How To Make an Aries Woman Jealous

How To Make An Aries Woman Jealous

Naturally, Aries women are very jealous, and sometimes, they even cross the thin line between jealousy and possessiveness. Aries women are always ready to fight for their territory.

If you are looking for how to make an Aries woman jealous, you don’t need to do much because already, if she likes you, she would be protective of you.

To make your Aries woman jealous, you only have to give her reasons to think there’s someone else. When an Aries woman suspects that you are cheating on her or even getting too close to someone of the opposite gender, their jealousy instincts will kick in immediately. They will activate all defense protocols to ensure that the intruder is found and removed from your life.

If you are looking for a way or two on how you can get an Aries woman to become jealous, read more on the information we have gathered in this article.

What Makes an Aries Woman Jealous

As a fire sign, Aries women tend to have a heightened emotion over several things. They have a short anger fuse that is always ready to get burnt, and also, when they love, they love immensely.

This makes an Aries very envious and, as such, intentionally getting an Aries woman to be jealous may have a considerable consequence. However, if you want to go on to do it, here are some tricks you can use.

1. Act Mysterious

Act Mysterious

This is the easiest trick in the book, and it has been proven countless times. This trick has worked even on other women, but it gets a quicker reaction from Aries women.

When some women notice that you have been acting mysteriously in the relationship for a while, they may wait it out or give you the benefit of the doubt. Aries women, on the other hand, do not have the patience for such.

The moment they see you talking to someone else continuously, their jealousy will jump out instantly.

Aries women cannot conceal their feelings. They will always tell you how they feel without holding back. If you are looking for a quick way to get your Aries woman to become jealous, create an impression that there is someone else you are talking to always.

2. Express Your Interest in Someone Else Constantly

Express Your Interest In Someone Else Constantly

Aries women are so jealous that they can become envious of the people you talk about excessively.

Unlike the previous method, i.e., acting mysteriously, this trick will take a bit of time before you get a reaction from your Aries woman. However, it will get her jealous in the long run.

You can do this by talking about how much you admire a female celebrity all the time or by constantly telling her about your beautiful female colleague.

The moment you start talking about an opposite gender repeatedly in front of your Aries woman, the envy will begin piling up gradually until it becomes fully blown for her to react.

3. Spend Time With Other People

Spend Time With Other People

An average Aries woman tends to be excessively possessive. They don’t like it when they share your attention with someone else.

Even in a platonic relationship, Aries women get jealous when you choose to hang out with other friends over them. Imagine how they will feel and react when you do this to them as a partner.

Having fun with your friends without bringing your Aries woman along is an effective way to make her jealous. Especially if you post the pictures of how much fun you are having without her. Doing this will make her jealous, but you should be careful not to burn out her limited patience.

4. Treat Her Nonchalantly

Treat Her Nonchalantly

One of the most prominent attributes of Aries women is their ego and pride.

An Aries woman will never settle in a relationship where she is not respected. They believe they are important people and, as such, should be on everyone’s priority list, especially their partners.

When an Aries woman realizes that she is not getting all the love and attention she used to get from you, she will become interested in finding out why the sudden change. This action will trigger her jealousy instinct, and she will try her best to rectify the situation back to how it used to be.

How an Aries Woman Reacts When Jealous

Due to their bluntness and lack of patience, Aries women will not hesitate to confront you with her reservations when she’s jealous.

She would initiate a heart-to-heart conversation to figure out why you act that way. If it is possible to amend the situation, she will gladly do so and ensure that things go back to how they were.

Otherwise, your Aries woman will count her loss in the relationship and move on with life. She might not resort to this immediately, but once she realizes that there is nothing she can do to make you treat her better, she might start by reciprocating the attitude you gave her.

If this still doesn’t fix things between you, she will up and leave the relationship altogether.


Being in a relationship with an Aries woman can be exciting because they are outspoken, intelligent, and fun lovers.

One of their attributes that doubles as a pro and a con simultaneously is that when they love, they love too hard. When an Aries woman falls in love with you, she would never want to share your passion or attention with anyone else.

Hence, it is almost pointless to try and make an Aries woman jealous because without trying to do so, they would still find a reason to get jealous. Aries women are very possessive, even in ordinary friendship. They always want to be the priority of everyone in their lives.

However, if you feel making an Aries woman jealous is your last resort, you should endeavor to do it calculatingly because they are short-tempered and highly reactive. The moment they conclude that your reason for making them jealous is because you are tired of being with them, they will exit the relationship and never look back.