April Taurus Vs. May Taurus: Complete Comparison

April Taurus Vs. May Taurus

It isn’t reliable to only know the traits of the zodiac sign to explain someone’s personality, which is a mix of circumstances, environment, inherent characteristics, and so on.

Though zodiac signs have a role in building character, Decans are a more reliable option to dismantle these traits into different groups.

There are three Decans in every zodiac sign, which divides the zodiac sign into one-third, and speaking of Taureans, while a bull represents the zodiac sign, not all bulls are the same.

You may already know of some most common zodiac traits of Taureans, including being stubborn and pleasure-loving, but not all Taureans fit the bill. Ever wonder what and how the personality of some Taureans doesn’t fall on these generic traits? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Hence the question, April Taurus versus May Taurus.

The most common way to distinguish an April Taurus from May Taurus is based on their personality traits. April Taureans have the most general characteristics of their zodiac sign, i.e., stubborn nature, sensual side, materialistic, and pleasure-seeking. Contrary, May Taureans are more practical, intelligent, structured, and disciplined.

Here, we will give an insight into each of these personality traits and how they influence the behavior of each Taurean. So let’s get into it right away!

April Taurus Vs. May Taurus

April Taurus Vs. May Taurus

Zodiac signs are a good way to get a general idea about what kind of inherent abilities and traits you may have and how they influence your behavior. However, there are instances where you don’t match what the characteristics describe you to be.

Therefore, for better categorization, the zodiac sign is divided based on Decans, which help decipher the personality traits of zodiac signs with more detailed analysis.

It gives rise to April and May Taurus, where May Taurus is further sub-categorized into two equal parts, one linked with Saturn and the other with Mercury or one with Capricorn and the other with Virgo.

April Taureans Characteristics

April Taureans Characteristics

Starting with the April Taureans, this month attributes the most common traits to a Taurus as indicated by their zodiac sign, and most of the stubbornness of the bull is retained by this Taurus.


The ruling planet for people born under this Decan is Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and pleasure. So, it may not be surprising that April Taureans are connoisseurs when it comes to appreciating and enjoying the things of the physical realm.


The stubbornness of the bull is the one character Taurus zodiac is most infamous for, and this trait is more prominent in people born under this Decan.

This characteristic is also one of the primary weaknesses of Taureans, as it impedes their growth and makes relationships with such Taureans difficult. To cope with this weakness, April Taureans must learn to compromise like their May counterparts.


April Taureans are also known for their nature to spend a lot on things and collect them. This possessive character of these Taureans brings about their materialistic side.

It also results in April Taureans being big spenders compared to the May Taureans and having the habit of overspending (often even more than what they can afford) instead of controlling their spending habits.

Pleasure Seeker

April Taureans are hard workers like May Taureans, but what sets them apart here is that they only work hard to enjoy pleasure and luxury.

Since Venus is the ruling planet for these bulls, they have a fine eye for aesthetics. Also, they consider indulging in luxurious life and other good things life has to offer their top priority and a just reward for their efforts.


Other traits aside, the best characteristics of April Tarueans are loyalty and devotion, and they also fall pretty high in the category of the most loyal zodiac sign.

Taureans don’t like casual relationships, and they like to devote their complete self to their partners. Also, this devotion isn’t limited to their partners but also their goals.

May Taureans Characteristics

May Taureans Characteristics

The next half consists of May Taureans, which are further subcategorized from 1st-10th May (Virgo-Mercury Decan) and 11th-21st May (Capricorn-Saturn Decan),

However, the personality traits of both Decans are closely related; hence, a combined list of characteristics is discussed.


Taureans are Earth signs, so diligence and maintaining work-life balance are ingrained in nature. But on the other hand, May Taureans also get some of their characteristics from Mercury and Saturn, which add a structured and meticulous trait.

Hence, May Taureans are great at working on a long-term project since they can take their time and will ensure it is brought to completion.


People with Taurus as their zodiac sign are often slow at coming to a decision; they take their time to think of the pros and cons before finally settling on one. This side of Taurus is attributed to the modality, which puts Taureans in the fixed signs category.

However, the planet Mercury attributes mental strength to May Taureans, and it helps them come to their decisions much more quickly. Also, their intelligence is brought to light by this combination, which makes them more charming.


This trait is attributed to the last Decan, which brings about the Taurean-Capricorn pair. The Capricorn attributes the disciplined nature to these bulls, but unlike Capricorns, May Taureans know when and how to take a break.

It results in May Taureans being more focused on whatever they do, and they know that they have to finish the task at hand before thinking of going towards other activities.


The second Decan is responsible for the practicality of these zodiac signs. Also, May Taureans are more reserved owing to this nature and believe in approaching things from a realistic point of view.

It may also include acknowledging a mistake and working towards a way around it. Unlike their April counterparts, May Taureans of second Decan hate being the center of attention and create their friend circle based on this character.

Unique and Charming

Virgo and Capricorn come together to allot a unique and charming personality to May Taurus. These Taureans can bring innovative ideas to life because of Virgo’s imaginative and Capricorn’s disciplined side.

Due to their reserved and goal-oriented nature, they may come across as uninteresting. But when these Taureans open up, they have vibrant and charming personalities. However, they need loyalty in their relationship, so they rarely open up right away.

Editor’s Note

While these are more pronounced traits in April and May Taurus, the base traits are present on both sides. In the case of April Taurus, the base characteristics are more apparent, while more subtle in May Taureans.


Lastly, the personality traits of April and May Taurus help distinguish them. These traits are attributed to each side based on the influence of the ruling planet in each Decan.

So to reiterate, April Taurus carries more generic traits, e.g., sensual, stubborn, materialistic, devoted, and pleasure seeker. Contrarily, May Taurus is more practical, goal-oriented, structured, intelligent, and with a charming personality.