How To Find Career in Your Birth Chart (Astrology)

How To Find A Career In A Birth Chart

Some folks aren’t sure what their dream career is… or they want to do too many things altogether.

We all know that indecision can be a stumbling block on the path to success, but what if the solution is staring you right in the face, and you don’t even know it?

The ideal career for you is something that satisfies, corresponds to, and makes use of your Wealth or Career Houses: 2nd, 6th, and 10th. The 10th House is the vocation itself and the status and self-fulfillment it brings. The 6th House is your ideal work environment and represents the years spent getting to the top. Finally, the 2nd House is your self-sustenance—it’s how you spend the fruits of your labor.

While you certainly shouldn’t base your career choice solely on your astrological chart, it’s a great tool to use when you’re feeling confused about your work or if you’re a mid-20-something going through an existential crisis.

Looking to find your calling in this big, big world? If so, grab a copy of your birth chart (you need your accurate birth time for this), and let’s explore the Wealth and Career Houses of astrology.

Your Ideal Career Is Defined By Your Astrological Houses

Your Ideal Career Is Defined By Your Astrological Houses

Astrology can be used as a guideline when determining your ideal career path. By understanding the influence of each astrological House and its associated zodiac signs, you can gain valuable insight into what sorts of careers would suit your skills and interests best.

Whether you are just starting out in life or looking to make a career change, taking an astrological approach to job hunting can help you find the right fit.

Read on to learn more about how your astrological houses may shape your career path.

10th House

House of: Career and Public Status

Let our response be: I faced it all, and I stood tall and did it my way

If you look at your birth chart, it’ll look something like sliced pie. The numbers correspond to the 12 Zodiac Houses of astrology. It shows that the Midheaven (Medium Coeli or MC for short), our 10th House, is the highest House.

Our Midheaven is ultimately what we are working towards, it represents our ambition.

This is our exemplary public persona, our steady commitment to building a reputation, and our proverbial “purpose in life.” It is our reputation, success, and honor.

The 10th house is the pinnacle of our sacrifices, principles, and standards combined. The MC is our vocation, the effort of the 2nd and 6th Houses combined. It is also known as the House of Social Security.

The Midheaven is ultimately what we are working towards, whether consciously or unconsciously. It is how we wish to be perceived by others and what we want our success to look like. It’s no surprise that it’s the highest point on the horizon at our time of birth.

Those with a strong 10th House or many aspects of their Midheaven in their chart are driven by recognition and achievement. Climbing up the social food chain will play a primary role in their lives.

The goal of the Midheaven is social status. The MC is what you want to be known for and what kind of job will give you the recognition and self-respect you wish.

For instance, someone with a midheaven or Gemini in the 10th House may be someone who has two careers. An individual with Pisces in the 10th House wants to be seen as a wise, creative genius. An Aries in the 10th House can be a natural leader, bold enough to tread where those don’t dare.

If the 6th House determines how we are as employees, the 10th House is also how we are as leaders.

6th House

House of: Employment and Work

Let our response be: Practice makes perfect!

Your boss likes you a little too much. You know that they know that you are irreplaceable, no matter how humble you are about it. The special treatment doesn’t feel wrong either because you’re aware of your skills, and you deserve it.

You’re so into the details of your work that you can’t see the forest for the trees. Your coworkers have no idea how you do it.

If this sounds like you, you may have a strong 6th House!

In fact, my favorite aunt was a 6th House dominant in Taurus. For over 25 years, she’s served as the accountant for a corporation. A night out and a hangover never deterred her from coming to work.

We have to remember that she had all the liberty to do so because… even her boss feared her! (To be fair, Scorpio risings do look intimidating!)

The apocalypse could come, and she would probably still set her alarm to 7 AM. She is the backbone of the company and, let me tell you, I can bet that she knows every single number in the books by heart.

Her coworkers, as well as her employer, adored her, and she remains the single most irreplaceable member of their team.

But wait, she was actually an Aries Sun! Natal charts may be complicated… but it sure is revealing. The moral of the story is, the Wealth Houses can show us our hidden talents and workplace settings we shine in.

The 6th House is how we manage our daily routines, the workplace, and our relationship with our colleagues.

It is also the kind of work environment you incline towards.

Regardless of whether you earn money (2nd house) or recognition for it (Midheaven), the sign and planets in your 6th House determine the workplace you can consider as your habitat. This is the sort of work you’re even willing to do for its own sake.

As the House of Service, the 6th House is a reflection of how you serve yourself. A career and a job are not the same things. Before you can have a career and the status that comes with it (10th House), you need to put in the daily grind and show up every day (6th House).

The sign in the 6th House presents working towards the 10,000-hour mark, knowing that practice makes perfect. It is understanding that inherent talent can only take you so far.

It’s the “9-5 job”, the mundane side of hustling, which most people will never see, The 6th House consists of the individual days that make up the years a career takes to develop.

It is where routine buries itself into our unconscious until perfection becomes a habit (10th House). 

Knowing what sign lies in your 6th house cusp can help you understand what routines work for you and how you prefer to go about your to-do list.

For instance, a person whose 6th House is in Capricorn may prefer to take the tried and tested path in performing work-related tasks and work in an environment that accepts their traditional ways.

On the other hand, someone with Uranus in the 6th may have an unconventional approach to their daily tasks and prefer a job that allows them to work independently.

2nd House

House of: Personal Property

Let our response be: Listen to my money talk.

The 2nd House is all about the things you value, both the immaterial and the material. This is the House that supports your growth, which in this case is financially and professionally.

How the story goes is that after finding ourselves in the world (1st House), we begin to take root and take ownership for the first time (2nd House).

We have a special attachment to these possessions because we have earned them with our own hard work.

A person with a strong 2nd House or with multiple planets sitting in the 2nd House can be someone who uses most of their energy to accumulate income.

It deals with money, yes, but it also has an impact on the things and experiences that we use that money towards.

The 2nd House naturally seeks to be stable and take care of your resources. It is your attitude towards self-preservation and the management of your assets.

Its opposite, the 8th House is other people’s possessions. This House focuses on what you have, regardless of how you got it (6th House).

Rewards are the goal for the 2nd House. It represents your attitude towards personal finance: both saving and spending habits.

While it is traditionally associated with money, the 2nd House also deals with everything that has to do with safety and security.

The signs and planets that fall in your 2nd House cusp also determine what you need to feel secure and safe. It is how you feel about your resources and, in turn, what you like to spend them on.

A person with the 2nd House in Sagittarius may find security in educational attainment and could invest in their higher learning. At the same time, someone with Leo in the 2nd House can spend their money on entertainment and fun experiences (e.g., concerts and movies).

The 2nd House determines how we spend our resources as well, typically reflecting our inner values, i.e., what we deem “valuable.”

Signs in Career Houses and Work Environments

Signs In Career Houses And Work Environments

The 2nd, 6th, and 10th Houses are the Houses of Wealth and Career in astrology. They work together to understand your talents, professional ambitions, ideal work environment, and value and resource management to find the best line of work for you.

Your three Wealth Houses are all in the same element. Knowing this, you can find the most suitable work environment for you.

Fire Signs in the Career Houses (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Fire signs like challenging work environments where they can showcase their leadership capabilities. They like environments where they can remain independent.

Their secret talent is that fire signs naturally draw people towards them, like moths to a flame.

Fire signs also have an immense supply of courage, which makes professions that require high risk and reap high rewards the perfect fit for them.

Earth Signs in the Career Houses (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Earth signs need stability and structure in the workplace. They like to know the daily routine, have time set aside each day for work, and have a plan or schedule with goals they can see on paper.

Earth signs work hard and love to be efficient. They are detail-oriented people who appreciate knowing what is expected of them and how they will be measured.

They may prefer jobs that result in tangible output. Earth signs make great managers who like an analytical approach to their work.

Their keen eye for detail makes them indispensable workers.

Air Signs in the Career Houses (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air signs appreciate a more versatile work environment where there are no rigid structures to follow or oversee their work. They enjoy jobs that satisfy their penchant for knowledge, networking, and communication.

Air signs are most comfortable when they can bounce from one project to another or handle multiple projects at once!

They take unconventional ways in their approach to work, and it’s not unusual to find them experimenting with novel techniques to do things.

Water Signs in the Career Houses (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Water signs are the world’s heart and conscience. They need room to express their creativity and empathy.

Their intuition and emotional intelligence make them shine in intimate working environments. Vocations that help them nurture others and society give them the most fulfillment.

From music to fashion to healthcare to spirituality, they are sensitive souls that use their creativity to inspire others.

Signs in the Career Houses

Signs In The Career Houses

To sum up, here is how you can find the career for you based on your birth chart:

  1. Look at your 10th House and the planets and signs that fall in it. The sign here represents your ambition, the ideal public image you wish to create.
  2. The sign on your 6th House cusp determines the work environment you feel comfortable in. This is your working style and routine. Finding jobs that suit your preference can help you remain consistent. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  3. Finally, the 2nd House narrows down your choices to the careers/jobs that can help you earn profit. These are the professions that can help you attain the security and material gratification you seek.

Aries: Leadership positions, sports, law enforcement, self-employment, entrepreneurship

Taurus: Music, entertainment, fashion, finance, construction, hospitality, culinary arts, agriculture, managerial roles

Gemini: Social media, publishing, journalism, communications, language, numbers, and statistics

Cancer: Interior design, real estate, pediatrics, nursing, women’s welfare, teaching

Leo: Leadership positions, entertainment, stock market, romance, public relations, show business

Virgo: Medicine, writing, event organizing, specialized jobs, accountancy, editor, veterinary

Libra: Law, beauty, fashion, diplomacy, sales, counseling, design

Scorpio: Science, criminal justice, insurance, psychology, design, creative director

Sagittarius: Philosophy, education (teaching), travel, diplomacy, foreign exchange

Capricorn: Executive roles, government, labor, investments, military, engineering

Aquarius: Technology, innovation, science, internet, architecture, freelancing

Pisces: Music, seafaring, spirituality, photography, film, charity, design

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

A good career plan, in principle, starts from the top down.

In summary, when choosing a career, look to your 10th House first. This represents the careers that will bring you to the top.

Then the 6th House can tell you the work environment you enjoy and won’t mind building a routine around.

Finally, the 2nd House fine-tunes the choices that can actually allow you to make a living out of all these choices. Understanding your 2nd House also helps in the management of your finances.

A successful career (10th House) that results in wealth and security (2nd House) is built through steadfast dedication to our craft (6th House).

Astrology can certainly be a helpful tool to guide you in your vocation, especially when you find it difficult to find a suitable career path (hello, mutable signs!). You should also consider your own interests and skills.

Ideally, these houses should work in synergy with one another to create the perfect vocation for you based on your natal chart.