Libra Man Keeps Coming Back (Reasons & How To React)

Why Does Libra Man Keep Coming Back?

So, you had a bittersweet relationship with a Libra man that ended up with a breakup. But, you see, he keeps coming back. Getting with a Libra man is a savage blend of delight and wretch.

His pendulum movement drives you nuts, leaving you in a cloud of questions!

Libra is an air sign with a symbol of “balance.” Unlike the fire signs, Librans are calm, composed, and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to love, they put their best.

But, if they sense betrayal, looking back is rarely possible!

If he is coming back into your life, it’s a particular case, though. So what could be the reasons?

A Libra man may rebound because he regrets what he did. He is missing cuddles and your exquisite company. Because of the influence of Venus, he likes to be in love. So, the main reason behind Libra’s return is that he hopes to rekindle the fire that once burned so brightly between you!

Let’s discover the possible grounds which can make a Libra man keep coming back to you.

5 Reasons Why Libra Man Keeps Coming Back

5 Reasons Why Libra Man Keeps Coming Back

A Libra man rarely peeks back after the breakup. So, if he does so, there is something dead serious. It may show that he genuinely wants you back or something else.

Let’s dig deeper to check out the causes behind it.

1. He Regrets What He Did

Regret is the primary reason for his frequent comeback. If his mistake resulted in the breakup, he’d try his best to sweeten the pot. A Libra man won’t come up directly confessing his regrets about his past actions. Instead, he shows an influx of blended emotions.

Being rational, a Libra guy never runs out of his actions. If he were the first to part ways, he’d feel the guilt soon. So, he’ll keep coming back to clear up the mess he created.

You can figure out this by watching out for the dumper’s remorse signs such as:

  • He seems quieter than usual.
  • He keeps checking on you.
  • He even acts like a stalker.
  • He finds ways of talking with you.
  • He tries to make you laugh.
  • He apologizes.

2. He Fondly Misses You

If you are the girl who significantly impacted his life, your Libra guy would fondly miss you. Sooner or later, he will realize that your presence matters a lot to him. He may try to mask his emotions, but deep inside, he’ll sense the gap. 

When he misses you dearly, he may not text or call directly. You’ll see him trying to get in touch via social platforms. Don’t consider his actions as stalking.

It is so because it’s hard for a Libra guy to let go of the moments spent in love.

You’ll notice that he still uses pet names for you, remembers the important dates, sends you gifts, and even keeps talking about you to mutual friends. Because of the difference you made in his life, he’ll eventually peep back.

3. He Loves To Be in Love

Libra has got Venus as the ruling planet. Venus is the planet of love. Venus profoundly influences Libra’s nature and passions. Hence, he likes to stay wrapped in the warmth of love.

He’ll find it hard to move on when you strip that blanket away.  

Libra man is romantic, and when he falls in love, he falls hard. Once committed to a relationship, he puts his best into it. He is a social butterfly and enjoys every part of his love life. It is this sensation that makes him come back even after the breakup.

  • He wants to experience that feeling again.
  • After the breakup, he may feel incomplete without love.
  • He’ll feel the urge to fly back into your open arms.
  • His heart may ache for the physical and emotional intimacy you shared.

The reason is simple; he doesn’t want to lose you! 

4. He Values the Connections

Now, let’s expand the horizon of the relationship. The relationship isn’t confined to the bond between life partners. Instead, it’s related to the spiritual idea of sincere connections in life.

Knowing the worth of the connections and relations is an art, and Libra man is an artist! 

He has a notable space for people who hold importance to him. So, if he keeps coming back like a boomerang, it is likely due to the factor that he wants to preserve the friendship.

A Libra guy doesn’t want the breakup to dominate the company.

5. You Allow Him To Come Back

Yes, you heard that right! It’s hard to hear, but you may be foolish enough to grant him easy access to yourself.  

Sometimes, you can get blindfolded by the obsession with love. Maybe, you haven’t overcome the loss and can’t move on in life. The Libra man will quickly scan your fragile emotions. That’s where he takes advantage!

Although the planet of love rules him, he may try to use your weaker state. He can’t let go of the love, and you are the one who always allows him back into your life. It is a frustrating situation that traps you and makes things difficult to process.

But, it is the point where you have to renew your strength and look through his intentions. If such a situation prevails, you can follow the tips below to preserve your grace.

  • Don’t fall for his games.
  • Work on improving yourself.
  • Take control of your emotions.
  • Be inaccessible to him.
  • Build the boundaries for yourself.

What Should You Do if He Tries To Come Back?

What Should You Do If He Tries To Come Back?

Now, you might be stuck in the doubts as to whether he genuinely wants you back or wants comfort and benefits from you.

Well, you can follow these three principles if your Libra guy knocks on your door again.

  • Let him back in slowly.
  • Look for evidence of change over the pursuit of desires.
  • Set a new standard for what you need for him.

The only way to achieve these principles is by underpinning genuine confidence in yourself. If the confidence fades, these standards will disintegrate as soon as your Libra guy tests them!

In a Nutshell

Under the influence of Venus, Librans swirl around the bubble of love. When that bubble bursts, it makes your Libra man keep coming back. But, whatever the reasons are, it’s time to reset your standards. Let your man watch for your grace in eyes, body language, and expressions.

Remember, your self-respect must always be higher than your emotions. So choose the decision wisely and let yourself bloom!