Questions To Ask a Pisces Man To Spark His Interest

Questions To Ask A Pisces Man

Pisces men are known for their charming personalities, but that’s not all there is to this zodiac sign. As the ruling planet and element of this zodiac sign attribute to them the highly emotional and introverted side.

People with this zodiac sign may come across as insecure, which is among the weaknesses of Pisceans, but they are caring and selfless for the people in their circle. Another attribute is the creative nature of these zodiac signs, which is intertwined with their imaginative nature.

So, it may not be surprising to get stumped by what you can do to attract the attention of such men, which puts our attention to this question, i.e., questions to ask a Pisces man.

You can ask a Pisces man about his dreams or what type of music he likes. Also, you can ask about his feelings, fantasy, or spiritual things, where he feels the most relaxed, his beliefs, and his past, which gives you more than enough to initiate a deep conversation with your Pisces man.

Continue reading to know why you should ask a Pisces man these questions and how they help you better understand him while making your Pisces man open up to you.

7 Questions To Ask a Pisces Man

7 Questions To Ask A Pisces Man

Pisces men have an artistic side attributed to their ruling planet, Neptune. That’s why; if it is anything related to that side, it will spark the interest of your Pisces man.

However, it doesn’t limit you to one thing. Pisces have an imaginative nature and a broad palate, so you can talk with your Pisces man on a wide range of topics, and it will keep him going.

On the other hand, you don’t have to fire an arrow in the dark. You can get plenty of hints from what books your Pisces man is reading, what places he is visiting, his social posts, and so on. Following are some questions you can ask your Pisces man to get him talking.

1. Ask About His Dreams

The best way to capture the interest of a Pisces man is to ask about his dreams. Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac signs, and their dreams are often misunderstood by people, which is why if you ask a Pisces man about his dreams, he will keep going on and on.

Asking a Pisces man about his dreams will help you get closer to him, as he will feel like you both hit it off well. You can ask your Pisces man about what he hopes to achieve in his life, and it will make him highly invested in the conversation with you.

2. Ask About His Taste in Music, Poetry, or Art

Anything related to art is right up the alleyway of your Pisces man. Pisces are natural-born artists and find music, art, or poetry the best way to express their feelings. Pisces men also feel more at home while describing their hearts in these forms.

If you ask a Pisces man about his taste in music, poetry, or art, not only simple recommendations but also whether your Pisces man himself composes poems, music, or art, will get him talking endlessly.

Starting on a slow note is the key here, so ask about his taste and slowly wiggle your way toward asking whether your Pisces man is an artist. It will bring the two of you closer.

3. Ask About His Beliefs

Asking a Pisces man about his beliefs never goes wrong, as Pisces men are among the most spiritual zodiac signs. You can engage your Pisces man in a deep and thought-provoking conversation by asking this question.

You can share your beliefs with your Pisces man to make him feel closer to you. Also, you don’t have to worry about your Pisces man judging you based on your beliefs, as people with this zodiac sign are among the most open-minded zodiacs. 

Pisces zodiacs love to believe in something greater than them, and you will find it surprising how they relate things with their beliefs. Their belief can be profound or simple, but it is always centered around their forgiving nature.

4. Ask About His Past

Pisceans take the top spot among the zodiac signs that are the most introverted. So, it may seem weird to ask a Pisces man about his past, but you can make your way straight to his heart by asking this question.

It will let you know how close you are to your Pisces man, but if the relationship is setting sail, it is best to divulge a bit about yourself first before going forward with this question.

5. Ask About His Feelings

Pisceans turn to the art side because they feel it is the best way to bring their feelings to life. As the most emotional zodiac sign, people with this zodiac sign often feel misunderstood and retreat into a shell and look for alternate ways to let their feelings out.

Asking your Pisces man about his feelings helps him open up to you, and you make a special place in his heart.

6. Ask About Spiritual Stuff

Pisces is all about spirituality; asking questions regarding the supernatural, spirits, past lives, the world after death, souls, and so on can get your Pisces man started on a never-ending conversation.

Relating things together and giving them deeper meanings is one way Pisces are wired. Nine of ten Pisceans will tell you how they have experienced a supernatural or otherworldly experience.

That’s why; if you show interest in things related to this, you can get a thought-provoking and engaging response from your Pisces man, as people with Pisces as their zodiac are among the signs who most often believe in ghosts.

Editor’s Note

Asking a Pisces man about how to help someone in need and what could be done to make the world a better place is another question you can try because they believe in the greater good.

7. Ask About Where He Feels Relaxed the Most

Pisces is a mutable sign, which makes them flow like their zodiac symbol, i.e., fish, and readily adjust to changing currents, but not always that’s the case.

To cope with something stressful or let loose from their daily work, Pisces men have a place where they feel relaxed the most.

Asking your Pisces man about this helps you gauge how close you are to him because if he divulges his secret hideout spot to you, it means he trusts you that much.


While there are several questions you can ask a Pisces man, another thing that you can ask your Pisces man for is advice on your problems. People with this zodiac make exceptional counselors, and it is one of the most recommended professions for Pisceans.

Engaging a Pisces man in a conversation is no biggie, as people with this zodiac sign carry interest in a large spectrum of topics. However, if you want to catch the interest of your Pisces man while having something engaging to talk about, you should ask him about his dreams.

Also, you can ask your Pisces man about his beliefs, interest in art, feelings, where he feels at home, his ambitions, spiritual stuff, and anything out of the ordinary or fantasy related.