Which Zodiac Signs Are Cancer’s Enemies?

Who Is Cancer’s Enemy?

Cancers are highly sensitive and temperamental people. Like other water signs, they wear their hearts on their sleeves, knowing fully well that people can take advantage of them. They seek true love and won’t stop loving, no matter how many heartbreaks.

Cancers also have high regard for family. They can do anything for their friends and loved ones, no matter the price. Their loyalty is unmatched, and people love them for this.

However, Cancers get angry easily. They’re highly intuitive, so even a little shift in someone’s energy toward them can trigger them and make them lash out. Cancers are not the best communicators; they prefer to hold grudges rather than confront people who wrong them.

Overall, Cancers are good people who put the needs of others before theirs–even though they act selfishly. So, which zodiac is Cancer’s enemy?

Leo. Leos are extroverted natural-born leaders who come off as arrogant to other people. To Leos, they’re just being themselves, but to a sign like Cancer, Leos are self-centered people who never listen to the needs of others.

Continue reading to know more about Cancer’s enemies and relationship with other zodiac signs.

Zodiacs That Are Cancer’s Enemies

Here are some signs Cancer doesn’t get along with.



The extroverted fire sign is perhaps too intense for Cancer. Leo and Cancer are almost opposites. Cancers are shy people who find it hard to communicate their feelings. Leos, on the other hand, don’t struggle with communication. They know exactly what they want and what they have to say to get it.

Leos are also used to getting chased by the opposite gender. They’re usually popular, and they lead the group. A Cancer thinks a Leo won’t have the commitment and loyalty needed to maintain a healthy relationship.

Leos aren’t exactly flighty, but they sure look like it. Another incompatible aspect of a Cancer-Leo relationship is expressing feelings. Leos like to be the center of attention, while Cancers like to feel heard and understood. Do you see how it just can’t work between these two signs?



Scorpios are known to be possessive, while Cancers are sensitive. In a Cancer-Scorpio relationship, you can envision the Scorpio yelling at the Cancer for flirting with other people and the Cancer being flummoxed and emotional about it.

It may not play out like this, but a relationship between a Cancer and a Scorpio isn’t healthy. Scorpios are infamous for holding grudges, and Cancers overreact. These two may not be able to resolve their differences.



Aquarians are traditional people; they don’t really question why things are the way they are and just go with the flow. Cancers, on the other hand, don’t conform to societal norms. Hence Cancer’s rebellious nature won’t sit well with Aquarius.

Cancer is highly emotional and sensitive, while Aquarius is logical and intelligent. So Cancers think with their hearts, but Aquarians think with their heads. These two won’t be able to communicate effectively with each other.

Aquarians can’t handle Cancer’s mood swings, while Cancers can’t understand Aquarius’s need to always think everything through. They’ll constantly quarrel unless these two learn to understand and accept each other.

Cancer’s Relationship With Some of the Other Zodiacs

Cancer'S Relationship With Some Of The Other Zodiacs

Cancers get along well with many other signs. Below are some of them.

Cancer and Aries

Aries like to do things quickly, and they’re infamous for starting things and not following through. Cancers, on the other hand, like to take things slow and steady. This doesn’t mean these two signs aren’t compatible, though.

When fire and water mix, the result is steam. Aries and Cancer have intense romantic and sexual chemistry. However, Cancers seek long-term relationships while Aries chase the next high. The relationship will work if both parties are ready to sacrifice time to get to know and understand each other.

Cancer and Taurus

A relationship between a Cancer and Taurus is one of the most compatible relationships in the entire zodiac. These two have the same general interests, and they communicate well.

Taureans value financial and emotional stability. They want their loved ones to feel safe and wealthy around them, so they go the extra mile to make their loved ones comfortable. Cancers like to be taken care of, they want partners that understand this, and they’ll stick to people who treat them well.

Both signs are loyal, caring, and compassionate. They both also love a good romantic gesture. In this relationship, the Taurus would often be the one giving gifts, and the Cancer would appreciate the gifts with love.

Cancer and Gemini

Geminis bring many things to the relationship table; they’re humorous, intuitive, and intelligent. Geminis often have many friends, and they get along with almost everyone. These traits would certainly attract a Cancer, but there’s one thing Geminis are known to lack—loyalty.

Geminis want to be free and not confined to any relationship. They usually have many options, and they like to feel sought after.

Cancers, on the other hand, value security in a relationship. They want to be constantly reassured of their partner’s loyalty, and a Gemini won’t provide this. If Geminis can tame their need for adventure, they’ll have a strong, healthy relationship with Cancer.

Cancer and Libra

On the surface, these two signs are not compatible, but there’s more to a relationship between Cancer and Libra. Libras are social butterflies; they know how to interact with different people and are great at reading social cues. Cancers tend to shy away from social interactions.

However, a Libra isn’t one to give up in the face of adversity. One thing these two signs have in common is fierce determination. When they encounter challenges, they’ll do whatever they can to resolve them.

A Cancer’s unstable emotional nature can throw a libra off balance. Libras value harmony, and they hate getting flustered. Nevertheless, Libras take time to think about the best course of action, and they’re excellent at knowing the right words to say to resolve conflict.


Cancers are amazing people, but they’re often misunderstood. They genuinely care about other people even if they don’t say or show it.

They’re introverts who enjoy spending time alone and having deep conversations, so signs like Leo are too extroverted for them. Aquarians are too logical for Cancers, and Scorpios are too possessive.