3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Smoke Cigarettes

Which Zodiac Sign Smokes The Most?

The debate of smoking as a prototype of ‘fashion’ or ‘addiction’ has remained a hot potato. We can’t deny that smoking has become an upgraded criterion to look cool. After all, smoking has been used interchangeably in fashion too.

We are already familiar that the planet of a respective zodiac sign governs its behavior. Moon and sun signs also reflect a person’s personality and priorities. Several people smoke to look cool, while others smoke in addiction. Also, some zodiac signs are resistant to releasing the puff.

Hence the question is, which zodiac sign smokes the most?

The first zodiac sign, Aries, is the one who smokes the most. The stimulus may be the influence of its ruling planet and its symbol. However, the smoker signs secondary to Aries are Gemini and Leo specifically. The cardinal ruling elements of fire and air set them apart from other more stable signs.

Let’s explore the zodiac signs who are most likely to be smokers according to their respective birth charts and ruling planets. Their signs unveil the tendencies as well!

Aries, The Smoker of All

Aries, The Smoker Of All

The first zodiac sign, Aries, is undoubtedly the one who smokes the most. Since Aries got fire as the sign, their stubborn nature and fieriness appeal to them to smoke. The symbol of Ram represents Aries. It shows the fiery and invincible energy of these people.

People of this zodiac always appear bold, ambitious, and scrappy. They are such ardent strains that they can get whatever they want. Their nerves rush at absolute speed!

But what does astrology say about the cause?

Fire Sign

Aries is the cardinal sign of fire trigon. Because it is a fire sign, people from Aries have a natural intrigue for the fumes and mist. Smoking is something that entices them colossally. They don’t smoke unconsciously but enjoy each part of the smoking process.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they actually ‘feel’ the puffs of swaying smoke. They enjoy inhaling, exhaling, and taking deep breaths after each gust. Aries love to smoke weed and cigarettes, among all options.

They have a psychological sense of breathing, so they don’t care about the toxic outcomes of smoking.

Influence of Ruling Planet

The spring buddies of March have Mars as their ruling planet. Mars changes signs twice monthly, so the sun sign dominates Aries mostly. It is a powerful sign that directly influences the Aries people. It boosts the negative habits of this zodiac sign.

Mars ruling Aries people are quick-tempered and cranky. It is because of its influence that Arians are prone to smoking. Such rebellious souls are stubborn, and it’s hard for them to give up an addiction. Hence, they can’t break off the smoking addiction.

Other Zodiac Signs Who Smoke a Lot

Other Zodiac Signs Who Smoke A Lot

Asides from Aries, there are other zodiac signs, among whom are more smokers than other signs.


The nature of Geminis is fidgety and itchy. In the negative energy of the ruling planet Mercury, people from Gemini have a strong tendency toward smoking. They prioritize cigarette smoking over weed.

Because of instinctive restlessness in their nature, they opt for chain-smoking to aloof themselves. Therefore, Geminis don’t perceive smoking as a catastrophe.

The double side of the Gemini twin sign infuses a boost of negative traits. They are extra anxious about things. This super-stressed nature of Geminis stimulates their disposition to smoke. It is the very reason that makes a Gemini smoker.

Here are some reasons for Gemini’s tendency toward smoking addiction:

  • Releases the stress;
  • Media influence;
  • Distracts them from unpleasant things;


Leo, the fifth Zodiac sign, let the carpet roll out for them. These people consider themselves a celebrity. It won’t be vague to say that they are the most self-centered of all the zodiac signs. Their ruling planet is the dazzling sun that perfectly draws weaker traits in them.

Influence of Fire

Like Aries, Leo is also a fire sign. Hence, the fire inculcates its elements into their personality too. They know what they want and have perfect control of it. Leos are egoistical and self-centered. Still, their heart is pure and poured with love.

Well, the fiery Leos don’t leave any space of prominence. They do not refrain from opting for the activity that makes them look potent. For this, Leos can shift their tendencies to the negative side. It includes unsafe acts such as smoking and drinking.

The fiery sun governs the zodiac sign Leo. Since the sun is the most significant force in the solar system, Leos are super-hot-headed. Their love for spiced-up smoke deals never ends. When smoking, they feel a warm blanket around their lungs!

What Are Smokers Supposed To Do?

What Are Smokers Supposed To Do?

For many years in America, Smoking has remained a trend and a symbol of “coolness”. It has been discovered that many of the so-called cool people are cigarette smokers. In astrology, Arians smoke the most among all zodiac signs.

Aries are short-tempered ad fiery to an extreme extent. Their stubborn nature doesn’t let them give up their addictions. Although they consider smoking a “fashion accessory” and “anti-depressant”, people from Aries need to bring some healthy habits to overcome the hazardous addiction.

  • They should stop to consider smoking as a means to look glamorous.
  • They need to overthrow their pride.
  • Arians must seek aid from other compatible signs to get rid of smoking.

Final Thoughts

Each zodiac sign possesses some addiction, and a stubborn addiction is smoking. The astrology and birth chart of Aries reflect their utmost tendency toward smoking. However, Gemini and Leo’s traits also title them, frequent smokers.

Whatever the trend says, either fashion or coolness, smoking is a dangerous addiction. To bring a healthy change, smokers’ zodiac signs must seek aid from other stable signs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Aries prefer to smoke?

The fiery nature of Aries makes them addicted to smoking. Even though it is pretty hard for them to give up their smoking addiction, they must learn the difference between ‘glamour’ and ‘harm.’

What are Geminis addicted to?

Geminis are unpredictable and clubby. They are second to Aries in terms of hooks. Although they love to smoke and breath out the puffs, they have other addictions too. These addictions include browser surfing, social media, and explicit content.