Why Do Pisces Hate Aries? Unraveling the Zodiac Rivalry

Why Do Pisces Hate Aries? Unraveling The Zodiac Rivalry

Pisces and Aries are two zodiac signs with opposing personalities, especially when one looks at their emotional intellect. That’s not all; the fire element of Aries and the water element of Pisceans also show the incompatibility of these two signs.

However, the love and hate relationship can’t be solely attributed to the zodiac signs. While these signs may be responsible for the inherent traits, the environment a person grows in and the type of people they interact with result in a unique personality.

On the other hand, the zodiac signs may make it difficult for one zodiac sign to get along with another specific zodiac because of their fundamental differences. It brings us to the question of why Pisces hate Aries.

Pisces and Aries may get attracted to each other initially, but the differences appear after they get to know each other. It results in the hate or incompatibility of these zodiac signs. The reasons include; the indecisive, clingy, lazy, and overthinking side of Pisceans, and for Aries, the impulsive, domineering, aggressive, and insensitive side.

Here we will break down the reasons which make Pisceans and Aries hate each other and what inherent characteristics are responsible for this, so continue reading for a better insight.

Reasons Why Pisces Hate Aries

Reasons Why Pisces Hate Aries

Aries have a passionate and fiery side which will attract the fish to them, but it will be more like a moth to flame than something good for Pisceans. The start may seem flowery and without any hitch, but the more the relationship progresses, the more problems arise.

It is due to Pisces getting to know Aries better and delving into their characteristics, which they avoid in people. These are also the reasons why Pisceans hate Aries.

Impulsive Nature of Aries

The impulsive trait of Aries is among the chief reasons why Pisceans find it hard to deal with Aries, and it may turn into hate as this characteristic is inherent to Aries.

This impulsive nature is attributed to Aries from the fire element, which makes them jump around instead of sticking to see a thing reach its completion.

It works against people of this zodiac sign and is also the characteristic that makes Pisceans hate them because Pisces like to take their time before moving on. So, it can push the Pisces button as Aries tend to force them to follow the same.

Domineering and Aggressive Side of Aries

People with Aries as their zodiac sign take the crown when it comes to zodiac signs with a bad temper. It brings about the domineering side of Aries and attributes leadership traits to people of this zodiac sign.

But the positive characteristics aside, the negative side is that Aries doesn’t think before acting on this rage, and it can lead to problems in the long run.

This aspect also clashes with Pisceans, as they are prone to avoid any form of confrontation or conflict. Also, being one of the zodiac signs who are escapists, the matter only worsens over time.

Aries are quick to transition from throwing a fit to as if nothing happened and are quick to forgive; contrarily, Pisceans express their anger passively and hold grudges, which leads Pisceans to hate Aries.

Insensitive Side of Aries

Arguably the primary reason behind Pisceans hating people with Aries as their zodiac sign is their insensitive side. It doesn’t only highlight their lack of emotional intelligence but also how Aries can say things that can hurt Pisceans’ feelings.

Pisceans are overthinkers and can take even small cues to heart and take a while to get back on their feet, so this nature of Aries makes Pisces hate them.

Reasons Why Aries Don’t Get Along With Pisces

Reasons Why Aries Don’t Get Along With Pisces

The incompatibility and the hating relationship isn’t a one-way trip between Aries and Pisces. Like Pisceans, people with Aries as their zodiac sign find it hard to deal with Pisceans’ indecisive, possessive, and overthinking nature.

Indecisiveness of Pisceans

The impulsive nature of Aries is in a constant clash with the indecisiveness of Pisceans. This problem sees the light of day when Pisceans have to decide between similar options. They try to bite way more than they can chew, and the result is not doing anything.

It rubs Aries the wrong way. While Aries don’t complete tasks because of their impulsive nature, they are quick to decide owing to this very nature. Whether it is okay for them or not is another matter.

That’s why; seeing Pisceans getting stuck seems strange to Aries, and they try to force them to decide, which makes the fish slip out of Aries’s hand as they don’t want someone to disturb their flow.

Clingy Nature of Pisceans

As one of the most generous zodiac signs, Pisceans don’t see any wrong with sacrificing themselves for their partners, friends, or family. It attributes a clingy nature to Pisceans, which is in opposition to the selfish side of Aries.

This selfish side of people with Aries zodiac finds this overly generous side of Pisces restrictive and wants not to do anything with these people.

Negative Thinking and Lazy Nature of Pisceans

The one thing that takes the top spot in the bad books of Aries is getting into too much detail and complicating matters with emotional cues. They are direct in their approach and prioritize action over having lengthy discussions.

That’s why the overthinking nature of Pisces doesn’t sit well with Aries. The negative aspects of overthinking and creating several scenarios without discussing the actual issue of people with Pisces zodiac seem too complicated to Aries.

On the other hand, the lazy nature of Pisceans arises because they tend to fantasize and go into a dream world. It makes Pisces follow their flow, which may be attractive to Aries at first, but their impulsive nature to get things done quickly makes them angry if it persists.

Editor’s Note

Transparency, open communication, honesty, and giving space are crucial for a relationship between Pisceans and Aries to succeed.


Now there you have it as to why Pisces hate Aries. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all pairings between these two zodiac signs are doomed to fail. The environment and the influence of people also play a significant role in determining the success of a relationship.

On that note, zodiac signs do have some influence on the behavior of individuals by attributing several inherent personality traits. So, the impulsive, domineering, aggressive, and insensitive side of Aries makes Pisces hate them.

Contrarily, the indecisive character, needy nature, overthinking side, and lazy nature of Pisceans attributed to them by their fantasizing nature makes them incompatible with Aries.