How To Make a Pisces Man Obsessed With You

How To Make A Pisces Man Obsessed With You

The personality of a Pisces man is what makes him so attractive. These traits include being a complete devotee to his partner, caring, selfless, and the last two most dominant ones, i.e., the creative nature and the cozy vibe. The amalgamation of all these traits is our Pisces man.

But that doesn’t make a Pisces man obsessed with you; you should also know their weaknesses and what they look for in a partner to make themself complete to get started.

These weaknesses include your Pisces getting swayed by surroundings, which is also the primary shortcoming. Also, they fantasize (not a bad thing in itself), which leads them to escape reality and be rash.

So, how to make such a Pisces man obsessed with you?

You should show your Pisces man that you hit it off well together. You can show your creative, honest, generous, empathic, and romantic side. Also, show vulnerability, but keep him obsessed with you by showing your Pisces man that you complete him by making up for his shortcomings.

Continue reading, especially if you want to show your Pisces that you are a great catch, as we will discuss what you need to do to make your Pisces man obsessed with you.

1. Show Him That You Click Well

Show Him That You Click Well

The first step is to show him that you click well together to pick the interest of your Pisces man and make him obsessed with you.

Here the personality traits of a Pisces play a significant role, as you hit it off well together by showing that you share similarities.

The leading role is played here by the creative nature and spiritual aspect inherent to people with this zodiac sign. So, you need to appeal to these two sides of your Pisces.

The two characteristics are interlinked, but there are other factors at play, so let’s break them down below.

Show Your Creative Side

If you search through the traits of a Pisces, the first one, in most cases, will be their creativity. Pisces men are naturally attracted to people who are creative in some way.

You can show off your creativity by doodling, doing DIY projects, photography, or your love for poetry and talent in writing poems. All of this will make your Pisces man rate you pretty high and want to get involved with you in any way he can.

Show Your Adaptability

Adaptability is the second factor that makes you a great catch for your Pisces man. Pisces falls into the category of mutable signs, which means they can easily transition and accept change.

That is why showing your Pisces man that you accept that things can go awry and unexpected circumstances can alter the plan will make him think that together with you, he can tackle anything and start obsessing over you.

Show Your Romantic Side

Pisces is the most romantic zodiac sign. Being romantic and showing affection will set your sails smoothly, especially if you take a traditional approach.

While others may consider this cheesy, for your Pisces man, this type works the best.

Going after movie romance is your best bet at making him chase you and showing him you hold similar views. It can be either candlelight dinners or small surprises, but remember to be intimate, which is a super important thing for Pisces men.

Show Your Love for Nature

Nature is the best friend of your Pisces. You may notice that it clicks with their nature to fantasize and dive into their world.

Taking them on trips into nature, walking under a starry sky in the park or an outdoor hiking trip will show your love for nature. It will make your Pisces man see you in a new light, as he belongs to the most spiritual zodiac signs.

He will want to make frequent trips with you and indulge you in long chats, attracting your Pisces man towards you.

Editor’s Note

Instead of pushing all the time to make your Pisces man obsessed with you, sometimes you need to pull back, i.e., by giving him space and the time to think about you.

2. Support Him in His Decisions

Support Him In His Decisions

Pisces are known for being easily swayed by circumstances and base their decisions on these situations. So these zodiac signs may come across as indecisive at times.

Here your role is crucial, you are helping him come to a decision, so you are adding to your charms by showing that you add value to his life.

However, it doesn’t end there. You should show your Pisces man that you are there for him if he needs a shoulder to lean on and support him in his decisions and future goals.

You can go ahead by helping your Pisces man weigh the ups and downs and make an optimum decision.

By following these steps, you are making him depend on you and being a trustworthy friend or partner. This reliable side of yours will appeal to your Pisces man, in turn, making him obsessed with you.

3. Be Transparent About Your Feelings

Be Transparent About Your Feelings

Honesty, in itself, will keep your Pisces man infatuated with you, as people with this zodiac can get hurt because of their trusting nature.

If you want your Pisces man to become obsessed with you, the one thing you should be mindful of is that you need to be honest about your feelings.

That’s not all. Your Pisces is a master when it comes to being emotionally intelligent. The prerequisite to making a Pisces man obsessed with you is sharing your feelings and understanding him emotionally.

4. Show Vulnerability and Be Open-Minded

Show Vulnerability And Be Open-Minded

So far, all the points make you show your strengths to your Pisces man, but sometimes showing vulnerability will make him cherish you even more.

When you show vulnerability to your Pisces man, he will feel your trust in him and show that you are getting closer.

If you feel stressed or end up crying, it won’t be something your Pisces man will hate; instead, he will appreciate your dependence on him.

Being open-minded can help you win over your Pisces man, as people with this zodiac sign like to meet others and love new experiences. So, your Pisces man wants you to trust him, as he has in you.

Try not to be jealous if your Pisces man wants to meet others to satiate their curiosity and expand their horizons. Showing your willingness to let him enjoy the experiences will make him fall head over heels for you.

5. Be Generous and Compassionate

Be Generous And Compassionate

The final two characteristics are the highlight of this article. Pisces are selfless, especially for their friends or family members. Being generous is an aspect you should show to your Pisces man.

It doesn’t mean you should be selfless but show him that you are not selfish and have the heart to spend on charities and help others.

It doesn’t end with money either; your time is another thing you have to be generous with. Priority to work is good, but show that you can spare your time for those you cherish instead of being a workaholic.

Generosity and compassion go side by side. Show your caring side and the desire to help others, e.g., by volunteering.

Being compassionate is not limited to that only. You need to show compassion for your Pisces man and love and care for him.


To conclude, Pisces men like to take their relationships at a slow pace because they are afraid of getting hurt after committing, and their homebody nature adds to that.

To make such a man obsessed with you, you need to show off your creative nature.

Also, be adaptable, make him lean on you, be vulnerable, never hesitate to involve him in an in-depth emotional conversation, show your love, care, and generosity, and last but not least, be open to traditional romance.