What a Cancer Man Wants To Hear From You

What A Cancer Man Wants To Hear

Congratulations, you have finally found the man that causes a million butterflies to suddenly appear in your stomach and make your heart skip at his appearance or whenever you hear his voice.

You are learning one or two things about him, and now you have figured out that he is a Cancer man. This stage is where the hard work comes in because Cancer men, despite their numerous positive attributes, have poor communication skills.

Now, you are probably wondering how you can effectively communicate with them and what a Cancer man wants to hear.

If you want to develop a relationship with a Cancer man, you must ensure that you are very optimistic about what you tell him. Also, you must be sure that you speak calmly to him at all times, even when you have some comments to make about his actions. Blowing things out of proportion is not something a Cancer man condones.

Read more on this article if you are looking for effective ways you can use to communicate with your cancer man.

What a Cancer Man Wants To Hear

Communication is one of the essential bedrock of a relationship, and without it, the relationship may not be able to stand the test of time.

Also, people have different preferences when it comes to communication. This is why it is crucial to figure out what your partner likes to hear and talk about to create a conducive atmosphere for both of you.

Every zodiac sign has characteristics that make them act in a particular way, and the case is not different for Cancer men. Due to their sensitivity, there are some factors you should take into consideration while communicating with a Cancer man.

1. Calm Conversations

Calm Conversations

The importance of calmness to a Cancer man can never be overemphasized because it is like the moral conduct that dictates all their actions.

Cancer men are unusually calm even in the face of challenging situations. They approach almost everything with a massive ounce of calmness, and as such, they are naturally attracted to people who are laid back and easygoing.

Regardless of what you are trying to talk to a Cancer man about, as long as you use a calm approach, he will gladly give you listening ears and appreciate your decorum.

If you are meeting a Cancer man that you have a crush on and you need ways to get his attention, showcase your composure in your approach and watch him have his eyes fixated on you even without you trying too hard.

If you are already in a relationship with a Cancer man, and he does a couple of things that do not go down well with you, the best way to tackle such a situation is to find a convenient time to sit him down and gently explain everything that he has done to offend you.

Cancer men are intelligent and reasonable most time, and as such, they will apologize when wrong. If otherwise, he would state his case reasonably.

2. Understanding Their Emotions

Understanding Their Emotions

The fact that Cancer men are calm and unproblematic most of the time does not overrule the possibility of them being in a bad mood once in a while.

It will help if you are emotionally intelligent enough to figure out your Cancer man’s mood regularly. By doing this, you can use your intuition to figure out what to say to him at that very moment.

When a Cancer man is sad, and you think or know that you are the cause of it, it is advisable to first acknowledge his pain and anger before proceeding to defend your case, if you are not in the wrong, and apologize if you are wrong.

However, if you are not the reason why he is sad, you can find ways to alleviate him and help proffer solutions that could help his case. Nevertheless, ensure that your approach is calm and genuine.

3. Honest Conversations

Honest Conversations

This option might be a little difficult because it takes a Cancer man a long time before he can open up to you.

This is not because they are not straightforward people but because they take their time before establishing trust with others. Therefore, it may look like you are the only one divulging information about yourself and not getting anything in return.

The reality of this is that Cancer men adore honesty. They love when people are sincere about their intentions and actions.

When you tell him the truth regularly, he will learn to trust you gradually until he gets to open up to you completely.

If you are ever bothered about what to tell a Cancer man, stick to the truth because they love to hear the truth always.


Cancer men make lovely partners in a relationship because they are nurturing, affectionate, and loyal. When a Cancer man loves you truly, you will be all that matters to him.

However, they are very sensitive and could get hurt even by actions you might not consider wrong. Your best move is not to argue with them about the things they find offensive,  as that will further cause more misunderstanding. Instead, it would help if you put effort into understanding them.

Communication is a big deal in most relationships, but it is even more critical when dealing with a Cancer man.

If you are not careful enough to communicate with him the way he would appreciate, you might find it hard to cope in the relationship. Cancer men love it when you approach them calmly, irrespective of the issue.

They also love to hear the truth regularly, as that is the only way you can earn their trust.