How Does an Aquarius Act When Feeling Hurt?

How Does An Aquarius Act When Feeling Hurt?

If you are close to an Aquarius, you may see their emotional world as an enigma. They are known for being cerebral and eccentric. It might be hard to tell when they are really feeling something.

So how would you know when they are hurt?

An Aquarius man will react to feeling hurt by withdrawing into himself and analyzing the situation. An Aquarius woman is more likely to become hyper-social and pour her attention into everyone except you.

In this article, we will look at how Aquarius men and women act when they feel hurt.

Aquarius in Relationships

Aquarius In Relationships

If you are in a relationship with an Aquarius, they will expect intelligent conversation. They want to discuss important topics and dream big. Try to match them in their lofty visions, and they will revel in your company.

You will need to offer them a lot of freedom and personal space, or they will feel stifled by you. They will start to resent you if you impinge too much on their independence.

They would rather disappear than engage in conflict with you. If they are feeling hurt, they may start to just slowly drift away, like the wind.

They aren’t likely to be super romantic. However, in their unique ways, they will show you that they love you.

Aquarius and Emotions

As one of the most cerebral signs of the zodiac, you may wonder if an Aquarius has any emotions at all.

An Aquarius is not likely to feel hurt right away. If you continue to disrespect them over a long period of time, this can cause upset. Their emotions can be hidden behind a series of mysterious veils, so it may not be immediately apparent that they feel hurt.

A Hurt Aquarius Man

A Hurt Aquarius Man

If an Aquarius man is hurt, his feelings may reveal themselves in his social interactions. If he is usually friendly and sociable but suddenly starts to withdraw, this is a clear sign that he feels hurt.

If he withdraws from his social circle, he may be assessing his situation. He will analyze his emotional world like a scientist. He will think things through thoroughly before taking any action.

How He Will Act

When an Aquarius gets hurt, they may try to intellectualize their feelings or distract themselves with work or other interests. They may seem cold or indifferent, but this is often a defense mechanism.

As he withdraws, he might start spending a lot of time on hobbies and passions. This is an excuse for taking space. This allows him to find mental clarity around the situation.

He will decide when he is ready to talk openly with you. During the conversation, there are likely to be a lot of mental calculations happening in his head.

The Next Step

If an Aquarius man decides that he was wronged and the situation was very unjust, he may just decide to cut you out of his life. Emotional excavation is not his forte. He may try to avoid confronting the situation directly.

He may just start putting all of his energy into other pursuits and slowly forget about you. This gradual fading out of connection is typical of an Aquarius man.

The best way to support an Aquarius man when he’s feeling down is to give him some space. He’ll likely need time to process his emotions on his own. But if you stay supportive and patient, he’ll eventually come back to you.

A Hurt Aquarius Woman

A Hurt Aquarius Woman

An Aquarius woman can respond to feeling hurt by totally reorientating her inner world so that you don’t matter to her so much anymore. She will take all of her attention away from you and start pouring it into her social circle.

If she is mad, she will let you know that she isn’t anchored to any single person. She will find ways of asserting her freedom.

How She Will Act

You will know she is hurt because she will find ways to sever your connection. She may jump into spending all of her time with an old friend. She might spend all of her time at work socializing with her colleagues. You will have no doubt that she is ignoring you, and that’s exactly what she’s trying to accomplish.

The Next Step

If she feels betrayed by you, she won’t hesitate to move on. She might seek some brand new adventure. An Aquarius woman isn’t afraid of starting a whole new chapter in the blink of an eye.

If you want some reconciliation, try to guide her towards forgiveness gently. Be kind and thoughtful in your communication. She’ll respond well to an honest and direct approach.

What If We Break Up?

If you break up with an Aquarius, don’t expect lots of drama and big noise. They won’t have an emotional meltdown. In general, their levels of attachment are not as high as other signs of the zodiac.

They will be hurt, but they won’t show it externally. Expressing vulnerability is not something that comes easy for them. They certainly won’t be begging you to take them back.

People born under Aquarius have so many friends, hobbies, and passions that they can easily find other things to amuse them. As they are so sociable, they may already have other partners lined up.

They also tend to be positive and look toward the future. They probably won’t spend much time crying over you.

In Summary

When an Aquarius is hurt, they won’t show big displays of emotion. An Aquarius man can become withdrawn and analyze the situation. An Aquarius woman may become hyper-social and give attention to everyone except you.

They won’t have a meltdown. They may jump into new opportunities. They will find ways to assert their independence. You will feel a lack of connection as they turn all their energy away from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can hurt an Aquarius?

You can most hurt an Aquarius if you insult their intelligence or restrict their freedom. If you bring a lot of drama into their life, this can be very hurtful.

What makes an Aquarius happy?

An Aquarius is happiest when they can help others. The number one thing that brings happiness to an Aquarius’ heart is participating in philanthropy.

If they can bring a smile to another’s face, they will gain their own in return. They love doing good for other people, animals, and even the earth.