How To Get a Cancer Woman Back (Easy & Effective Steps)

How To Get A Cancer Woman Back

A Cancer woman is naturally emotional and sensitive; they share deep connections with their inner feelings and are intelligent enough to understand the emotions of others. That’s why they are perfect lovers.

If you’ve broken up with a cancer woman or hurt her and are trying to get her back, you’re in for a lengthy and challenging ride. Cancer women are excellent thinkers, so they critically evaluate every decision. So if they decided to cut you off, know that they didn’t do it in a rush.

However, Cancer women are softhearted, and there are ways you can get them back.

So how can you get a Cancer woman back?

To get a Cancer woman back, you must start by apologizing sincerely. Cancers can sense if your apology comes from your heart or if you’re just saying it. Then you must remind her how much she means to you and tell her that you love her with all your heart. Remember to be sensitive to her throughout the whole process.

However, you need to know many things in-between, and here, we’ll give you a thorough guide on how you can get that Cancer woman back.

Apologize Sincerely

Apologize Sincerely

When it comes to dealing with emotions, Cancer women are first class. They can sense if your feeling is genuine or not, so if you want to get her back, the first step is to apologize sincerely.

There must be full commitment from you to wanting her back; she doesn’t like a player or someone who isn’t serious about her. She’ll be delighted to see you if she truly loves or loved you. Don’t expect her to run into your arms, though. She’ll keep her cool and hear what you have to say. 

Even if she likes your apology and wants you back, she won’t tell you at that moment. As time goes by, she’ll keep testing you to see if you’re genuine.

So being sincere is not a one-time thing; you must always tell the truth whenever you are with her. Remember that one moment of ingenuity will ruin your chances of ever getting her back.

Constantly Remind Her How Much You Love Her

Constantly Remind Her How Much You Love Her

Cancer women are the most sensitive and loving creatures in the Zodiac. So if you were in a relationship with a Cancer woman, know that she truly loved you. And since their love is genuine, it’s usually hard for them to forget.

So if you can get her to remember the good times you shared, you’ll have a better chance of getting her back.

Also, they are softhearted and love to hear sweet things; you should use this to your advantage. Call her sweet names and tell her how much you love her. She’s a compassionate being, and if you keep planting those seeds of love in her, they’ll grow in time.

Furthermore, love is not only about the things you say; it’s also about the things you do. If you were in a relationship with her, you would surely know what she likes to eat, watch, or wear.

So get her lovely gifts, take her to her favorite sushi place, or watch a movie. Do everything to show her you still love and want her back in your life.

Editor’s Tip

To prove to a Cancer woman that you care for her, you can try to connect deeply with her close friends and family. If the people she loves value you, she might have no other choice but to take you back.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Cancer women are very intuitive and intelligent, especially when dealing with emotions. So if you want to get her back, you’ll have to show her your true self, don’t fake things so she can accept you; she’ll notice and push you away.

For example, if she broke up with you because you’re short-tempered, don’t waste time trying to get her back; instead, invest time into working on yourself. The more you improve yourself, the better the chances of her accepting you back.

Also, don’t try to push it. Cancer women are very smart. They understand your intentions and are taking the time to process things. Don’t try to force them into making a decision quickly. They take matters of the heart very seriously and hate to rush things.

Be Sensitive

Be Sensitive

As you already know, Cancer women are very sensitive. They are not fans of drama or an over-the-top show of love; they expect you to understand them and show them love accordingly. 

It doesn’t take much to please a Cancer woman if she genuinely loves you. You just need to know the things she likes and use them to your advantage. For example, taking her for hill climbing or bike riding when you know she’s an indoor person is insensitive and will hurt your chances of getting her back.

Generally, Cancer women appreciate the simplest things. A nice dinner date or a sweet handwritten love letter is enough to get her thinking about you.

Remember that what she values most are peace and happiness. She wants somebody to laugh or watch a movie with. Someone that understands and takes care of her. If you can show her that you’re that person, she’ll take you back instantly.

The Bottom Line

Getting a Cancer woman back can be very difficult because when you hurt her, she retracts back to her shell and builds an emotional wall to protect herself from getting hurt again.

However, there are ways you can appeal to their compassionate side and get them to forgive you. Firstly, you’ll have to go directly to her and apologize. Don’t mince or twist words; tell her how sorry you are and promise never to hurt her.

Then subtly remind her how much you love and want to be with her. Don’t forget to be subtle about it; Cancer women don’t like being pushed or forced into making a decision. 

Lastly, be yourself around her and do sweet things for her.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cancers go back to their exes?

Yes, they do. Cancers love deeply and find it hard to let go of the memories they shared with their partner. Plus, being very nostalgic means, they are more likely to return to an ex.

What do Cancer females find attractive in men?

They are attracted to intelligent, independent, and strong men. Men who have their own values and believes in themselves. They also love a man that’s kindhearted and gentle enough to treat them nicely.

Do Cancer women fall out of love easily?

No. When they are in, they are in for the long run. For a Cancer woman to fall out of love with someone, the person must have done something serious to break her trust.