How To Make a Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You

How To Make A Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You

Sagittarius men are not easy to have. They don’t like the word “forever.” Not just when it comes to love but on any subject. They struggle with commitment, so when communicating with a Sagittarius, use the word “forever” sparingly.

Sagittarians equate love and sex with adventure. They like it big, bold, and expressive. They love having an adventurous love affair, and they want an expressive partner. They’re very open-minded in the sense that they like changing things up.

So how do you make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you?

Be exciting, adventurous, and optimistic. Bring something new to the bedroom every now and then, because they get bored easily. Inspire him to follow his dreams and ask his advice when making decisions.

Let’s take a deep dive into the best ways to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you.

10 Tips To Make a Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You

10 Tips To Make A Sagittarius Man Obsessed With You

If you want to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you, it’s important to step out of your comfort zone, be open-minded and embrace his spontaneous side.

The following tips will help you understand how to capture the heart of a Sagittarius man.

1. Be Optimistic

A Sagittarius man loves and falls in love with positive people. They are idealists who love positive energy. They’re usually happy people, and they gravitate toward happiness.

Sagittarians can’t stand naysayers and negative people. They will leave faster than you can say Sagittarius if you’re a negative person.

He wants you to be honest, but there’s a difference between being honest and being pessimistic. He rarely gets down, but when he does, he needs someone to lift his spirit and remind him of how awesome he is. 

2. Be a Great Listener

Be A Great Listener

Let your Sagittarius man fascinate you. Listen attentively to his stories and laugh at his jokes. Let him know you’re riveted by his knowledge and experiences.

Puff his ego by asking him intelligent questions about his stories.

3. Be Adventurous

You don’t have to be a skydiver to get his attention, but it’ll help. A Sagittarius man loves adventure and excitement. He lives for today and doesn’t mind taking risks.

He wants to feel alive, so to get him obsessed, you need to show him that you’re willing to step up. Even though you may not have done some of the things he has, you can talk to him about things you want to try.

If you’ve done some cool adventurous things, he wants to hear everything, no matter how small. Talk about any life-changing event that was a lot of fun.

He wants someone he can travel and have fun with. Additionally, a Sagittarius man is the type to have a bucket list.

4. Be Mysterious

Be Mysterious

Don’t tell a Sagittarius man everything there is to know about yourself upfront. Let him unlock your secrets. Every time you see him, give him bits and pieces of your personality, and he’ll be dying to know more.

Don’t be all over him, he’ll get bored easily. If he calls, you don’t have to pick him up right away. You also don’t have to respond to his texts faster than the speed of light. In other words, let him miss you. He’ll appreciate every second spent with you that way.

Don’t worry about him losing his patience, he won’t. Sagittarius men are always hungry for answers and ask many questions. Being mysterious will keep him around longer.

5. Be Candid

Sagittarius men tell the truth whether you like it or not; they don’t sugarcoat things. He wants someone who’ll be just as honest with him.

Even if he doesn’t like what you tell him, he’ll respect you more for not lying to him. Omitting details is also a form of dishonesty, so don’t keep things from him.

If you need something from him, don’t hesitate to tell him. Don’t think he’ll guess what you want because he’s not good at interpreting signs.

Tell him exactly what you need and how you feel. When you get upset, be sure to tell him why because he won’t understand what he did wrong until you tell him.

6. Ask for His Advice

Ask For His Advice

A Sagittarius man loves it when his partner asks him for advice. He’s usually filled with excellent ideas that he wants to talk to someone about.

Ask him what to do about your strict boss or to help you choose which dress to wear to the date. He’ll tell you exactly what to do and feel elated that you asked for his opinion.

He’ll push you to be the best you can be, and he’ll teach you to stand up for yourself.

7. Don’t Try to Control Him

One of Sagittarius’s biggest pet peeves is being tied down. This is a no-brainer because of how adventurous he is.

Most times, he won’t do something to avoid hurting you, or he’ll go along with something to please you. But once you start telling him not to do something or see someone, you’ve lost him.

Give up control. Like I said earlier, if something bothers you, tell him. But don’t tell him how to react or what to do. He’ll get the message.

8. Be Romantic

Be Romantic

You’d expect romance from a water sign, but Sagittarius loves another kind of romance- adventurous romance. If you organize dinner for two on a rooftop, he’ll be totally obsessed.

Picnics, boat trips, or any other adventurous trips where you two can have some alone time will fascinate a Sagittarius man.

Come up with innovative romantic ideas, not cheesy romance.

9. Be Busy Pursuing Your Own Goals

Being super busy will make a Sagittarius man want you more. He’ll want more time with you. You and your Sagittarius man don’t need to have the same goals. He’s okay with you doing different things, and he’ll love you for it.

Whether you’re a weaver or potter, they wouldn’t care. They love to see you aggressively pursue your passion, and they’re turned on by a self-made person who has a vision.

10. Learn New Things Together

Learn New Things Together

The more you want to learn and explore, the more glued a Sagittarius man will be to you. Suggest going to new places and learning all about cultures.

You can learn meditation together or yoga. A Sagittarius is seduced by your hunger to learn, so he’ll be totally obsessed with you.

Final Thoughts

A Sagittarius is free-spirited, so you don’t have to do much to keep him. Remember to be adventurous, honest, and mysterious; listen to him and pursue your goals.