How To Get an Aquarius Woman To Forgive You

How To Get An Aquarius Woman To Forgive You

Aquarius women are generally known as black sheep; they don’t fit into all friend groups or give out their love easily. But when they do, they do so with full commitment, loyalty, and trust.

So it usually takes a lot to break the bond you share with them, and harder to fix it. 

Have you hurt an Aquarius woman and are thinking of ways you can get her to forgive you?

Aquarius women often rely on their ideas, so you can start by asking them how they think you can make things right. Express yourself deeply, apologize and acknowledge your wrongdoing. Then give her space to make her judgment while you subtly show her how much you’ve changed.

However, getting an Aquarius woman to forgive you is more profound than the summary above. Further in the article, we’ll uncover all you need to know about Aquarius women and forgiveness.

How To Get an Aquarius Woman To Forgive You

An Aquarius woman will pour her heart into any relationship she’s in, so when you hurt her, it’s usually challenging to win her back.

Fortunately, there are some ways you can gain her forgiveness.

Talk to Them and Ask for Their Opinion

Talk To Them And Ask For Their Opinion

Most Aquarius women value their ideas and opinions highly. They also love an open and honest conversation, so if you’re confused about making things right with them, you probably should walk up to them and ask.

However, before starting such a conversation, you must have acknowledged and apologized for your wrongdoings.

When speaking with her, regularly confirm your love for her and ask her what you can do to fix things. Always remember that Aquarius women are very discerning and attentive, they’ll look deep into your woods, and if they find a tiny bit of insincerity, they’ll never forgive you.

Reaffirm Her of Your Seriousness

Reaffirm Her Of Your Seriousness

Commitment is another major trait of Aquarius women, and if you want to gain their forgiveness fully, you must continually tell them that you’re committed to making things better.

Constantly remind her how important she’s to you. Compliment the little things you love about her and promise never to hurt her again, especially if you did something to break her trust.

Editor’s Tip

It usually takes Aquarius women time to rebuild trust in their partner, so you’ll have to understand that it won’t be a fast process.

Don’t Push It

Don'T Push It

Aquarius women are cautious thinkers and take time to develop their core values and beliefs. So even after you’ve acknowledged and apologized, you still need to give her time to process her emotions.

They mostly prefer to be alone at times like this, so avoid calling, texting, or visiting all the time. You might irritate her and ruin your chances of gaining forgiveness.

That doesn’t mean you should avoid her, subtly find ways to reaffirm your love for her but don’t push it. If you call or message her once or twice and she doesn’t reply, let her be; she’s taking time to evaluate the situation and make a decision.

Friendship First

Friendship First

Loyalty and trust are the most important qualities in a good friendship. Those two traits are also common in Aquarius women, and that’s why they value friendship more than other signs.

When you hurt an Aquarius woman, focus more on building your friendship with her than repairing the relationship. If you prove to her that you’re a good friend even with the troubles you’re both facing, she’ll respect you and consider forgiveness.

You can do this by doing what friends do. Ask her about school or work, play games with her, or do important tasks for her.

Aquarius women also value the quality of friendship you have with others, so you can take her out with your friends and show her how cool you are.

Improve Yourself

Improve Yourself

As you try to win her forgiveness, use the opportunity to improve yourself. Work on the things that made you hurt her aim for change, and subtly let her know you’re trying.

If you’re genuine, she’ll notice your efforts, and though it’s no assurance you’ll be forgiven, it can definitely go a long way. Plus, even if she doesn’t take you back, you at least helped yourself become a better person.

For instance, if she’s hurt because of your inability to open up, you can show her you’re making an effort by going to therapy. If you didn’t give her enough attention or time in the past, you could adjust your life pattern to create time for her.

Be Intelligent and Honest

Be Intelligent And Honest

Aquarius women value intelligence highly; they love people they can have deep and meaningful conversations with. Some Aquarius women find intelligence very attractive, and when you show it off, it might rekindle the spark she once had for you.

You can join her in doing her favorite tasks or even surprise her with things she likes. Aquarius women are big fans of traveling and adventures; planning a trip with her can significantly increase your chances.

Lastly, whatever you do, avoid telling her lies. Intuition is another one of their major traits, they can easily tell if you’re lying, and once they find out you’re, they’ll push you farther away.

The Bottom Line

Aquarius women are very selective about who they love and trust. This is because they fully commit to any relationship they’re in and don’t like to waste emotional energy on people who don’t they don’t value.

If you’ve hurt an Aquarius woman, it might take more than a standard apology before she forgives you.

Firstly, you’ll have to communicate with her; acknowledge and apologize for your mistakes. Then ask her how she thinks you can make things right, and tell her how much you value your opinion and how you’re willing to change.

Work on improving yourself, constantly remind her of your love for her, fight for friendship first, and give her enough space and time to make a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if an Aquarius woman is over you?

Once an Aquarius woman is no longer interested in you, they’ll distance themselves and stop spending too much time with you.

How do you stimulate an Aquarius woman’s mind?

Engage her in meaningful conversations, be mysterious, flirt with her, and compliment her on things she’s insecure about.

What is an Aquarius woman’s weakness?

Overthinking. They overthink more than any of the other signs.