How To Make a Scorpio Woman Miss You

How To Make A Scorpio Woman Miss You

Scorpios, whether man or woman, carry a tough exterior which often leads to misunderstanding them as arrogant or too full of themselves. But in reality, they do not want to show their vulnerabilities to others and do not know how to express themselves accurately.

Scorpio women have this enigmatic aura to themselves and are the first to take action showing their bold nature, which makes you attracted to them.

However, in a relationship, they give their utmost loyalty to their partner. Making such a fierce zodiac sign miss someone is not a walk in the park.

So, what do you need to do to make a Scorpio woman miss you?

To make a Scorpio woman miss you, you have to bear a few essential things in mind. Do not be an open book; keep things mysterious, give her some space, be romantic, maintain her trust in you, and most importantly, be confident and sincere in front of her.

Here, we will provide tips and tricks you need to know to make your Scorpio woman miss you and a surefire way to make her feel your absence.

Stay Mysterious

It means you let her know about you enough to make her curious. Scorpios are analytical by nature; they ponder anything that catches their attention. Check out the complete list of personality traits of a Scorpio here.

Start by letting a Scorpio woman know a bit about yourself and the adventures or fun times you had with a friend or family member at a party. But avoid narrating the whole story; keep it simple enough to garner her interest.

Also, being mysterious does not mean you should stay uptight and let her do all the talking. If you take this route, let alone miss you, you can be sure she would not bat an eye at you the next time. Let things unfold slowly instead of being an open book or completely closing off.

Let Her Reminisce About Good Old Times

Scorpios may not show it to your face, but they have a sensitive side, which they fear showing in front of others. Nostalgia appeals to this hard shell and soft interior sign.

But how to make them reminisce? Simple, use social media.

Posting pictures of old memories can help arouse the moments you spent together. It will let your Scorpio woman stray into a world of those times and start wanting to have you near her, or you can gift her some accessories that she keeps on her daily and remind her of you in your absence.

Another way to make her miss you while you are around her is by talking about these memories.

For example, you can remind her about the first time you met, a great experience you both had, how funny an event you both enjoyed, and so on.

Do Not Be Available All the Time

Being on your own or self-reliant is a feature that Scorpio women find very attractive in their partners. They want their partners to have a life of their own and do not want them to cancel their plans to spend time with them.

Enjoy your life and give her some space too. Check out which zodiac signs prefer their own companies and appreciate some time alone here.

Seeing you enjoying yourself with friends and loved ones will make her think of you and want to be a part of your outings and spend more time with you.

That is not all; if she sees you working on something new or being productive, you can impress her and make her want to get involved with you in some way because of her curious nature, so killing two birds with one stone.

Let Her Lean on You

A Scorpio woman is independent, confident, and self-reliant, but they want someone to lean on. How to make her lean on you? Make her trust you; as simple as it may sound, it is hard to achieve because Scorpios do not give someone their trust easily, but if they do, they are loyal for life.

Always follow through on your promises or keep your word. Due to their manipulative and controlling nature, they test their partners on what they say, so if you keep to your promises and help her in her tasks, no matter how insignificant, it will make her trust you and lean on you.

This way, you can make her miss you and think of you whenever she does a similar task.

Editor’s Note

Remember to be a gentleman if you want her to feel your presence when you are not around. Try small gestures, such as opening the car door or pulling out the chair for her in a restaurant. It will remind her of you whenever she does the same herself.

Be Romantic and Physically Intimate

Scorpio women are very passionate and have a fiery romantic side to them. Physical touch and intimacy are super essential for them, but that does not stop there. They also like to flirt verbally and tease others because of their competitive nature.

So, being romantic and physical whenever you get the time increases your chances of scoring pretty high in their opinion and making them miss you if you are not around.

However, avoid teasing them about their appearance or being insincere while laughing at jokes. They are highly alert to fake emotions and can read through the feelings. Scorpios rank pretty high in the zodiac signs that have high intuitive powers.

Another thing you can try is planning dates with them. Scorpios avoid crowded spaces, so a place with a slow-paced atmosphere and not too many people where you can indulge her in your conversation is the best place for a date with a Scorpio woman, but avoid cliche or cheesy lines.

Be Genuine With Her

Sincerity is the most crucial aspect for any Scorpio woman. She will miss you more if you tell her your thoughts openly and accept your weakness and strengths. Complimenting a Scorpio woman on the things you find likable is the easiest way to start.

No matter how different your opinions are, she will remember you because of those and think of how you voiced your opinion firmly in front of her.

Sincerity is rare, so you will stand out from the crowd for her and remind her of you whenever she initiates a conversation with someone.

Plan Trips With Her

Planning occasional trips with your Scorpio woman is the way to make memories and have her miss you on an outing. Scorpios spend money wisely, and that holds for both genders.

So, it means you do not have to make expensive plans. A light trip to your local area, a walk in the park in the evening, a trip to the shopping mall to buy her a small gift (brooch, hair clips, keychains, etc.), and enjoying a light meal will help her miss you whenever she is out with friends or on an errand.

Scorpios love learning new things and are fascinated by even the simplest things. But make sure you always let her know at least a few hours before your mini trips and a few weeks/days before a big trip because Scorpio women dislike on-the-spot plans.

Stay Out of Touch (Surefire Way)

As they say, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” Therefore, being together for a long time can dim the feelings you had at the start.

Staying out of touch for a while reminds her of you and how you influence her life. It will highlight your absence and make her miss your presence. So, give her some time alone.

If she does not contact you for a while, it means she needs some space. Contrarily, if she texts you, try not to answer instantly, but go about with your activities and let her think of you in the meantime.

But remember not to ghost her for days, or it will have the opposite effect.


To summarize, these are all the ways you can try to make your Scorpio woman miss you. They want their partners to be confident, someone they can depend on, romantic and sincere, and most of all, have a life of their own and appreciate each other’s personal space.