Which Zodiac Sign Lives the Shortest?

Which Zodiac Sign Lives The Shortest?

It is common knowledge that zodiac signs and astrology have been determining factors for many things, ranging from relationship issues to people’s behavioral traits.

With zodiac signs, you can understand why some people under a particular star sign act the way they do and predict what they would do even before they do it.

What many people might not know is that it is also possible to guess someone’s life expectancy just by using their zodiac sign. You might wonder how this is possible, and you might also be interested in knowing which zodiac sign lives the shortest.

Thanks to various studies conducted over the years by researchers across the globe, you can now find out about the average life expectancy of each zodiac sign and also figure out which diseases they are prone to have.

This research was conducted using data from books, hospitals, churches, and even tombstones.

According to the study, it is postulated that some of the zodiac signs with the lowest life expectancies are Geminis, Aries, and Taurus. Many factors lead to this, but the main reasons are the sign’s high susceptibility to diseases or other peculiar characteristics.

This article will be highly helpful if you are interested in finding out the life expectancies of all zodiac signs.

The Zodiac Signs That Live the Shortest

The Zodiac Signs That Live The Shortest

Astrology has been ultimately beneficial in different spheres of life.

As much as many people would argue that its most significant advantage lies in other aspects, many more would assert that its ability to help determine the average amount of years that people can get to live is the zodiac’s greatest benefit.

With this knowledge, you can make preemptive moves, especially when you know you are prone to some diseases due to your star sign.

That way, you will know what to do and what not to do to reduce the chances of ending up, as predicted by the research conducted.

According to the studies, the zodiac signs believed to have the shortest life expectancy are as follows.



The majority of the factors that makes Taurus end up on this list can be traced to their stubbornness. Naturally, people born under this sign are always adamant about living life on their terms and not based on what other people think or suggest to them.

Taurus people have relatively good health, which they mostly always enjoy for the better part of their lives.

However, due to their stubbornness, they always refuse doctors’ advice and even the common knowledge stipulating that they are highly inclined to become obese if they don’t pay attention and curb what they consume.

Also, they are not the type that would quickly check themselves into a hospital when the sickness is still at an early stage because they believe being under medical observation and prescription may limit their freedom.

As a result of this obstinacy, they mostly always end up going down with highly avoidable sicknesses.

On average, Taurus men have a life expectancy of about 51 years, while Taurus women have an average of 60 years. They may suffer from critical illnesses from obesity, kidney disease, and throat and thyroid gland disorders.

They are also prone to suffering from joint sores.



Merely looking at Aries’s dominant personalities, you would understand why they risk having a short life span.

Their constant urge to always take on the world and go on reckless adventures without considering the risks involved in their actions is a high contributing factor to why Aries people are liable to die early.

One of the exciting traits of Aries is their never-ending desire to have fun, dangerous or not, as long as it satisfies their adrenaline rush. Hence, they always tend to have all manner of scars and burns.

Also, these kinds of dangerous activities that Aries like to engage in go hand in hand with alcohol consumption. Therefore, most Aries tend to be alcoholics, consequently suffering from alcohol-related diseases later in their lives.

Aries have an average life expectancy of between 50.5 to 60 years, and they are more likely to suffer significantly from their quest to take on risky adventures like hiking, sky diving, and scuba diving.

They are also inclined to suffer the same fate while exhibiting their love for the fast life, such as driving at top speed. Furthermore, they tend to get into physical fights with people, especially when they are intoxicated.



Of all the zodiac signs, Geminis are the ones that are most likely to go down due to health-related issues, and this is due to their inability to know when to rest or give their body a break.

They are always about productivity and barely get impressed with their achievements. The moment they attain a feat they have been struggling with for a long time, they would immediately set their eyes on a whole new project.

Geminis don’t believe in creating free time or taking a timeout to give their body a breather. Therefore, their health system gets to deteriorate over time until it gets to a point where it becomes critical and a little too late to rectify.

Most times, these repercussions get to affect their nervous system and some other body parts.

Averagely, Geminis have a life expectancy of 50 years, and their most significant weaknesses are their exposure to stress, energy leak, and poor health.

They are highly likely to suffer from chronic illnesses associated with the lungs, intestines, nervous, and circulatory systems.

Other times, they may be involved in accidents caused by a lack of rest and focus.


Over the years, different studies have helped determine people’s life expectancy based on gender, race, and location. Astrology has streamlined this further by making it based on zodiac signs.

Not only can you find out the average life span of people sharing the same star sign with you, but you can also discover some of the fatal risks associated with your sign.

If you belong to one of the zodiac signs that live the shortest, such as Aries, Taurus, and Gemini, you can figure out ways to avoid some of the factors that may lead to the death of people from that particular sign.