nice. I mean, who doesn’t love a man that smells great? Let your scent be unique so she’ll think about you more.

4. Use Fractionation

You must be wondering what chemistry has to do with seducing a Libra woman but hear me out. Fractionation involves putting her on an emotional rollercoaster.

Fractionation requires skill, and if done right, she’ll be addicted to you. So basically, you need to put her in emotional highs and lows.

Send her texts like, “I like how boring you can be at times,” or “your honesty is disgusting.” I’m not exactly the flirty texts expert, but you get the gist. The trick is to sometimes approve of her bad qualities and disapprove of her good ones.

These kinds of statements would leave her asking what you mean and make her find you intriguing.

5. Talk About Fairness

Talk About Fairness

It’s a cliche, but Librans are all about equity and fairness. Libra women are often able to see different viewpoints and relate to them.

They have a strong interest in justice, so much so that they love to call out unjust people and situations. So talk to her about things that are and aren’t fair.

Her idealist nature will make her indulge you, and the conversation will grow. Additionally, don’t be scared to tell her you’re volunteering at your local library, she loves selflessness, and you can even discuss how to help others together.

Beware of sounding fake, though. If you’re not the fairness type, you don’t need to put up an act. Libra women hate fake people.

6. Be Her Best Friend

This is one of the fastest ways to make a Libra woman fall for you. Make her feel seen and heard, and appreciated. Her moods will often change faster than the weather, so you need to reassure her that you’ll always be there for her.

Make it safe for her to open up to you. In other words, be her confidant. You can do this by opening up to her first. Bad day? Tell her all about it. Mean boss? She’d love to hear.

Also, use comforting sentences like “I’m glad you shared that with me” or “I love your soft side.” If she doesn’t feel close enough to you, there’s just no way she’ll develop feelings for you.

Let her grow fond of you before you consider emotional attachment. Take her to the movies or the park and create memories. Again, take it slow and let nature take its course.

7. Ask Her for Advice

Ask Her For Advice

Libra women like giving advice because they’re natural problem solvers. Ask her about a choice you want to make or a problem you want to solve. She’ll happily ponder your options and advise you objectively.

As she advises you, pay attention to her opinions and chip in some details here and there.

8. Compliment Her

It’s a little hard to compliment over text, but it’s not impossible. Libra women are used to praising everyone, so put the spotlight on her sometimes.

Nothing is too weird to compliment. Love how intelligent she is? Go ahead and tell her. But not in a cheesy way. You can also talk about how hard she works or how she has an amazing work-life balance.

9. Talk About Nerdy Things

Talk About Nerdy Things

Their love for art and creativity makes them get lost in their own world sometimes. Instead of trying to change the subject when she’s droning on about a new hobby of hers, why don’t you do a little research and join the convo?

Talk about her plans for the future, her past mistakes, anything serious, really. She’ll love the attention.


Libra women are complex but simplistic. It can seem like you need to do a lot to win them over, but in reality, you only need to give them attention, indulge in meaningful conversations, make memories, and take things slow.