Cancer Man Is Not Texting Back? Learn To Navigate It

Cancer Man Is Not Texting Back? Learn To Navigate It

A Cancer man can feel the emotions hiding inside a person without them saying it. This water sign is caring, intuitive, empathetic, sensitive, and strong.

Their sensitive nature makes it quite a hassle for them to open up to someone, but when they do, they give their all and always try to be available for that person.

So, you’re just starting to get to know a Cancer man, or you’ve known him for a while, and everything seemed like it was going great until he suddenly ghosted without an explanation. What could be the issue?

Several things might make a Cancer man not text back, he might be busy with work or other commitments, he’s probably feeling overwhelmed and needs space, he might be moody, or he’s not sure how to respond to your text.

If you want to dig deep into why your Cancer man might be ignoring your texts, continue reading to learn about everything you need to know.

Why Your Cancer Man Is Not Texting Back

Why Your Cancer Man Is Not Texting Back

Cancerian men are big on availability and being there for their loved ones, if a Cancer man goes MIA, it can mean a lot of things, let’s talk about some of them.

He’s Busy

Your Cancer man might be busy with work or other commitments and simply hasn’t had a chance to respond yet. This is especially likely if he is a person who is often juggling multiple tasks and responsibilities.

He may be preoccupied with work, family, or other obligations that are taking up his time and attention. He may also be busy with hobbies, activities, or passion projects.

It’s also possible that he is just busy with everyday life and doesn’t have much time to devote to messaging. He could be running errands, spending time with friends, or just trying to relax after a long day.

The point is that he may not have a lot of free time to respond to texts. Even if he does, he may be prioritizing other things over texting and is simply waiting for a better opportunity to respond.

If you know his schedule, then you should be able to guess what he’s doing at the time he’s not responding to your texts. If he’s ignoring your texts for the first time, try calling him instead.

He’s Overwhelmed

A Cancer man’s mood rises and falls like the waves, this is a no-brainer because he is a water sign. He’s usually in a good mood, but he has more downtimes than most other signs. He sometimes needs time to wind down and relax.

He could be dealing with an emotional issue or a difficult situation in his life and may not be in the right frame of mind to respond. He may be feeling down and is looking for a way to cope with his emotions. He may also be feeling anxious or uncertain about the conversation and is avoiding it as a way to protect himself.

He’s Thinking

This might sound weird because you aren’t supposed to think that long to reply to a text, but it’s different for a Cancer man. He wants to give you the best response possible, so he might reply when he has time to really think about what he has to say.

Cancer men are known for being sensitive and thoughtful, and they may want to take their time to come up with an appropriate response. If it’s taking too long, however, you should start to get concerned.

He’s Sad

If your Cancer man texts you when he’s sad to explain the cause of his sadness, you’re luckier than you think. Cancer men find it hard to open up to people, and as the sign of the crab, one of their coping mechanisms is to retract into their shells.

A Cancer man will often take time away from social media and might cut off contact with people to try to process his emotions.

He’s Uninterested

Cancer men are people pleasers, they might be uninterested in the relationship but won’t figure out the best way to let you know. Hence, their best course of action is to ghost long enough until you get tired and move on.

If you notice him ignoring your texts and giving other people his attention, it’s a sign that maybe he’s not into you and he thinks you aren’t compatible with each other.

He’s Mad at You

Water signs love passive aggression. They prefer to try to run from or ignore their problems until it gets magically sorted out. A Cancer man hates confrontation so if he’s mad at you about something you did or said, he might not let you know directly.

Letting you try to figure out what you did wrong is way more fun for a Cancer man. You might just notice him distancing himself for no reason, and unless you really think about it, you might not find anything you did wrong. Don’t think too much about it if you can’t find a fault, though, he’ll come around.

Tips on Texting a Cancer Man

Tips On Texting A Cancer Man

Now that you know most of the reasons why your Cancer man might be ignoring your texts, you need to learn how to keep your communication with your Cancer man exciting and effective.

For starters, you don’t need to text him too much, a Cancer man likes physical contact much more than communicating digitally. On the phone, he can’t read your emotions, so he can’t deduce what you’re feeling at particular parts of the conversation. And since he’s a more feebly person, he needs to be in his element to keep the conversation going.

Try to keep your texts as brief as possible and save all the good talk for when you meet in person. Use texts to build his anticipation and plan epic dates. You won’t care so much about him ignoring your texts because you already get his attention in person.

End the conversation when it’s starting to get good, so you have somewhere to pick up from in the next conversation or when you meet in person.

Double text when you need to, but don’t wait for his response. Go about your day, and he’ll give you the best response he can think of when he has the time.

What To Do When a Cancer Man Stops Texting You

What To Do When A Cancer Man Stops Texting You

If you know the reason why he stopped texting, you can know how best to handle the situation, but here are some general tips.

Give Him Space

Sometimes the best action is no action, this water sign needs time to recharge and process his feelings. You’ll be doing him a solid by acknowledging the space he needs and giving him ample time to return to you to continue the conversation.

Know when the space is becoming too much, it might reach a point where you’ll have to leave the relationship.

Talk to Him

If you don’t like how his ghosting makes you feel, it’s only logical to let him know your grievances. Although he might not be as honest about his feelings, if at least one person is honest about their feelings in the relationship, it’ll go a long way.

Earn His attention

If a Cancer man is ignoring your texts because you hurt him, you might have to do more than just give him space or talk to him. You’ll have to show him that you understand his feelings and aren’t invalidating them and that you’re willing to resolve the dispute.

Wrapping Up

A Cancer man is a hard nut to crack, but when you crack that nut, you might discover some juicy wonders. If your Cancer man has stopped texting like he used to, he’s probably busy, overwhelmed, processing, sad, uninterested, or mad. Know which state he’s in and react accordingly.