What Does It Mean To Have Lilith In Aries?

What Does Lilith In Aries Mean?

If you are an intermediate learner of astrology, you may have learned of the placement of Lilith in your natal chart.

Lilith is a placement that feels most at home in the sign of Aries. If your Lilith is in Aries, you have the hidden capability to have a strong sense of self compared to others and demand the impossible from the world.

Lilith in Aries is a dominant, passionate, and ambitious individual who does not think twice about venturing into uncharted waters. Lilith in Aries demands independence and freedom of expression, channeling her inner enchantress, unafraid of being shunned from the world so long as she stays true to her values and self-worth.

Further in the article, we will discuss the astrological significance of Black Moon Lilith and Lilith in Aries or the 1st house.

Who Is Lilith?

Who Is Lilith?

In Jewish lore, Lilith is said to be Adam’s first wife, who was banished from the Garden of Eden. Unlike Eve, Lilith refused to submit to Adam, asserting her equal dominance.

In other myths, Lilith is depicted as a demon that entices men into committing sexual and promiscuous acts. Some even claim she is a vampire feeding on other women and young children.

Lilith is represented by the High Priestess card in the Tarot. While Lilith refused to perform the traditional duties of a wife, she is now celebrated by many pagans as a figure of women’s empowerment and femininity.

What Is Lilith In Astrology?

There are four types of Liliths in astrology. The most common type considered when reading one’s birth chart is the Black Moon Lilith.

The Black Moon Lilith, also known as Dark Moon, is the furthest point of the moon’s orbit around earth. Thus, it is said to contain information about our shadow self and psyche.

It is the side of our chart that is hidden under trauma and repressed due to shame. Therefore, your Black Moon Lilith reveals the point where you are willing to cross boundaries and explore your deepest, darkest desires.

Because Lilith was shunned from Paradise for being too assertive, this placement also tries to repress itself, and it will take some work to accept this part of yourself.

Lilith is also a highly sexual placement. It is equally important to know which house your Lilith falls under, as this is the place where it will usually manifest.

For instance, if your Lilith is in Aries in the 7th house, you may find yourself uncharacteristically more eager and domineering regarding legal matters and relationships.

For a woman, Lilith can represent the part of herself that she feels most comfortable expressing her femininity.

For men, Lilith may hint at the type of woman he fears or the type that can bring out their hidden desires.

How Do We Find Lilith in Astrology?

To find your Lilith, go to Astrodienst and click on Horoscopes on the top menu. Then select Extended Chart Selection.

Enter your birth details, and if you know your exact birth time, the better. Click Proceed. Then drop down the Extended Objects selection to click on Lilith. You may now press Click to show the chart.

Your Lilith placement can be found under the asteroid Chiron on the first column.

Be sure to check which house your Lilith falls in to get a more accurate description of this aspect and how it can affect your life.

Lilith is a tricky placement and usually functions in the extremes. For Aries Lilith, this may mean an individual is either too self-centered or too insecure about asserting oneself, as Aries is the sign that rules identity.

What Is a Lilith in Aries Like?

Astrologers believe that Aries is the sign where Lilith feels most comfortable. This is because Lilith and Aries share the femme fatale archetype.

Your Lilith in Aries might make you expressive or deeply insecure about your ego and appearance. There is a tendency to become quite obsessed with how you appear to the public.

Aries Lilith, when left unchecked, may develop an obsession with dressing a certain way or engaging in too much physical activity to maintain physique.

An Aries Lilith’s greatest strength is in its straightforwardness and courage. Ruled by Mars, you are unafraid to assert your dominance and are quite masculine in this regard.

A healthy Lilith in Aries is naturally charming, daring, and has immense sexual appeal.

Sexually, many astrologers believe that Aries Liliths can over-sexualize themselves or be oversexualized by other people. When pushed to the limit, Aries Liliths are dominant, assertive, and independent.

If your Aries is in Lilith, you have the potential to lash out and act upon your impulses, especially when your freedom is being challenged.

With all this fiery and unstoppable energy, Lilith in Aries also faces some critical downfalls. Aries Liliths can become too impulsive and rebellious, which is usually a form of self-sabotage.

They anger quite easily and, depending on the house where it falls, may act quickly out of emotions when making decisions.

On the other hand, an unbalanced Aries Lilith can either be too bossy or needlessly avoidant of leadership. You could become vain or suffer from self-esteem issues, or both.

Your Aries in Lilith tends to either become too violent or too timid, depending on how you handle yourself. Find balance in your thoughts, words, and actions.

Identifying the suppressed side of your ego by studying your Lilith sign is the first step to finding resolutions to issues that may otherwise continue to bite your back.

Your Lilith in Aries is a reminder to be unafraid to demand your worth. Aries will help you go out of your comfort zone and seize anything your heart desires.

Aries in Lilith Takeaways

Lilith in Aries gives you the potential to discover your true self-worth by building a healthy and empowered ego. Taking a proactive stance on your identity and your deepest desires will be necessary when dealing with this, especially since Lilith requires you to overcome longstanding fears.

Like with any astrological placement, Lilith can be a great ally in your endeavors, but only if you allow it.

Be sure to check which house your Lilith falls in to get a more accurate description of this aspect and how it can affect your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What house is Lilith in Aries?

Aries rules the first sign of astrology. The 1st house is the house of self and governs anything about how you assert yourself to the world. The house which your Lilith falls under can only be found if you know your accurate birth time.

Who is Lilith in mythology?

Lilith, before Eve, was the first wife of Adam. She was created using the dust of the Earth equally alongside Adam and refused to submit to him. After being banished from Eden, Lilith has since been viewed as a provocative and sexual figure.

Lilith remains a symbol of female empowerment and women’s rights, standing against oppressive tradition and the patriarchy.

What does your Lilith mean in astrology?

Your Black Moon Lilith placement in astrology represents your dark side and impulses in their raw form. Lilith is often connected to the shadow self, the side of our psyche that is often repressed and left unchecked.

In astrology, Lilith equally represents taboo and unspoken sexual desires. Lilith herself has shunned man, God, and the earth and decided to live as her true self, dark desires and all.

What does it mean if my Lilith is in Aries?

With Lilith in Aries, you have the potential to develop a healthy and expressive self-image or insecurities. Like with any placement, knowing your boundaries and finding balance is key. Knowing your Lilith placement is just the first step towards nurturing your shadow self.

There is no sign or house that Lilith feels most comfortable at than Aries or the 1st house. Aries in Lilith is the epitome of the seductress and has the secret ability to harness the raw, carnal power of the dynamic and pioneering Aries.