How To Attract a Leo Man as a Sagittarius Woman

How To Attract A Leo Man As A Sagittarius Woman

For many women from other zodiac signs, Leo men are always the prize. They are famous for always being the alpha of the pack and the life of the party.

While others may be worried about how to attract a Leo man they like, Sagittarius women don’t have to overthink such.

Sagittarius women are naturally adventurous and will always take up any activity that will push them to their limits. Attracting a Leo man should be a walk in the park for them.

Coupled with their adventurous attribute, they are also highly flirtatious, and this helps with their course when they set out to captivate a Leo man’s attention.

How exactly can a Sagittarius woman attract a Leo man?

All a Sagittarius woman must do to attract a Leo man is showcase her natural attributes, which are mostly always a turn-on for Leo men. These characteristics include her adventure-loving side, flirtatious attitude, and, most importantly,  independence.

This article does not only contain information about how a Sagittarius woman can attract a Leo man but also some tips she needs to avoid if she doesn’t want to turn him off.

How Can a Sagittarius Woman Attract a Leo Man

How Can A Sagittarius Woman Attract A Leo Man

Perhaps you have found a man that makes you struggle not to stare in his direction whenever he walks past. You have tingles in your tummy anytime he calls your name or locks eyes with you. You know this feeling very well. It is love.

Now, you need to find ways you can use to attract him so you can be on the same page.

While that is the right thing to do, it is crucial to figure out some information before you proceed. One of these critical pieces of information includes his zodiac sign.

If you know his zodiac sign already, you are one step closer. If he is a Leo and you are a Sagittarius, you are in luck for two reasons. The first reason is that Leos and Sagittarius are a match made in heaven, and attracting him will be easier than you think.

The second reason is that this article has all the information you need to accomplish your mission. All you have to do is use one or more of the following approaches.

Show Him You Are an Independent Woman

This approach is the most important one you will need to attract a Leo man. These men are known for their fierceness and reputation for always wanting to lead the pack. As such, they require a woman who is ever ready to stand up for herself.

The very moment a Leo man finds out that you are the type that can not thrive without the help of others, he will immediately conclude that you are not the one for him.

Although Leo men derive joy in extending a helping hand to people, they get turned off when it becomes too constant.

If you can show a Leo man that with or without him, you can move mountains on your own, he would gladly join in to move all the mountains in the world with you.

Doing this should not be difficult for you because Sagittarius women are naturally independent. You merely have to show it off to him.

Let Him Know You Love Adventures

One of the first things you can discover about Leo men as soon as you get close to being around them is that they are unapologetically adventurous. Most people consider them unnecessary risk-takers because of what they do, all in the name of fun.

Leo men detest when people try to limit their activities because it seems dangerous. This is one of the primary reasons they don’t get along with many other zodiac signs.

If you can showcase your adventurous side to a Leo man, he will be so happy to have you by his side while he takes on the world.

Again, this should not be hard for you to do because you are a natural fun-lover. However, endeavor not to overplay your card. A Leo man will spot a pretender from a mile away and steer clear of you if they think you are trying to impress them with your actions.

Flirt With Him

While this is also a very effective way to attract a Leo man you like, it is also the diciest on the list. If executed well, it will work like magic.

Otherwise, you might end up creating the wrong impression and consequently chase him away. To successfully flirt with a Leo man, you must be extremely subtle about it.

Find the perfect way to disguise it with flattery for him, as they get easily impressed when flattered. Tell him statements such as how his demeanor makes you want to witness his behavior in bed.

This statement will make him happy that you like his demeanor and create a picture of you in his bed. Repeatedly and carefully doing this will make him want to be with you.

Dress Elegantly

This factor can never be overstated because Leo men are never shy to establish the fact that only the best and most beautiful women attract them among the bunch.

If you intend to get a Leo man to notice you, it is essential you must dress and look the part. Find the style that works for you and flaunt it with grandeur.

This approach might be the only difficult one for you as a Sagittarius because Sagittarius women are not known for using fashion as their weapon. However, this is a compromise you will have to make if you wish to attract the attention of this Leo man.


Sagittarius women and Leo men share a great deal of compatibility, but you will still need to follow some tips if you intend to attract a Leo man that has caught your fancy. Such as being independent, flirtatious, and adventurous.

The silver lining is that these tips will not be difficult for you as a Sagittarius woman because you most likely naturally possess these attributes.