What Body Type Does an Aquarius Man Like?

What Body Type Does An Aquarius Man Like?

Aquarian males are often seen as eccentric geniuses with plenty of brilliant plans and ideas. They are social personalities who move in gracefully through various circles of friends.

Their openness, humor, and eccentric nature allow them to fit into various friend groups and seemingly get along with everyone. It is not surprising if you have been charmed by an Aquarius man.

Their openness to variety also seems to apply to partners; they are open to new opportunities and don’t stick to dogmas.

Aquarius men are attracted to women of all shapes and sizes. They are not as concerned with physical appearance as they are with personality and intelligence. That said, Aquarius men tend to be drawn to women who are in good shape and care for their bodies.

In this article, we will cover what kind of women Aquarius men are most attracted to, as well as give you the 7 most important tips that will help you attract the charming Aquarian you met.

What Kind of Women Do Aquarius Men Like?

What Kind Of Women Do Aquarius Men Like?

Aquarius men are attracted to women who are confident and comfortable in their skin. They like women who are independent and have a strong sense of self.

Aquarius men are also attracted to intelligent women who can hold their own in a conversation. They want a woman who is interesting and can keep them guessing.

Aquarius men do not like clingy or needy women. They need their space and independence, so a woman who is too needy will likely turn them off.

Aquarius men are also turned off by drama and conflict. They prefer to avoid drama at all costs.

Tips To Attract Aquarius Man

Tips To Attract Aquarius Man

Aquarius is among men who fall in love for your qualities, not physical appearance. It has been said that Aquarius men like women who are active and stay in good shape.

However, this is not absolute and does not apply to all Aquarius men. Aquarius men’s intelligent and sensitive nature of Aquarius men makes them more interested and focused on your character traits.

Here are some tips that will help you attract an Aquarius man:

1. Stay Healthy and In Shape

Stay Healthy And In Shape

Taking care of yourself is always important. Especially if you want an Aquarius man to be smitten by you, don’t worry and overthink if you don’t fit this image.

Do what you can to take care of yourself; however, looks will not be the dealbreaker when it comes to an Aquarius man falling in love with you.

Things like working out three times per week, staying active, and eating a healthy diet are all important when improving your life and becoming more attractive to an Aquarius man.

2. Build Your Intelligence

Build Your Intelligence

Aquarius men love a good conversation. It is one of their favorite things in the world.

If you are a woman who knows what she is talking about, Aquarius men are likely to be smitten by you. Remember to be a good communicator and listen to what your conversation partner brings to the table.

Listening is a skill that an Aquarius man might find very attractive. Build your knowledge base and understanding of a wide variety of topics. Explore the world, and don’t limit yourself to only one sphere.

The more well-read you are, the more attractive you are likely to be to the Aquarius man.

3. Be Bold

Be Bold

Aquarius man likes everything unconventional and not boring. It applies to your character, your personality, and your looks.

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and experiment with your wardrobe. You can test it to see what your man will like and enjoy.

Experiment with some statement pieces in your wardrobe and see how he reacts. If you see he enjoys it, keep surprising him with more unusual choices.

4. Be Confident

Be Confident

Confidence plays a big part in the life of Aquarius men. If you want to be seen as an equal and interesting partner, build your self-trust and confidence.

It doesn’t mean becoming arrogant, selfish, and disrespecting or neglecting others. However, it means you should learn to love and respect yourself and not be a pushover.

5. Be Feminine

Be Feminine

Aquarius men love feminine energy and prefer to be with someone who won’t boss them around.

It doesn’t mean you should become overly agreeable and let him cross your boundaries; however, being soft, open, and supportive in your communication will go a long way.

The more you respect his way of thinking, the more likely he is to respect yours.

6. Be Brave

Be Brave

More than any physical trait, the Aquarius man loves adventure. It is an important part of his life.

The more adventurous you are, the more likely you are to step out of your comfort zone, and the higher likelihood that the Aquarius man will find you irresistible.

Embrace adventure and novelty, and remember that growth happens outside our comfort zone. However, you should always stay true to yourself.

Don’t do things just because you think someone will like you more. Always make choices that are honest to yourself and don’t make you betray yourself.

7. Be Authentic

Be Authentic

Don’t do anything that is not true to yourself. The more real and honest you are, the more Aquarius man is likely to appreciate you.

Aquarius man is a lover of all things authentic and original. Therefore your best bet is, to be honest about who you truly are. Don’t do things just to impress him or to pretend to be a certain way.

Show him your true self, and if he can appreciate you for who you are – he will fall in love and won’t want to live without you!


To attract an Aquarius man, focus on being healthy, fit, and yourself. Aquarius men are not generally attracted to one certain type of woman.

They may prefer a certain look or body type, but they will not turn down someone simply because they do not meet that ideal. Aquarius men like to explore and see what is out there, so they will date many different types of women throughout their lives.

If you go out with an Aquarian, you may notice that he seems to know everybody and says hi to everyone wherever he goes. However, few people know him. Few people are patient enough to get to know him on a deeper level.

To become a meaningful person for Aquarius and stand out from the crowd, you must be this person!