What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off (Pull Him Back)

What To Do When Your Pisces Man Backs Off

Relationships with Pisces men are intriguing because they possess some remarkable attributes that make the connection extraordinary. They are brilliant, calm, emotional, and super friendly.

You don’t have to be perfect with a Pisces man because he is always ready to forgive you when you make mistakes.

Now, imagine someone with all these incredible attributes starts drifting away from you. It is only natural for you to find a way to rectify whatever his reasons for backing off.

For this, you must know what to do when your Pisces man is backing off.

The first step is to be sure that your assumptions are correct and that you are not just paranoid. Then, find out why he is becoming distant. The problem might not even be from you. Once you figure out the reason and you realize it is fixable, appeal to his emotional side because emotion is the gateway to a Pisces man’s heart.

Hop on this article if you want to figure out what you can do when a Pisces man backs off.

How To Handle a Pisces Man When He Is Backing Off

How To Handle A Pisces Man When He Is Backing Off

Pisces men are not the type that would mask their genuine feelings for you. If a Pisces man loves you, he will shower you with love and attention always. You will always be his priority, and your happiness will be vital to him.

If, at any point, you start to suspect that he is becoming distant because he doesn’t act like he used to with you anymore, the chances that something is wrong are very high.

When this happens, you can take the following precautions to determine what is wrong.

1. Observe His Emotions

It is indeed a painful sight to watch what used to be an exciting relationship between you and your Pisces man become a shadow of itself.

However, regardless of how you feel about it, you will have to initiate your emotional intelligence and try to decipher why your Pisces man has suddenly changed.

It’s preferable to discern the cause of the problem without asking him, as that would make him appreciate your efforts if you are able to crack the problem.

You can do this by paying the utmost but subtle attention to all his activities. The observation should be thorough enough to determine what is wrong and clever to prevent him from knowing that you are observing him.

If he is wholly withdrawn from activities that used to excite him, you are probably not the problem. But if it is just the relationship he is unconcerned about, you might want to take some other preemptive steps.

2. Check Yourself

Sometimes, the answer to questions mostly lies within. The reason for your Pisces man’s disregard may be a result of your reactions and attitude in recent times.

For the sake of peace or any other reason, he might have chosen not to complain about it, and consequently, his grievances keep piling up, making him start to back off slowly.

Since he has refused to talk about it, you can self-evaluate and find out if you have exhibited some actions that might have put him off recently.

Some of these actions might include you being emotionally unavailable to him or being overly possessive. A Pisces man might also have a quiet reservation about you if he feels you are playing with his feelings or, worse still, he caught you cheating or lying.

You can figure all these out by examining your recent activities that could have pissed him off.

3. Talk to Him

Acting all tough and unconcerned when your Pisces man is drifting away from the relationship is probably not the best thing to do unless you don’t care about the relationship’s future.

Having tried some of the options listed above and you are still unable to figure out why he is distant, the next best option is to talk to him about everything. Tell him what you have noticed about his behavior and how it affects you. 

Ask him why he has suddenly changed, and if he provides you with an answer that insinuates that you are at fault, don’t fight off the accusations. Instead, acknowledge his feelings and apologize if you are wrong.

If otherwise, try to clarify things as calmly as possible. However, if the problem has nothing to do with you, aim to proffer solutions that can help him turn around the situation.

Assure him that he is not alone in whatever the problem is and that you don’t want him to lock you out.  

4. Find a Way To Cheer Him Up

Regardless of what the situation is, you can always bridge the gap between you and your Pisces man by doing some thoughtful things for him.

You could buy him gifts, take him out on a date, or invite friends over if he is the type that likes friends around.

If he is backing off because you offended him in some way, this will help melt his anger, and if he is backing off for other reasons, these gestures will help keep his mind off the problem.


A Pisces man is not the type who will back out from a relationship for no reason. If you have noticed that your Pisces man has been withdrawing from the relationship, it is either because you have done something that has pissed him off or he has other things bothering him.

Either way, you can always help him retrace his steps back into the relationship if you make some preemptive moves.

You can do this by patiently observing him without his knowledge and trying to figure out why he has suddenly become uninterested in the relationship. If every other option fails, you can confront him directly and have a heart-to-heart talk about the situation.