How To Get a Capricorn To Like You (Male & Female Tips)

How To Get A Capricorn To Like You

Capricorns are hardworking, pursue success, and are slow-paced. These Earth signs are born between December 21 to January 20, and why is that important? Because Capricorns love old traditions and enjoy such celebrations. So, knowing their birthday is super-crucial.

Capricorns, be it a man or a woman, are detail-oriented and keep everything organized. They rarely like change and enjoy following their same routines. So, making such a zodiac sign like you can be pretty tough.

Hence, how to get a Capricorn to like you?

Whether it be a male or a female Capricorn, to make them like you, you have to be genuine with them, be supportive of their goals, dress gracefully, entertain them with your sense of humor, and last but not least; be patient with them.

Here, we will discuss how to get a Capricorn to like you and a few specialized tips on grabbing the attention of a Capricorn man and a woman.

How To Get a Capricorn To Like You

How To Get A Capricorn To Like You

To make any Capricorn like you, you have to keep the following steps in mind:

1. Dress Gracefully

For starters, how you dress is significant. It does not mean you have to wear formal clothing or prepare a dress. It will only make you feel awkward and out of place. What you need to do is to style your clothes so that they paint a confident picture of you.

Check out how to dress elegantly for a woman and how to dress classy for a man.

You did all the dressing, styled your hair, and wore classy accessories, but the most important thing you should pay attention to is your shoes.

According to research, the first thing people notice about another person is their shoes. So, wear a pair suitable for your clothes.

2. Be Honest and Your True Self

Unlike water signs that like their partners to have a mysterious air around them, these zodiac signs favor transparency. They like to see that you will be a valuable addition to their life and not a hindrance to them. Emotions and feelings hold importance, but being truthful takes priority for them.

Also, you do not need to pretend to be a perfect partner for them. Be yourself and do not hesitate to show your opinions, but remember not to be disrespectful or disregard their views.

Show these signs that you accept their views, but your stance differs on that particular matter. They will find such genuineness attractive, and seeing your pragmatic approaches to life will appeal to them.

3. Be Supportive of Their Goals

Capricorns have high goals, which may seem unrealistic, but they work hard to ensure that they can achieve their ambitions and make their dreams come true. Check out the main traits of a Capricorn here.

So, they are not looking for someone to help them achieve their goals. They want you to support them in their endeavor and help uplift their spirits when they feel down. They have a pessimistic and reserved nature, so be the one to be there for them.

But never try to make them give up on their goals, no matter the reason. They worry about how a relationship might affect their goals before diving into one, so show them that you are there to support them, not to hold them back.

4. Make Them Laugh

As serious as they may come across, they have a light side. Capricorns love a laugh. So, adding a joke to your routine conversation after getting to know them will make them look forward to talking to you.

You do not need to know any specific jokes; any silly story will do. The point is you need to appeal to their soft side, and what matters more than a good laugh, right?

5. Be Patient

Possibly, the most crucial factor is to be patient. Capricorns are cautious and take time, a lot of it at that, which is also a weakness of this zodiac sign.

So, instead of coming and going in a flash, you need to spend time with them and be patient till they come to a decision.

It does not mean you should stay passive and never take the initiative. Capricorns are passive and stubborn, so they rarely try to take the first step. So, to attract their attention, take the first step, but make sure you are not going over-the-top, and not rushing them to come to a decision.

Show Independence

Capricorns set their ambition high and want their partners to have a similar disposition. So, show that you are trying to achieve your own goals and have thought out your future path.

How To Get a Capricorn Man Like You

How To Get A Capricorn Man Like You

Besides the general ways, below are some specific tips on how to get a Capricorn man to like you:

Show Commitment

A Capricorn man does not want a light relationship. He wants a commitment and to feel that you are serious about this relationship and want to plan a future with him. It does not mean you should start planning far into the future. Subtly hint that you do not take relationships lightly.

Be Impressed by His Work

Admiration is the key to a Capricorn man’s heart. Other people’s opinion is crucial to them, so if you ask for advice, show him that you are impressed by his extensive knowledge and skills. And he will find himself attracted to you.

No Gossiping

Rumors are something to avoid if you want to get your Capricorn man’s attention. Even if you gossip, try to finish it by saying good things about that person to cover it up. So, gossips are a must-avoid if you want the attention of your Capricorn man.

Be His Friend

Rather than jumping into a love life, your Capricorn man will prefer a friendly relationship. So, chat with him and go on outings together with other friends. Get to know him first, and then slowly start developing your relationship.

How To Get a Capricorn Woman To Like You

How To Get A Capricorn Woman To Like You

You can employ general tactics to get to your Capricorn woman’s heart, but below are some specialized tips you can try:

Give Her Practical Gifts

The easiest way is to give her gifts. Check out their hobbies, where they work, and what supplies they need to work, and select a gift from there.

It does not need to be expensive. You can give your Capricorn woman a pen, office notebook, or pencil box if her work background is similar to that. Or use small gestures like making her coffee and similar things to make her think of you.

Compliment Her

If you want to make a Capricorn woman enamored with you, complimenting her is the way to go. So, show her that you are happy about her success or achievement, and give her compliments on every other occasion, whether small or large.

Do Not Beat Around the Bush

No cliche or cheesy pick-up lines. Yeah, if you want to get the attention of a Capricorn woman, you need to start things formally. Hint that you are interested in her but discuss topics like work or routine news matters on politics. It will impress her and leave a strong impression.

Touch Is Crucial

When you get to know each other, a Capricorn woman will show her strengths and weaknesses.

Give her a light head or shoulder massage if she is feeling down or is stressed out. If she is successful, hold her hands and tell her you are very proud of her. It will make her melt in front of you.

Editor’s Note

Before making the final decision of getting into a relationship or not, Capricorns tend to seek out the opinions of their family and friends. So, focus on being in their good books, and you are all set.


Lastly, if you want a Capricorn to like you, be truthful, show elegance by dressing up nicely, be patient with them, support them in their ambitions, and show that you have your ideals to achieve. Also, add some jokes to spice up your usual conversation and make them fall for you.