How To Get a Cancer Man To Forgive You

How To Get A Cancer Man To Forgive You

Cancer men are too emotional and sensitive, and frankly, it can be tiring sometimes.

They can be the sweetest guy you’ve ever met and make you feel like heaven when you’re with them, but when you hurt their feelings, they can leave you wondering if the whole relationship was fake and if they actually ever loved you.

Yes, a Cancer man can be this cold when they’re upset or hurt.

Their sensitivity also makes forgiveness very difficult for them and you too. You can never really know why they are upset, and sometimes, asking for forgiveness might be doing more harm than good.

Luckily, we understand your frustrations and have all the answers you need.

So how can you get a cancer man to forgive you?

Before you can get a Cancer man to forgive you, you must first find out why he’s upset. When you do, immediately go to him with a sincere apology. Then give him space and time to process his feelings. During these periods, prove to him you’ve changed through your actions.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about Cancer men and forgiveness.

How To Get a Cancer Man To Forgive You

If you have been the cause of your Cancer man’s pain, then you probably want to know how to get a Cancer man to forgive you. After all, forgiveness is something that is very important to Cancer men.

They believe in giving people second chances, and they are always willing to forgive those who have wronged them. However, it is important to remember that forgiveness is not always easy for Cancer men.

If you truly want to know how to get a Cancer man to forgive you, then you must read our tips below.

Figure Out Why He’s Upset

Figure Out Why He'S Upset

There’s a high chance that you don’t even know that you offended a Cancer man. That’s one of the downsides to being with such a sensitive person; they can take your words or actions out of context and get offended by them.

Even worse, they won’t tell you what you said or did to offend them and expect you to figure it out yourself.

This is not a product of pride or ego; Cancer men are one of the most intuitive men in the zodiac, only rivaled by Scorpios and Geminis. They understand how people think and can know when and why someone’s feeling down.

Sadly enough, Cancer men think everyone has this gift, so they keep things to themselves, waiting for you to figure it out.

Take time to recollect some of your recent conversations about things he values. Try remembering if you joked about something he likes or if you were insensitive.

You can also do this by talking to him about a wide range of topics and checking the ones that irritate him.

Sit Him Down and Apologize

Sit Him Down And Apologize

Once you’ve figured out why he’s upset, don’t waste time walking up to him with a sincere apology.

Asides from expecting intuitiveness from everyone, Cancer men hate to talk about their hurt feelings because they’re afraid it might cause a conflict.

That’s why it’s important you approach him, tell him you understand, and encourage him to open up.

Pick a good time to do this. You both should be alone and in a sitting position. Look him in the eyes and tell him how sorry you’re.

Tell him you regret hurting him and that you won’t be insensitive to his feelings again.

Make sure you’re genuine and put your emotions to it. Cancer men are emotional and love heartfelt apologies. They’re also highly intuitive and can see when you’re trying to get them to forget the issue instead of apologizing.

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While you’re apologizing, avoid being defensive and try not to use negative words. For example, say, “I’m sorry about ignoring you. I had so much going on at that moment,” instead of “I’m sorry I ignored you, but you do it a lot too.”

Listen and Give Him Space

Listen And Give Him Space

After apologizing, encourage him to share his feelings. A Cancer man will definitely have a lot to say. Give him the space and time to speak. Don’t interrupt or try to counter him; just stay calm and listen.

He has heard how you feel, so you need to hear how he feels too. You also need to show him you’re listening by making eye contact with him during the conversations, nodding when necessary, and asking sincere questions when you’re confused.

Even when he’s saying something you don’t agree with, wait till he’s done before you say your mind. Getting defensive in the middle of his talk can force him to withdraw.

When all this is done, give him space to process his feelings. Cancer men like to spend time with themselves. It’s not uncommon to see him talking to himself.

During these periods, don’t try to pressure him into forgiving you. It’ll never end well.

Apologize Through Your Actions

Apologize Through Your Actions

Cancer men don’t go into relationships with people they don’t trust, so there’s a high chance he knows your apology is genuine and is ready to forgive you.

Nevertheless, you still have to show him you’ve genuinely changed through your actions. So, simply find ways to reassure him of the love and respect you have for him.

For example, you can send him random lovely texts or a nice gift to his workplace. Cancer men love homemade meals, so cooking for him is another way to show him you care.

After a while, try getting physically close to him. Move to hold his hands while you’re walking and hug him when you meet him. Cancer men are big fans of physical affection, and it’s a great way to get him to forgive you.

The Bottom Line

You’ll never lack love and care when you’re in a relationship with a Cancer man. They know how to treat their partner well and seldom do anything to hurt them.

That’s why they take it seriously when someone upsets or hurts them. Sometimes, you might not even know what you have done, but you’ll surely notice that he is no longer the prince charming you fell in love with.

The good news is there are things you can do to earn his forgiveness.

Firstly, if you don’t know why he’s offended, you’ll have to find out. After you do, sit him down somewhere quiet and sincerely apologize. Then listen to what he has to say and give him space to process his feelings.

Lastly, show him you truly want forgiveness through your actions. Shower him with love and affection.